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Make the snake eat their tail
Submitted by inferture — 4 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline

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Sound Effects#1171.5711.571

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This game has a really good concept that I would love to see expanded upon in the future, but for what it is, it is a great GetAwayFromSpagghetiMonsterSimulator game, and I would really like to see the game updated in the future, and congrats for #finishingit :D

P.S: a tip for those that don't have a french keyboard,on your windows computer, go into keyboard properties, then into region and language, then into keyboard languages, and change it from english to french, that's how I managed to play it normally :D


Thank you for your feedback and for your tip to play the game normally ! I am definitely considering expanding the game in the future but since I already have several projects I am working on, I can't 100% guarantee it will be a thing. Thanks for playing !


I really like the concept and would love to see this game improved and the bugs fixed. That said, the control mapping made this near impossible to play for very long, but I did try for a while (this is why I tend to stick to the arrow keys for movement and give a key map screen if time permits). I wasn't real sure of what to do as several times the snakes would be chomping on their own (same color) tail and they there was no feedback; I didn't see the snakes grow, shrink, disappear, or any other action. It is possible my score went up, but the score was not easy to look at and play (health either). The score display (hud) could be a lot larger with a different color to distinguish it from the background better. Huds are best with an overlay background color and a contrasting foreground color. They don't have to be blocked off square, but they usually shouldn't be just text floating over the game (unless the text itself has a shadow, maybe). Also, collision detection failed many times when I played, having myself outside the game board (pushed by a snake) with no way to restart, but to reload the page. Sometimes a snake would escape with me and let me kill myself. Limiting spawn rate (at least in the beginning - you could increase it as the player scores) could also help a lot. Again, I'd really like to see what this game could become. Thanks!


Thanks for the long feedback ! I agree that my game could use more feebacks and a better UI  in general. I definitely would've added control mapping if I had had the time. If I happen to make a post-jam version (which I am considering but not sure to do), I definitely will work on this, and on the bugs you reported.

Thanks again, these feedbacks definitely help (and even if I don't make a post-jam version, I'll remember it for my future game :) )!


The control mapping really takes away a lot of how the game could be played properly, I guess next time you would prepare a code for control keyboard remapping and put it in every game jam submission right in the beginning of the project? So this wouldn't happen again :D. Put that aside, I do like my goal in this game, just keep circling around the snakes and they would keep eating themselves and die. The snakes seem to be tied together using joints? Ill give you technical credit for that because I know how annoying working with physics can be sometimes T_T. Great work!


Thank you ! I actually intended to allow control remapping but I lacked time in the end :/

I indeed used joints (Distance joint) to keep the snaked together and since it was the first time using joint, it took me some time to figure it out (and I still wouldn't say I perfectly know how to use them)

Thank you for the feedback and advices !


find the weird control fun.


Glad you had fun, thank you for playing !

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

As soon as anything other then gray starts spawning without their color counterpart it definitely just becomes a GetAwayFromSpagghetiMonsterSimulator x)

Nice idea though : )


Haha thank you ! I will try different solutions stop this later (like making snakes have different speed, making some specific spawning patterns and limit the number of snakes that can be on the field on the same). 

Thanks for playing ^^