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Read a lot online about it and try to be involved with groups of people.

Yeah jams are short for art, I totally understand, I'm also not very used to make art as you can see in my projects, but I feel like it's important to stay away from squares as a standard.

hi siwoku! this is a very old version of the game, the complete version is now on steam for about 2$ US, there's also a complete tutorial that shows the way the controls should be handled to your advantage and to be confortable

Death animation is very pleasing, nice game

Waffle man

Perfect little browser game!

The game looks extremely polished and not at the same time, fire is sick

Must eat limbs, nice sound effects

A lot of work in a small jam, well done!

Waffle man

nice game! A bit glitchy but still nice

That tree needs to be chopped, with hate

If those assets were actually made in the game jam time, holy molly

Good luck with the polish and release!

Waffle man

Fucking died to dumbells, this one is a left mouse button destroyer, nice game

Waffle man

Solid concept, loved it

Waffle man

buggy but fun, complete this game further!

That's what I wanna see, a game that feels good,

Waffle man

Draw your graphics man! it would make it so much more interesting then squares, trust me!

Same can't play here, wanted to see those jim faces in actions lmao

I like the graphics a lot here, weird but cool,

Waffle man

Waves game <3,

Waffle man

I like how wo interpreted the theme the same way, endless, completing the cycle at death. Fun game!

Some creepy stuff here, at first with the thumbnail and tittle I tought this was some inside vagina game lmao,

Waffle man

Don't interpolate or make your game scalable in pixel art, nice ass eating,

Waffle man

Idk why the the graphics gives me a zerg feeling, very cool

Very rekt, very pink and nice shooting feel,

Waffle man

Thumbnail is sick, eye catcher, smooth cutscene love the game,

Waffle man

Movement need a little tweak, otherwise good game man 

Maybe in the future

Thank you for this review. My high score is 156 ;) and from there it's impossible with the current state of the game. I plan on making a full version of this with upgrades and stuff on mobile, I just need to find a way to finance the mobile license. So yes for now it's endless. Everything in the game have been made from scratch and yes it's very satisfying  to do everything on my own. As you see the only sprites I've used are body parts then coded the rotation on them to do animations, which is why the game is only 3MB.  

I will most likely do a tutorial on how to be efficient in creating your own stuff in a small amount of time,
Stay tune!

I'm glad someone is interrested in the making, it's a good start for motivating me to do it

I got stuck due to a bug, squares are a bit boring, the mechanics are there tho. It just need controls polishing and non-figures sprites would totally change the game feel.

nice super meat boy controls, random square spinning made it way less boring then just a square jumping up and down, still a square tho

Lmao the end, controls are pain but you get used to it I guess, love the 3d iso graphics

Nice game, it has a lot of potential, the only thing that really bugged me was that sometimes some events would happens out of the player control. Let me explain the life (light) randomly droping to 0 at a very fast rate without explanation, random stuck glitch that doesn't feel intended since you cant wall jump and the fact that you have to spam mouse click to kill those boxes is annoying when you keep dying. A simple remedy would be to add a cooldown with a hold mousekey for shooting.