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There are limits to the placing of the card depending on terrain and money restrictions.. although tbh this game is very unfinished ^^''' , but thanks for playing : ) and giving feedback : ) it is much appreciated.

Thank you ^^

Thank you, that is great : )

Thank you : ) i'll consider it

Thank you ^^

That's weird O.o, it should be the one with the wall in the middle.. did you get the one where there are a bunch of passage ways?

That is a good idea actually ^^' thanks for playing and the suggestion

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As soon as anything other then gray starts spawning without their color counterpart it definitely just becomes a GetAwayFromSpagghetiMonsterSimulator x)

Nice idea though : )

That is great ^^ glad you enjoyed it

Thank you : )

Thanks ^^

Nice puzzle game : ) fits good with the music, i only saw the purple energy much later in the game though it's kinda hard to notice/see (might just be me x)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it : )

tbh i should probably have put a little more thought in the spawnpoints, it's more a coincidence at this point ^^'

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First of, thanks for the feedback : )

  • Sorry didn't watch the stream but it is a really simple use of the theme so.. yea figures i guess xD thanks
  • It seems so, not sure how to fix that, thanks for pointing  that out
  • This one is really weird no idea how you do this, can't seem the replicate :\ do you run it in fullscreen?
  • yea that's indeed how it works.. hmm guess it could feel a little weird
  • that's idd a useable fix although the game bugs out when it runs in fullscreen need to find a way to disable it or make it not bugout maybe x)

Thanks again for the feedback, i'll try to fix it ^^

it starts automatically, sorry that it's not really clear, i'll try to fix that

Allow me to make the first topic~

Had a lot of fun playing the demo, the prices are a bit high atm but then again i guess that's because i could only play 5 levels x)
Also i really liked the change up in level 4

Not sure where the full game? but guess that's not going to be free :p

When i finished lvl 5 though it allowed me to continue to what would be lvl 6 but it was a fake? lvl where no enemies spawned that was a bit weird.
The game says: "A huge wave coming, Pay your attention."  you probably mean --> A huge wave is coming, pay attention
An annoying thing is when enemies get passed the archer you can't shoot them anymore it would be cool if they would turn around and atleast try shooting? don't know if plant vs zombies fixed this but should be an easy thing to give a try maybe?

Anyway goodwork looking forward to full release!

Good work : ) the music is nice and fits the retro style of the art, also fun use of the jam image in the main menu xD

One thing though those 4x heavy fire rate shooting brushes if there are 2 of those the sounds gets really loud and looped over itself :\

also nice logo : )

Nice game, cool art : )

bit confused at first, started the game without going to the workshop and couldn't do anything x)
Ofc i know diff know..

Still when i beat the first arena nothing happens? guess there is only 1 level right now? although it looks like there is more to your game i haven't seen yet..

Nice work, the menu is the most finished menu i've seen in the wole jam x)

The splat effects are also really nice and make stage really colorfull after a while, to bad they tend to float of the edge.
Also i'd like the be able to get to center of the map, not be stopped by the ol' invisible walls.
Good work : )

Great work : ) very relaxing music and atmosphere. 

The whole destroying the breakable blocks to make a staircase was nice as well.
But having to switch to the other shape to catch is bit annoying could be cool if you could have it follow you, but guess that's asking a bit much from a gamejam game.
It's also longer then i thought it be

Changing background color based on active shape is also a nice touch.

Nice bossfight, especially like the cracking animation when the boss gets damaged.

When  i lose i live it be nice to get some kind of effect also i somehow won by running of the edge of map (in fullscreen) not sure what happened.

Lastly i seem to keep toggling music by accident, maybe space is not the best key to toggle music, although the music is also nice : )

Rock, paper & scissor card game not bad idea to bad it doesn't work i click cards in my hand and they vanish, not sure if they are played? and i can just keep clicking the card i already played.

The arrow keys seem to work, but then i jumped of the map.. so... guess i broke rule 2 but did rule1?