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The Very Hungry DragonView game page

Feed a very hungry dragon by finding the right combination of elements
Submitted by Derek — 42 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline

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Sound Effects#303.1763.176

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Interesting concept. The randomness makes it a little difficult in my opinion. The waiting for each piece to be made and then waiting in the center was a bit much. I think removing the waiting periods would make this game much more fun. Then it is just a matter of trying combinations and trying to get as far as you can. Also, the menu text is hard to read and would be virtually impossible if someone was color blind. I did like the music and sound effects and the game was pretty chill.


This is a cool little relaxing game, the music is nice, the art is nice, the game play is nice, only thing is it's a bit confusing on which orb the dragon want's to eat, it would be cool if there was a symbol or something on what the dragon wanted to eat. But other then that, it's a great game :D


The background, dragon, floor all pretty nice.  Good job.  The artwork is cute.  I would give that good for both graphics and atmosphere.

Great job on your 1st jam!

Seems on theme, good job there.

Those are some good Sound effects and Music for a 1st time.

I see no real story to this.  So if you have some story I am missing, find a way to bring that out in the game.

As mentioned previously, it was a bit of a learning curve to just start.  I mean, even to start the game I had to experiment to figure out how to press start.  But once learned, the controls were fine.  I had a bit of 'accuracy' issue where I thought the guy was standing on something but it did not count, so some kind of indication would be nice.


It was hard to figure what to do, but once I got it was quite fun! Having to guess what the right combination is a bit difficult and I'm not sure if I like control as the action button. Nevertheless, it is a pretty solid, simple and fun game! I would play more of it.


I had no clue what i had to do at the beggining, but suprisingly, I figued it out quite quickly. The game is nice and cute and the idea is great! Good job! :D


An indication of the combinations that the dragon would like to eat would be all this game requires to be a great, if frantic, little mystical kitchen game!


There are some subtle indications on which combination it likes the most(bigger heart popping out and a different noise), but they are definitely not noticeable enough haha. Thank you!


Very beautiful game :O

I like it very much, the only little thing I would say is to add some extra time when getting to the next level.

Overall amazing 4/5


Thank you so much! Yeah, I agree I think I should have added a bit of extra time between levels. The switch is a little too sudden and jarring.


One thing that I would say is I didn't like the colors changing after restarting.  I feel like they should stay the same, that way its a game of memory and not feel like a game of chance.  Other than that, I like it! 


Yeah, I'm honestly not too sure why I made them switch around haha I agree it would be better if they stayed in the same position . Thanks for the feedback!


Action control it does not work on mac you should fix that, very solid game though.


Huh strange. Someone else I know played the game on a Mac and their left control key worked alright. Not sure what could be going on, but sorry it isn't working. Thanks for the feedback!