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I know many people have asked about the specifics of what is allowed so sorry I am too. I just wanted to make absolutely sure the plugin I am using is allowed because if it is not I would need to devote a significant amount of time to create my own version.

I am using the A* Pathfinding Project for Unity to help me create some paths and such. It says it uses a Unity Store free license which I believe should be allowed based on what the FAQ stated, however, I still feel strange about it since it is code and not art. I may be worried for nothing, but does anybody have any idea on if using something like this is allowed?

Sorry again!


It took awhile to get the hang of moving around  and I think the shoot/explode could use a little balance. I ended up just running around exploding to kill things and not really caring if I died. I think there should probably be more of a punishment for dying as well. The entire look of the game was really great though and the sounds were very satisfying(especially the level complete noise).  Great job!

I really enjoyed it! You can only get to so much in a jam, but I would love more things that give the game a sense of place.  Some more things in the background I think would really help. Really enjoyed the art style and the little main character. I would love to see more!

It took me longer than I would like to admit to figure out I had to double click in order to do things haha I would suggest changing it to just one click. I also wasn't a big fan of having to check the book on how to do things. I think you may want to have more visual indicators on the elements that help classify them and then let the player mess around with what could happen. I loved the idea and the atmosphere though! The music was good too. Great job!

I think the difference between the ships may need to be more clear. Maybe the base of the boats different colors as well? Also, I saw a boat drive up onto land which I don't think should happen haha Great work though!

Movement seemed a bit strange at times and I got trapped in the corner for a little bit when I had the speed boost. Other than that the game felt great! Nice job!

As others have said I don't think jumping felt right. The transitions seemed a bit strange to me as well. However, the music, sound effects, and atmosphere were on point. I would love to see more of this!

All of the art is great and I look forward to you finishing it!

Had me chasing those coins to try and not run out of time! Loved the music too. Great job!

Huh strange. Someone else I know played the game on a Mac and their left control key worked alright. Not sure what could be going on, but sorry it isn't working. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I'm honestly not too sure why I made them switch around haha I agree it would be better if they stayed in the same position . Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much! Yeah, I agree I think I should have added a bit of extra time between levels. The switch is a little too sudden and jarring.

There are some subtle indications on which combination it likes the most(bigger heart popping out and a different noise), but they are definitely not noticeable enough haha. Thank you!

Perfect atmosphere created with the art and sound. Really interesting mechanic you used in different ways.  Great job!