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I've been watching Philophobia's development for over 157hours on Twitch. It's an unique game made by a solo developer. Worth to wishlist if you enjoy fast paced platformers.

I like that you can get better in this game. Little frustrating to lose life when I'm not actually hitting anything. Maybe becuase the hit-boxes seem to be squares instead of triangles. Fun idea

I think this game would have potential if the AI was more challenging. I understood pretty well what you are supposed to do in the game. Would have liked to see the snake grow even longer and battle for food to survive.

I liked this game. I didn't manage to finish it though, so I don't know how it all ended.

The game was missing a goal or a story and killing enemies was really slow. Those are pretty important for a game, but apart from that technical side and looks were great.

Well done! I like how this game turns into a puzzle game on later levels. Also liked that you can go back a little but still get stuck in corners.

Good thing you had a laugh! Thanks for playing and feedback. I had technical difficulties making better music. It's not actually rhythm game but there wasn't more fitting options. I may change it to "other"

Haha! You can win :)

Hey, I rated your game based on the video, so you get some ratings. It looked really good and I hope you continue to develop it! I actually have VR but it takes some time to setup each time. I will play your game later!

Really good music! Def better than the Nokia snake. Adobe Flash requirement made it difficult to get to play this. I didn't understand why you could sometimes hit the snakes tail and sometimes not.

This game was cool. I hope you continue developing it further

Thanks! I was going to make it more of a deeper fighting game. But as the time runs out you have to cut things out just to finish . And this is what you end with.. :D Would have needed at least another day to make it more responsive to input and better AI. 

I would think it's better with a friend (although I haven't tested)

Wait till you see the bottom part