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A roguelike journey into the dungeon of Ouroburos. (Work In Progress)
Submitted by stellalumi, FMProductions (@FM__Productions), blank_canvas, Grumpledorf — 1 minute, 24 seconds before the deadline
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Sound Effects#133.5003.500

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You guys are pretty aware of all this issues at this point, but I love it! Knowing that you guys are still working on it post jam definitely reassures me that I will get to play an amazingly polished demo of this in the near future and I'm looking forward to it!! Great job!!


The game's art, SFX, UI, and music are all amazing, but the gameplay is a little confusing, im not really sure what I'm supposed to do, and the combat didn't feel that good, but still congrats to the team for making awesome sfx, art, music, and UI! :D


Really cool concept for the game, of course as you are aware there are a few issues with the game.  Having 4 enemies at the start is really harsh for somebody entering the game, I wouldn't pile on the enemies until further in to the dungeon, and of course as you know they are too difficult to kill.  I kinda didn't have a clue where I needed to go and I wandered around for a while, even used the evade button to get around quicker :P But the timer really made the game impossible.  The graphics were really nice, although the player character kind of stood out from the rest of the art, would look nicer if the character shared more of the palette of the rest of the dungoen (possibly the yellow that didn't go).  Nice effort though guys! Would love to see this continued!


The game was missing a goal or a story and killing enemies was really slow. Those are pretty important for a game, but apart from that technical side and looks were great.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I got around to this game and just wanna say.  Pretty graphics and UI, great layout (you noted handcrafted) and sharp controls, music.

 I noticed though that the dash you can't control movement for the duration, it seems pretty disadvantageous to accidentally move the wrong way into a crowd of enemies (it's probably just me tho).  Running downwards into a wall makes the player's feet visible and makes everything blurry (blurry if any direction).  I couldn't quite find the ending nor knew where I was.  Overall, the atmosphere and how great your graphics are is well-polished and awesome.


I want to play your game but I only see the UI.


Please play on MEDIUM settings, thank you!


well I played it. and I am a little confuse what todo. is the purpose of the to defeat every enemy or finding a exit before the time runs.
 I think you and your team of 3 hard working people can make this game even better. 

And I think this game will be better after this jam.
I think the graphics looks cool the concept looks cool. it just need some extra work but I think you can pull this off.


Graphics and Music are amazing, the SFX are nice too. But sadly, the gameplay was lacking and did not know exactly what was the purpouse of the game, it really needs some tutorials or instructions. Killing enemies does not seem to do anything, and it takes too long to kill them and you can run past them easily, also when they hit you it seems you are taking damage but HP does not go down?

Also about the chest, at first glance any player would want to open them but it seems they only give you HP? I find it weird using Chests to represent HP upgrades, really counter intuitive.

I talked with one of the devs in Discord and the idea they were going for sound cool, but sadly, they did not implement it in time =(


It does not load the graphics for me :( I can only see the UI and hear the nice music but that's it :( cant rate because of that


oh nevermind, it worked now :) very nice graphics! what I don't understand though is why my health stays the same after being hit by an enemy? Nice game nonetheless :D rated


The art and music in this game are top notch, you wouldn't imagine it was made in a weekend for a game jam. The game-play objective feels a little bit aimless unfortunately, the enemies are really tough, and the brilliantly designed chests don't seem to do anything, Also the health/damage system seems a little messed up, I feel like I should have died 10 times in a run that I made it to the end of the timer. Other than that, the game looks, sounds and feels amazing!


I don't get it... the game isn't perfect... unfortunately the screen is black :/

I can see the health and the menus, but that's it. the screen shots look awesome tho!


Did you try the recommendation of starting the game up on medium settings? That worked for me to get to enjoy the game!


Fantastic graphics and music. Since the game didnt give me any goal, I aimed for getting as many health containers as possible, and I got 8. Along the way, I believe I have not missed any corner of the map (took me multiple runs), it was enormous! After talking to one of the devs on discord, I get the idea that you become stronger every time you die and all of the sudden the time constraint, the ridiculous strength of enemies, the large map they all make sense. Such a pity you guys didnt manage to put everything in as it could have been, but it surely shows potential. Great work guys!


Loved the art and the gameplay. Nice touch having the non-dangerous (i assume?) NPC's follow you around a bit. As somebody has said, I wasn't sure how to interact with the various objects in the world, which all looked wonderful and made it feel very polished. Great work for 48 hours, especially considering working as a team and collaborating effectively can often be more difficult than working alone.



if you have troubles with the game and get a black screen, try "medium" quality settings! We don't really know what caused the issue and don't have a fix yet sadly. 


The music was nice.

Graphics seemed decent.

As CameronOtten mentioned, I felt aimless.  I did not know what the goal was, nor did I know what that count down was for.

There were chests, doors, sacks which seemed like I should interact with, but then nothing happened.  Perhaps there was another button I should be pushing?

The character flashed like damage was happening, but I did not seem to take much damage.


the art is really good, the gameplay felt a little unbalanced though, enemies had a lot of health and i wasnt sure if i was even getting hit, also wasnt sure what the goal was, or if it was just to be a metaphor. The timer for your life was a cool idea, the transition was a little abrupt though. Good job all around though