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damn j'avais pas remarqué que t'avais mis un commentaire

I through I had not a sufficient reaction time after 10-15min of tries but i did it. it is so hard that the only way to be able to eat the banana at the right time it to be completly focused, to have nothing else that the banana in mind. That's more interesting that I through at first lol. I feel like replaying it when I have too much things in mind :D

Ahah enfin tu t'es mis à Unity ! Vraiment sympa comme jeu, beau boulot

Nice game, I like the idea of having to watch your score and more or less calculate the good amount to damage to take or not

Start menu and end menu can be secondary. For my game, I only showed a message at the beginning and end because I didn't had the time to do it. Still you made a good job for what you have done

Really a cool idea, it's just sad that there is only one quick level

Cool game. Not very original but well executed, pretty fun

Funny game, even if I had trouble to understand the rules

Funny game! 

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You developped this game in only 2 hours? Amazing!

I don't really understand the correlation with the team

One of the best game I've played. Dialogue are pretty cool, and the idea is awesome and well executed.

Fun game! I feel like the hitbox was a bit too big

Pretty cool concept, I feel like it has potential. But I found the added effect a bit too complicated sometime. Still one of the best game I've played

Beautiful game, impressive work! I'm stuck in a room full of books, I can't find the key :/

Thank you for the nice comment! I will check your game

I don't understand what is the goal of the game, should I go somewhere ?

Cool game, I liked the idea. But it is way too slow! I would have like that the two fighters were way closer to each other

I like a lot the idea, original and well executed. Right on!

Thanks for the feedback!

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hold position is for looking around. When you press arrows with ctrl, you can rotate the player without moving

Pretty cool concept well executed. I liked the humor with the dialogues

Very very nice concept but I wish the game had bigger jump, cause it's a very hard game

Thank you for playing. Did you take the flashlight at the start of the game ? I realized afterward that I may have not making it obvious that you have to take the flashlight and use it to move shaft futher ahead

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Thanks dude now it works (I can die)

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Hey, I started to play your game but I think I am invicible. For example, heart that pop when you go trough their shadow do not kill me. I can go through red heart without dying.

EDIT : I can even go in lava without dying

Thank you for the nice comment dude! 

Ok I understand, I will replay the game to try that

I replayed the game when I read in the commentary that I could wall jump, so I could do a second loop (but It bugged at the last boss). Gravity felt too high, the physic of the character deserved more tweaking

I didn't noticed any pattern

The game feels a bit confusing, but the idea is cool

The game is nice, but not really original or in connection with the theme. Still good work, I had fun playing it

Nice and relaxing game. My high score is 127. When there is two same building adjacent to a new building, I wish I could choose what building is upgraded. Beside that, good job.

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Nice concept but I have several issues. I don't understand the goal of this game, where do I need to go ? And the fact that we need to for rythme to start again, and the fact that we need to put all three green input each time (not 1 or 2) is a bit frustrating. And the lack of level design is sad. But still, it was kind of fun. And what is the link with Ouroboros? 

I stopped half the way around the planet. It felt too repetitive at some point, but interesting idea, good job

Ok, I think you could do a cool game if you push this idea further

Ok I will replay it with that in mind

The best game of this jam I've played so far. Nice concept, well executed. I loved the yellow cube, and the fact that you needed to block the direction of your snake to direct cubes.