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The controls and look were good but as far as for this game jam, I just don't see where it fits.

Thanks for playing, and your point makes sense. My idea was originally going to focus on the idea of a cycle, where you cycle through enemies where when an enemy takes damage you turn into that enemy, but because I lost Saturday so the only way I could think to make it work was to have it be co-op. It started out with some resemblance but ended as it did. Thanks for the feedback as well.


No prob.  I lost Friday and half of Saturday.  At least you got your game playable.  : )  


Its a versus game, though. Not co-op, right? Otherwise I played it wrong. :D
The switching mechanic is a pretty cool idea. Good job.

Oh, yeah, true. It was originally going to be a puzzle game of sorts, but this is all I could get finished. Thanks for playing!