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Unknown Fish (48 hours Game Jam)View game page

Break the continuity of schools of fish by controlling a rebel fish.
Submitted by Zulhuky — 3 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline

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Sound Effects#353.1003.100

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Amazing game dude, made a promise i would play the game so here i am. One of my favourites so far. I would have liked to press N to go to the next level instead of clicking "Next level", same way you press R to retry. Love the idea of the game so original. You should keep going at it, you already showed a lot of original ideas in the different levels of this game!


Thank you for the nice comment dude! 


The control scheme made some levels very tricky to complete, especially with rotating your fish. Had you used the mouse position it could have helped a lot. There was also no feedback to tell me when releasing the Space could for whether I would do a regular short dash or a very long one. That's important because sometimes I was overshooting or undershooting the fish and it gets you killed.

Solid gameplay idea but fighting against the controls made this hard to enjoy.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing! When you are pressing space, before the dash is ready, there is no animation for the fish. When dash is ready, the fish swing is fin quickly, lots of bubbles come out and there is some splash sound in quick succession, you didn't noticed that? I agree for mouse instead of arrow keys, I was thinking about it at the end but I prefered to not do major change near the end.


Interesting little game, I like the swimming mechanics and the graphics, they were really neat. Unfortunately I got stuck on level 2, I just found that gap a little too tight to get through and rage quit lol.  Nice job!


Thanks for  playing! You can't go through little gap if you are too big, you need to find another way to go across the level! If you want, you can select the level you are playing in the main menu, and there is a new mechanic at level 4


Good puzzles.

Good mix of skill and tactics.

Decent music.

Sounds appropriate.

Graphics acceptable.

Not sure how this fit the theme, but hey, this theme was pretty wide open.


Thanks! Ouroboros is a representation of movement and continuity. Schools of fish making circle is about continuity (and circle fit the theme too). The idea here is that you can break the continuity with the lamp, and by the fact that you are a fish that does not follow the circle.