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Haha I guess that works ^^

I don't understand how it relates to applepie ? Nice use of chuck norris though

Super interesting concept! I like that you should keep your head on the snake not to lose energy but that you still have to take the risk of venturing out of the safe zone to eat!

Maybe I would've switched the snake and the background color, since red inspires danger as opposed to green which inspires safety (then again, that's just a detail).

Since your game is playable on browser couldn't you check "This file will be played on the browser" to make it directly playable on ?

Otherwise the difficulty was balanced (I never died unfairly but I also never survived indefinitely), I had fun !

I was challenging but still fun to play :) I liked the streching animation ^^ Maybe you could make the snake blink when it's losing a life
I liked that each play was pretty short so you can try again and again !

Thanks for the long feedback ! I agree that my game could use more feebacks and a better UI  in general. I definitely would've added control mapping if I had had the time. If I happen to make a post-jam version (which I am considering but not sure to do), I definitely will work on this, and on the bugs you reported.

Thanks again, these feedbacks definitely help (and even if I don't make a post-jam version, I'll remember it for my future game :) )!

Thank you for your feedback and for your tip to play the game normally ! I am definitely considering expanding the game in the future but since I already have several projects I am working on, I can't 100% guarantee it will be a thing. Thanks for playing !

I had fun playing it, at some moment, it was pretty difficult (especially the level before the last one), but it was still winnable ^^

Watch out though, at some moments there are some fruits that cannot be eaten  because trying to eat it with either snake would cause the other to die (like if snake A is spawed at (m, n) and snake B is spawned at (m+i, m+j), you cannot eat any fruit on the upper left rectangle of a height of i and a length of j)

I don't know if my explanation is clear though x) 

Anyway, I enjoyed the game,  keep at it !

Thank you ! I actually intended to allow control remapping but I lacked time in the end :/

I indeed used joints (Distance joint) to keep the snaked together and since it was the first time using joint, it took me some time to figure it out (and I still wouldn't say I perfectly know how to use them)

Thank you for the feedback and advices !

Very calm and elegant game, the atmosphere was great and the theme was totally respected. Probably the best I played so far ^^

Well thought ! I'll try to remember :)

Glad you had fun, thank you for playing !

Haha thank you ! I will try different solutions stop this later (like making snakes have different speed, making some specific spawning patterns and limit the number of snakes that can be on the field on the same). 

Thanks for playing ^^