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Keep a balance in the world by saving or killing your patients!
Submitted by GlitchSlayer — 1 hour, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Sound Effects#912.1772.667

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Read the instructions, read the comments, still had no real idea of how balancing/game play was working. The Hud was pretty clear, and after jumping once into the question mark card thing (what is that supposed to be anyway?) I got that I could refill my cures/poisons?? Weird how one persons poison is another persons cure. Guess that is cool. The end screen got real glitchy on me at times with objects bouncing back and force rapidly. Also had the missing dll issue, but download fixed that. Is there any reason it isn't in there already? One other minor issue is the number of keys for the cures/poisons. At the speed the game requires you to play, it is near impossible to coordinate that many. Maybe if I played for hours I might get muscle memory, but many people would quit before then. My suggestion is either slow the game some, or better yet, reduce it to three at most. Honestly a cure/poison key would probably be better with the patients having a color assigned by how close to death they are, maybe...


I don't really get the game's goal. I inject red poison for red patient, but when I don't have anymore red injection, what do I do? I inject him with another color, but what does this do?


You can jump and collect syringes which appear from time to time. This gives you additional substance to a random syringe. If you don't have the needed cure, you need to sacrifice the patients. The goal of this game is not to cure everyone, but to keep a balance in the world's population. Watch the right corner in the game to read the current state of that. I hope it helps. If you have more questions, feel free to ask 😉


Ok I will replay it with that in mind


Hey there! It seems that your game can't play without a very critical OpenAL32.dll. Luckily, as a MonoGame developer I have a copy always handy. Place this next to the game executable to be able to run the game.


If you don't trust my link, that's okay, you can go to to install OpenAL on your computer.


Hey, thanks for posting about this problem.

I'll repair that as soon as I can.

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"I keep my own personal copy of this file on me at all times"

okay game, did not finish.