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That's awesome! Well, thanks for the fast response, I look forward to start using this program in my projects :D

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Wow! I found out about this program today and this is amazing! It took a bit to figure out, but with the examples and the documentation, it was a breeze! I hope that you'll continue to work on it and make it an even better version of itself! Anyway, I have two questions if you don't mind me asking. The first one is are we allowed to use the textures we create with this program for, more or less, commercial use? And secondly, do you plan on creating a discord server for the Material Maker community?
Thanks in advance, and thanks for making this awesome software!

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A really fun game, I liked the dog as well :p Level 3 was a really smart level

Aww, thanks, that means a lot! :D

Hello all! so after around a month and a half of development, I'm proud to announce that my game, "Crystal Spider" is released!

You have the power to control the very platforms you stand on, using this ability you can discover the solution to 12 levels, and help the spider find his way back home!
Here's the link to the game if you are interested:

Also, I wanted to say: any feedback at all, be it positive or negative, and as long as it's productive, would be greatly appriciated!
I probably won't make any radical changes, but if you find any bugs, or notice that a certain level is too difficult, telling me so I could update it would be really appriciated!

I can't play it for some reason, it says fatal error

This is a really fun game, I really like the giant snake popping out everywhere, also the music is catchy, good job guys :D

this seems like a great concept, but sadly it wasn't finished on time, I hope that you finish this game, as it has a great concept :D

Thanks for playing, and thanks for giving it a go :D

A fun little game, It would be cool if there were multiple levels, where each level the screen zooms out a bit, but it's still a fun game :D good job 

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This is a really fun endless runner, my highscore is 7628, and honestly, I don't have any feedback, it's just really good :D good job :D

A fun arcade game that has the potential to become a really great mobile game. The graphics are really good and fit the game play,  and I love the intro, overall a great game, good job :D

Thank you for trying it, and thank you for the feedback :D

Thank you so much for the feedback, yeah it is likely that I won't be working with this game anymore, that may or may not change, but thank you again for the feedback, it is really good and helpful, and thanks for playing :D

Yes it did! :D thank you for answering, I gave the game another go and this time it made sense, thank you for explaining it :D I will update the comment now :D

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I am really confused, I don't know how to play this game? do you mind telling me how to play it? but the art and story is great so far.

EDIT: this is a great game, but it is sad, there isn't that much game play, but you can see the effort went into the art and the story, which are amazing :D awesome job LazyImp, good job for #finishingit :D

This is a cool game, with a cool twist at the end, the art is also fantastic, good job :D

This is a bit of a confusing game, but it has a cool concept, art, and music. A suggestion I have is that it shows how much each machine is taking resources and giving resources, but it's pretty good without that :D, good job for finishing it :D

this game is a really cool expirence, I sadly didn't manage to finish it, I might give it another go later, and if I do, I will update this comment. But from what I did play, it is a cool little creepy game, with a neat story, and great art, good job :D

This game has a really good concept that I would love to see expanded upon in the future, but for what it is, it is a great GetAwayFromSpagghetiMonsterSimulator game, and I would really like to see the game updated in the future, and congrats for #finishingit :D

P.S: a tip for those that don't have a french keyboard,on your windows computer, go into keyboard properties, then into region and language, then into keyboard languages, and change it from english to french, that's how I managed to play it normally :D

this is an amazing game, the atmosphere is awesome, the kind-of story is awesome, everything is amazing :D

This game has a really great concept :D I love that you can explode and then retry the level and that thing you exploded is gone, I think that is a great concept and that it can be expanded into a great full game, also, the ability  to "fly" added fun points to the game, overall a great concept, and good execution, good job :D

Wow, you made this in just 4 hours?? and it is your first ever game??? this is amazing for a first game, and especially for being made in only 4 hours [even if it wasn't it's still pretty amazing], awesome job :D I think a cool addition would be a scoring system, as the game appears to be endless, but other then that it is amazing :D awesome job :D

This is a cool game, but it feels a little bland,  there are only enemies and parkouring, and you can't fight the enemies, but it's a good game still, good job for finishing it :D

A hard but fun game, the flies are annoying, but I developed a strategy to beat them, I really liked the end boss as well, the art is fantastic, great job :D

Very relaxing game, I love it, I think this game could be expanded upon, and it would be an even more awesomer game :D, and I really love the lady bug at the end, that was super cool :D

This is a cool little relaxing game, the music is nice, the art is nice, the game play is nice, only thing is it's a bit confusing on which orb the dragon want's to eat, it would be cool if there was a symbol or something on what the dragon wanted to eat. But other then that, it's a great game :D

This is a fun little take on the snake game, awesome job :D

The switching mechanic is really cool, I really like it, the art is also pretty good, so is the music, overall it's a great game, good job :D

This is a really really great idea, I love it, the execution is also pretty good, the art is great, and the gameplay is fun. The controls are a bit weird, I don't really like it how you can't control your character when you jump, but it's still a fun game, good job for #finishingit :D

When you finish it, be sure to let me know! I would love to play the full version of this game :D

Really cool idea, I may or may not have used a calculator a few times :P but the idea is very cool, and the execution is cool as well, and the art is awesome. Good job :D

This is an amazing game, I really love it,  it is one of the best games in this jam, the art is great, the gameplay is great, the music is great, everything is awesome :D