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No, I'm using velocity to check if your stuck.  Which turns out to be a bad way to go about it cause of it's inconsistency.  I ran out of time to switch to a different method.  Thanks for playing! I once again over scoped for the jam.  I spent 80% of my time making the traffic AI, which is also buggy. 

I got a fever, and it's more SPAM! 

Awesome, thanks!  I'll put in the description that this a late submission.  This is my second game jam so my game reflects that : ) 

I never got out of prototype phase.  I was silly to think making AI car traffic would be an easy thing to set up.  It took 90% of the build, lol. 

Wow, I just tested and something is messed up.  Don't worry about submitting.  Sorry.   Second game jam and still working on webgl builds and what not.  : )

K, so I updated the upload to fix resolution.  I didn't see your response so if that disqualifies me for an entry I will understand.

Still working on it : )

I'll let you know when it's up to play.

I had like two mins left to upload.  I'm not seeing my entry?

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I definitely over scoped.  Especially for my current skill set.  I believe have the skills to finish the game, but definitely not in the time frame that I had.  I'm starting a another weekend game jam tomorrow and I'm going to take this lesson and see how I do : )

Thanks for the feedback!  The art is not mine : (  
I'm using free models from Unity's asset store and I ran out of time to credit them.  I'm still working on the game and I'll have a complete list of who's assets I'm using.

I did not make the art.  I'm using pre-made assets I got for free from the unity asset store.  I was in a rush just to publish what I had so I didn't get a chance to credit the people of who's assets I'm using.  I'll be sure to do so on the playable version.

The batteries will blink when charging.  Right now I have them blinking one at a time but it's not as obvious as it needs to be.  I'll have them turn on in a sequence which should help convey the message of "charging". 

Thanks for the feedback!  I'll be sure to let you know when I have a playable version available! 

No prob.  I lost Friday and half of Saturday.  At least you got your game playable.  : )  

I think I got stuck in the shop menu or something.  I'll play it again and let you know.  Plus I want to finish the story now : )

Thanks for the feedback! Especially for a screensaver ; )
You will have a charge meter in the right panel that starts at 50%.  When you take damage, the meter goes down, and as disabled turrets pass through the  ReGen station, the meter goes up.  So it becomes a fight to find the balance to allow your meter to slowly move up to full charge.  Which then you would win the game. 

I felt good with the mechanics until the double jump.  There was inconsistencies in the jump registers.  I could double jump quickly, or not at all.  Therefore, I felt like I didn't have complete control of the character. 

Overall though I like the direction of the game.  Would play more if continued : )

The game had glitches.  I couldn't play it completely, but I restarted enough times to get the gist of the game and it was a breath of fresh air from what I've been reviewing.  

Controls are wonky.  The hungry snake didn't seem to have an effect.  I do like the level setup! 
Feels like a game that just needed more time : )

I was bound and determined to beat your game.  Some how... I managed.  Wow that was difficult! 

Sorry, I don't understand what to do?  Am I missing something? 

Your game had me laughing pretty good ; ).  I couldn't finish the game due to bugs, so I had to dock you on theme cause I didn't know where it was going.  Other than that, I loved it, good stuff!

The controls and look were good but as far as for this game jam, I just don't see where it fits.

Overall good quality game but I gave a lower overall score cause there was no creativity with the theme.  The simplest version going around with the theme is a snake chasing its tail.  In your game, the goal is to eat enough to get long enough, regardless of catching the tail, which has nothing to do with the theme.  

Awesome game! I wanted to solve more! 

One thing that I would say is I didn't like the colors changing after restarting.  I feel like they should stay the same, that way its a game of memory and not feel like a game of chance.  Other than that, I like it! 

I played your game the longest thus far! Great job for a 14yr old!

Like your take on the theme!

Had fun playing your game!  

mine too!  Just leaving constructive criticism.  At least your game is playable ; )  

Review mine if you like: Ouroboros: Hyper Core  

I think the style was cool and did good on sound.   Mechanics were good, but noticed the enemy rapidly bumping the towers if it was directly in the line of site of player.  I failed to see where the theme came into play.  Unless the instant restart of the game was supposed to be it.  

I like the idea.  But on one screen that I could not get, I started feeling sick, lol.

I used the coins to flip the shooting elements over.  Now, maybe they shouldn't look like coins if that was their intended purpose but I found them useful.  I also haven't tried getting one of them all the way to the goal to see if there is some hidden achievement or something.  

Awesome! I love it!  I would like a full version : )

I think a mini map would be cool, give the player an idea of direction.

I love the magnet sound!  Speaking of sound, I wonder if having a metal clinking sound of the egg hitting the walls would have added more to the overall feel.