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The background, dragon, floor all pretty nice.  Good job.  The artwork is cute.  I would give that good for both graphics and atmosphere.

Great job on your 1st jam!

Seems on theme, good job there.

Those are some good Sound effects and Music for a 1st time.

I see no real story to this.  So if you have some story I am missing, find a way to bring that out in the game.

As mentioned previously, it was a bit of a learning curve to just start.  I mean, even to start the game I had to experiment to figure out how to press start.  But once learned, the controls were fine.  I had a bit of 'accuracy' issue where I thought the guy was standing on something but it did not count, so some kind of indication would be nice.

Atmosphere, I would say is good.  I count all the little houses, sheep, and lizards even a guitar player!  That is a + for the atmosphere category for me.

Graphics were nice.  It feels like you had a good style.  The pure yellow background could of used something a bit more to feel more like a desert, but that is nitpicking.

Credits menu is a bonus.  Could of used a controls and instructions page in game too.

There was a nice story in the description, which also fits the theme, but then it was not really conveyed in the game.  I mean, I should not need to read your web page to see that story.  For example you could of made a second menu like you had for credits, which could contain the story you put on the web page in the game.

No sounds, No Music.

Thanks!  I am glad you liked it.

I am getting multiple different desirements for controls.  Which leads me to a configuration of multiple control options, not a change in the controls.  Perhaps even allowing complete key-bind remapping.

Let me try to elaborate.  Your movement system is fine, fun even.

The problem is the maneuvering space vs the forward/reverse speed vs the turning speed.  Is a giant point of frustration ramming into walls instead of what should feel like a fun experience zipping around.

1 - If you can hold forward and just keep it down, and navigate through your maps without smashing into walls regularly, then it is balanced correctly.

2 - If you hold forward and you cannot get anywhere without constantly smashing into walls and have to move in tiny little burst and tap turn to get anywhere at all, then it is unplayable.

Right now your game is solidly in #2.

The system does not need changing.  The level design and rates of motion need tweaking.  The tight corridors and super fast movement and turning just do not currently work together.

Some, intentionally tight, hard to navigate sections in later levels would be just fine.  An entire game where even in the beginning a new player can barely move at all is not.

I hope that better explains my opinion.

load and new game?  that is quite the menu option for a weekend.

Variety of enemies with unique mechanics.

That seems like quite a large map to put together in this time frame too.

I could not get the movement.  Just could not do it.  If there was enough space to maneuver then the rotate and move plan seems better.  But that was very close quarters. 

Plenty of mechanics.

Theme fits.

A story is there, I like how they just move on when you die.

That scales shooting at you from every direction were a bit harder than the other obstacles.

Best menus I have seen yet!   Even sound and music volume setting.

As a suggestion, perhaps, nothing should spawn on top of your character.

Excellent mechanics.

Aside from the shotgun blasting me through walls.  har.

I enjoyed that enough to complete the game.

There was a good story that carried on through the levels.

The graphics were cute.

This puzzle game sucked me right in.

Ship it.

If you had done all your own assets this would be top 5 star all the way.

That seems like quite a bit to get done in 1 weekend!

Even had Intro story scenes, cut scenes for each level.

The Graphics were fun.

Multiple mechanics implemented  which all seemed to have some real use.

The graphics are fantastic.  You made your own space background!

Music was nice and spacey.

Theme was decent and explained in your description.

Sound effect selection was appropriate.

Mechanics were interesting.

Put in those menus, good job.

Theme is fitting.

Selection of graphics and music seemed appropriate.

Theme could not of been more on point.

3d was nice.

Short story in game.

Felt like I was eating ships and ruling the oceans.

Music and sound effect selection appropriate.

Graphics were simple yet elegant.

Theme thought out and explained.

The mechanics progressed you through stages.

The sound and music selection was fitting.

I kept going all the way to the end?  Renewing?  Anyway.  It sucked me in that far.

Thanks I am glad you had fun.

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it!

I am looking to put a larger variety of sound effects in.  It does seem to get monotonous.

The power ups were running last minute and I did not get much of a chance to work on any balance for those.  Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you.  I am glad you found it appropriate.

My brother wanted speed power ups too, but I ran out of time.  Lazers and area effect chomping won.

