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Thanks dude now it works (I can die)

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Hey, I started to play your game but I think I am invicible. For example, heart that pop when you go trough their shadow do not kill me. I can go through red heart without dying.

EDIT : I can even go in lava without dying

Thank you for the nice comment dude! 

Ok I understand, I will replay the game to try that

I replayed the game when I read in the commentary that I could wall jump, so I could do a second loop (but It bugged at the last boss). Gravity felt too high, the physic of the character deserved more tweaking

I didn't noticed any pattern

The game feels a bit confusing, but the idea is cool

The game is nice, but not really original or in connection with the theme. Still good work, I had fun playing it

Nice and relaxing game. My high score is 127. When there is two same building adjacent to a new building, I wish I could choose what building is upgraded. Beside that, good job.

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What kind of games are you thinking about when you says"oldschool inputs"? Cause I feel like this input stuff is not really adapted to your game. Cause in a game like pacman, you had walls so it makes more sense

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Nice concept but I have several issues. I don't understand the goal of this game, where do I need to go ? And the fact that we need to for rythme to start again, and the fact that we need to put all three green input each time (not 1 or 2) is a bit frustrating. And the lack of level design is sad. But still, it was kind of fun. And what is the link with Ouroboros? 

I stopped half the way around the planet. It felt too repetitive at some point, but interesting idea, good job

Ok, I think you could do a cool game if you push this idea further

Ok I will replay it with that in mind

The best game of this jam I've played so far. Nice concept, well executed. I loved the yellow cube, and the fact that you needed to block the direction of your snake to direct cubes.

You seem like a nice guy

I'm sad that the snake slow down when you jump. Is there some sort of progression when you start over a new loop? The game works well, but there is no point of doing a loop if there is no progression.

The pixel art is nice!I was stuck after I get the dash. Honestly I didn't like the control of the charater, and the level design felt too simple for what I have played. What is the relation with Ouroboros ?

It's pretty hard to control the bottle, but it's kind of fun. Nice graphics, it would have been way nicer with sound!

I stopped at the thrid run because I didn't understand what I had to do. Is there a progression? And who is the magicien at the end of a run?

I don't really get the game's goal. I inject red poison for red patient, but when I don't have anymore red injection, what do I do? I inject him with another color, but what does this do?

Great graphics. The mechanic is a bit repetitive, but there was a good atmosphere. And the sort of "oversaturation" worked for me. 

It's so hard to control the player, gravity is way too high for me

Nice mechanic, but what is the relation with Ouroboros? (I will wait for your anwser before voting)

Nice concept! The fact that you can indefinitely jump mid air is intended?

A bit too simplistic, because I don't see why I should do the level more than one time since nothing change. I liked the graphics, nice pixel art

Nice idea, I'm sad the game bugs when we die. 

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Thanks for playing! When you are pressing space, before the dash is ready, there is no animation for the fish. When dash is ready, the fish swing is fin quickly, lots of bubbles come out and there is some splash sound in quick succession, you didn't noticed that? I agree for mouse instead of arrow keys, I was thinking about it at the end but I prefered to not do major change near the end.

Thanks for  playing! You can't go through little gap if you are too big, you need to find another way to go across the level! If you want, you can select the level you are playing in the main menu, and there is a new mechanic at level 4

Wow another jumper, I was in the same martial art school!

The game looks intiging but I don't know how to pick up item, I should be able to pick up stuff no?

Funny intro! The concept is nice! The speed is always 1? It felt a bit slow at the start of levels

Interesting but I feel like there is no goal (because of no challenge), I don't get why there is several level because it's the same level everytime (I stopped at level 8). But the gameplay is nice!

I didn't noticed it! But I am not able to pay attention to the platform right below me and the prediction above me :(

The game is interesting, overall fun. The control of the snake is neat!

Fun concept! A bit frustrating because we can't view the second platform below us.

Fun game! It would have been nice to have a score