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I can't play it for some reason, it says fatal error

Awesome can't wait! :D, don't give up! next jim jam it's going to be even better :D

This game is awesome! I really like the main mechanic, and the level design is great, the art is also cute. I would love to see more levels in the future! Good job on #finishingit :D

Yeah sure, but for some reason it says that I need permission to access that file? I think you can change the setting to make it so that it is public

it says that I need premmission

Aw man, im sorry :( hopefully I will see you next jim jam

This is a really fun game, I really like the giant snake popping out everywhere, also the music is catchy, good job guys :D

this seems like a great concept, but sadly it wasn't finished on time, I hope that you finish this game, as it has a great concept :D

Thanks for playing, and thanks for giving it a go :D

A fun little game, It would be cool if there were multiple levels, where each level the screen zooms out a bit, but it's still a fun game :D good job 

This is a fantastic game, I love the concept, and the graphics are also amazing, I love the models. The only complaint is that the controls are a little finicky, you have to press multiple times to select a object, but it's still a great game :D

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This is a really fun endless runner, my highscore is 7628, and honestly, I don't have any feedback, it's just really good :D good job :D

A fun arcade game that has the potential to become a really great mobile game. The graphics are really good and fit the game play,  and I love the intro, overall a great game, good job :D

Thank you for trying it, and thank you for the feedback :D

Thank you so much for the feedback, yeah it is likely that I won't be working with this game anymore, that may or may not change, but thank you again for the feedback, it is really good and helpful, and thanks for playing :D

Yes it did! :D thank you for answering, I gave the game another go and this time it made sense, thank you for explaining it :D I will update the comment now :D

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I am really confused, I don't know how to play this game? do you mind telling me how to play it? but the art and story is great so far.

EDIT: this is a great game, but it is sad, there isn't that much game play, but you can see the effort went into the art and the story, which are amazing :D awesome job LazyImp, good job for #finishingit :D

um, I can't play this game? the link doesn't work, you can upload a link on dropbox and post it in the comments if you like

This is a cool game, with a cool twist at the end, the art is also fantastic, good job :D

This is a bit of a confusing game, but it has a cool concept, art, and music. A suggestion I have is that it shows how much each machine is taking resources and giving resources, but it's pretty good without that :D, good job for finishing it :D

this game is a really cool expirence, I sadly didn't manage to finish it, I might give it another go later, and if I do, I will update this comment. But from what I did play, it is a cool little creepy game, with a neat story, and great art, good job :D

This game has a really good concept that I would love to see expanded upon in the future, but for what it is, it is a great GetAwayFromSpagghetiMonsterSimulator game, and I would really like to see the game updated in the future, and congrats for #finishingit :D

P.S: a tip for those that don't have a french keyboard,on your windows computer, go into keyboard properties, then into region and language, then into keyboard languages, and change it from english to french, that's how I managed to play it normally :D

this is an amazing game, the atmosphere is awesome, the kind-of story is awesome, everything is amazing :D

This game has a really great concept :D I love that you can explode and then retry the level and that thing you exploded is gone, I think that is a great concept and that it can be expanded into a great full game, also, the ability  to "fly" added fun points to the game, overall a great concept, and good execution, good job :D

Wow, you made this in just 4 hours?? and it is your first ever game??? this is amazing for a first game, and especially for being made in only 4 hours [even if it wasn't it's still pretty amazing], awesome job :D I think a cool addition would be a scoring system, as the game appears to be endless, but other then that it is amazing :D awesome job :D

This is a cool game, but it feels a little bland,  there are only enemies and parkouring, and you can't fight the enemies, but it's a good game still, good job for finishing it :D

A hard but fun game, the flies are annoying, but I developed a strategy to beat them, I really liked the end boss as well, the art is fantastic, great job :D

Very relaxing game, I love it, I think this game could be expanded upon, and it would be an even more awesomer game :D, and I really love the lady bug at the end, that was super cool :D

This is a cool little relaxing game, the music is nice, the art is nice, the game play is nice, only thing is it's a bit confusing on which orb the dragon want's to eat, it would be cool if there was a symbol or something on what the dragon wanted to eat. But other then that, it's a great game :D

This is a fun little take on the snake game, awesome job :D

The switching mechanic is really cool, I really like it, the art is also pretty good, so is the music, overall it's a great game, good job :D

This is a really really great idea, I love it, the execution is also pretty good, the art is great, and the gameplay is fun. The controls are a bit weird, I don't really like it how you can't control your character when you jump, but it's still a fun game, good job for #finishingit :D

When you finish it, be sure to let me know! I would love to play the full version of this game :D

Really cool idea, I may or may not have used a calculator a few times :P but the idea is very cool, and the execution is cool as well, and the art is awesome. Good job :D

This is an amazing game, I really love it,  it is one of the best games in this jam, the art is great, the gameplay is great, the music is great, everything is awesome :D

This is a fun game, especially for a game jam, the models are also cool as well, awesome job :D, my only complaint would be that the ships are hard to identify, at first I thought that the red ships dealt damage, so I avoided them, what I would do, is make the flags of the blue ships [the ones who deal damage] pirate flags, with a skull and cross bones, and make the red ships [ones that heal you] have hearts on the flag, imo that would make them easier to identify, but other then that it is a great game, awesome job :D

This game is a fun one, the atmosphere is really good, so are the graphics, the game play is also good, but I have some ideas to improve it [this is if you make a post jam version]

1. Make the controls on the mouse,  the keyboard controls are weird for a game like this, imo it would be better if you pressed where you wanted to go with the mouse.
2. The offset is a little bit weird, I would make it so that it's focused on the player, instead of offsetting it to the left.
3. make the shadows stay even after you jump, there is a setting in unity for this, but I forgot which one it is.

But those are all minor nit picks, and considering that this is your first 3D game, you did amazing :D

A fun little game that once polished can be a real game, it has a simplistic concept but it's fun, the only thing I would add would be some coins, so that the player can dip on the other side to collect them, but other than that it is a great game :D
P.S: my high score is 3011, the game seems to have broken after that point :P

The story is great, the art is simplistic but good, the theme is spot on, and the gameplay is amazing, overall a really great game, and it is really polished, awesome work :D

this is a really cool game, the drifting is a little hard to control, but the sound effects are epic, my highscore is 152 :D