So great idea!  Speed ups are on the list.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Thanks!  That was my 1st ever music made.  Just learned how to use LMMS, a free music app.

I downloaded Music Maker and I am looking at trying FL studio.  But those both look like they have a learning curve and I would want to purchase the upgraded licences.

Thanks!  I did record all the sound effects myself.  Noms and Burbs.

I was trying to add some variety with pitch but it broke the sound for some reason.  I tried lip smacking too, but those came out very bad.

I think it still need a greater variety of chomping sounds.

I will have to look into some hazard ideas.

I would still intend for the 1st levels to be easy, but it seems reasonable for each level to introduce something new instead of right now even level being mostly the same.

Thanks.  These were my first sound effects I recorded myself!  First time using Audactiy.

Thanks for the compliments!

I think you are right.  It does need some progression as the levels change.  The 1st level has to be easy tutorial like almost.  So it could probably use less mechanics.  While later levels would need more mechanics.

I also wanted space to get bigger and bigger with each level, sort of like zooming out.

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

I have plans to improve the tail movement.  Right now each link is aiming for the middle on the link in front of it.  I am considering moving that aim to the end of the link, but that is harder than just getting the object's position.

I put the transitions on press instead of key down for that very reason, but it still seems to happen.  I would need to add a delay too.  Something like 1s of ignoring key presses and clicks?

Theme was dead on.

The graphics are excellently gross.  Which seems like the target.

The sound effects gave that same feeling.

No music, or it seemed like sound effects.  Which is actually fitting for the game.

A feeling of Hopelessness, is what I hope you were going for.

Felt kind of lost for what the player is intended to do.  Seems to be missing game mechanics and story.

Good puzzles.

Good mix of skill and tactics.

Decent music.

Sounds appropriate.

Graphics acceptable.

Not sure how this fit the theme, but hey, this theme was pretty wide open.

This game is beautiful.  With some more levels this game is ready to go an app store or two!

Dead on theme.

The music is good.  Could also use more tracks.

I did not notice any sound effects?

Good job on Menus with in game instructions.  and multiple difficulty levels.

Strong mechanics I think.  Multiple attacks, doulble jump, short 'cut scenes' to open new sections.

Theme is on point.  With music that seems appropriate.

Was fun enough to play to the end.

Mechanics are stellar.  This is quite a math game.

Helpful instructions in game and menus.  and a mute key!

Dead on for the theme.

Graphics are low rez but fun.

Has a bit of a story.

Music is ok.  Sounds ok.

I am surprised at how high a rating I have to give this in so many categories.

The sprites are very cute, thank your sister for us.

Background is nice and spacey, while very colorful.

Mechanics seem to work, good job.

Added credits in game, and a backstory page too.

Decent music and sound selection.

In game instructions are good.

Graphics acceptable.

Decent Music and sound effects.

A story exists.  I did not get too far to see it play out.

Solid game.

Intro music is good, and creepy.  Thematic to the blood flow somehow.

Sound effects seem there, but not overpowering.  I want to say that blending in, great.  But mess up, and you notice.  Even a text pops up.

Simple to follow instructions.  With a tutorial.

Graphics are game studio worthy.

Post this to an app store.

The whole game looks like a work of art.

The music is also excellent.

Instructions missing for what seems like a complicated game?  For example, what does that food control at the top mean?  Leaving the mechanics to be undeterminable?

The music was nice.

Graphics good.

I like the menu, and that clicking summoned more ingredients.

Theme was spot on for the event.

I kept tossing things in the circle and nothing happened.  After several times restarting, looking at instructions, etc.  I finally got pinapple and pizza to make a potion, which disappeared before I got it to the snake.

I experienced no sound effects.

Music was thematic and catchy.

The sound effects were hilarious.

The game was hard.  Seemed like the rolling had some inertia which was a nice touch.

There was some fun.  I even played it a few times.

Theme / atmosphere music was great.

Graphics hit the target intended.

Sound effects were ok. 

Remembered a high score.

Graphics were nice.

Menus existed, with instructions.  I consider that pretty good for a weekend.

Sound effects were simple but effective.

I could just mouse over all the gas bubbles without the snake actually moving there to get the points.  It seemed broken.

Game seemed to die when it ended.  Just got a black screen.

No music.