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A jam submission

Warriors of Ouroboros: First TrialView game page

The Ouroboros clan is recruiting warriors and you're one of the candidates
Submitted by Fenderbate — 1 hour, 39 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#293.2143.214

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This game is really fun and interesting, however I'm not sure if it's endless or not [if it isn't,then tell me], and also It would be cool to have a way to fight back, but this is a game jam game after all, and for a game jam game it is pretty solid and awesome :D good job :D


To answer your question: it's not endless. There are 14 random attacks which you need to survive to complete the game.

Originally, I wanted to make the game so the player fought back, but i later dropped it so I had more time to finish what I already had.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback :D

Death animation is very pleasing, nice game

Waffle man


I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Plenty of mechanics.

Theme fits.

A story is there, I like how they just move on when you die.

That scales shooting at you from every direction were a bit harder than the other obstacles.


The scales were hard? Personally I found the tail swipe the hardest :P (I don't know if you encountered the tail swiping, the attacks are random)

Thank you for the nice words, I hope you enjoyed it. :D


Graphics looks great. Love the death animation. Not sure why some missals/tail hit me when other didn't.


You probably didn't get hit sometimes is most likely because I messed up the game as always :P But even with that bug in the game, I hope you could still enjoy it :D

Ps.: I'm glad you liked the death animation, that's the best one I made so far  :D


The game had glitches.  I couldn't play it completely, but I restarted enough times to get the gist of the game and it was a breath of fresh air from what I've been reviewing.  


Did you play the web version and if so, did you play in chrome? The game doesn't like google chrome so if you can, you should play in firefox. As far as I know, games made with Godot Engine suffer this problem.

If you downloaded the game then what OS are you using?

Despite the glitches I hope you somewhat enjoed the game :D


Graphics was the best, i like the basic gameplay.


I'm glad you liked it :D