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What? After all it did to you... :D

Quite a nice game. Managed to make it all the way to the end. The trickiest part is definitely exiting doors in the correct direction. If that is not meant to be part of the challenge then perhaps a cooldown on the doors would have been nice so you can't go back instantaneously. :)

Very cool style and idea. I like it very much. The isometric platforming is a biit tricky and annoying but I guess that's to be expected from isometric platforming. :P

Our interpretation of the topic was "only 1 minute". That's how long a Snot lives. I still get your point though. Thanks for playing. ;)

I apologize. That is my fault then. Any feedback is welcome. Is the camera moving too much? 

Oh, that is strange. Will probably remove that stupid text in the final game. Thanks for playing. :)

Thanks a lot. :P

Such a creative game. Love it. :D

Thanks man. :)

Nice. Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback. Both of that is already in the version I'm currently working on. ;)

Thank you. The snail animations are coded. The snail consists of multiple parts all with their different behaviors. The shell just leans to the left and right when moving to the sides and gets stretched vertically when jumping for example. :)

Thanks a lot for playing and your feedback. We appreciate it. :)

Why not NOW?!?!

Thank you. :)

Haha. Nice. Poor Zorb. Very nice enjoyable little story with very likable character(s).

Thank you. Unfortunately I have no idea how I did that... There are only a hand full of export options so I assume it shouldn't be to hard. Also it might have something to do with the sound settings. Not quite sure.

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, the icicles can feel a bit unfair at times. :p

Thanks for the feedback on the voice acting. Hope I'll be able to lift the quality of that for the final game. 

Nice! Happy to hear that. Thank you.

Hehe. Thanks for playing and the feedback! :)

Thanks for your awesome feedback! It is highly appreciated! I think the game will always stay a bit unfair. The difference to other rage games is the random nature of this game. Muscle memory doesn't necessarily help you in this one, because every attempt is slightly different. I agree that some of the factors are too unfair, though, (e.g. snowflakes) and I'll try to eliminate stuff like that for the final game. :)

Thanks for reporting that bug. Can you tell me which screen resolution you're playing on?

The platforming in this game feels great! It's quite a challenge, but a good one! Doesn't get old. 

Very creative ideas and interesting interactions.

It is extremely hard to control and it took me a while to figure out the arrow is not supposed to touch anything either. If you manage to make the controls quite a bit more precise and responsive, this will be a quite a cool game! It's especially important as you lose a move every time you do something, so misclicks should't happen this often. Played it on my phone. Maybe it's easier on a tablet...

Good job coming up with a creative system like that and finishing it in just 3 days! Hope you had fun.

I agree, the two mechanics might not go super well together. Thanks for playing and for the feedback. :)

Thank you. :)

Simple idea that somehow works out pretty well.

The levels are too big in my opinion. Takes a little long to clear them at the moment.

Also it might be interesting to see some more interaction between game objects. What if monsters are slowed down by dirt? So the more dirt you eat, the harder the level gets. This could also help to make it a bit more climactic and raise the tension at the end of a level.

Moving diagonally gives you quite a speed boost at the moment, so it's clearly the best strategy. Maybe you can find a way to fix that.

In general I'd say you can be pretty happy with your result. Hope you had fun and thanks for participating. :)

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The beginning of the story was quite intriguing. You often managed to give me quite a cool illusion of choice (which shop to go into for example).

After a while it starts feeling very linear. I didn't feel any kind of long term impact of my actions and at that point the story by itself is not quite enough to carry me through the experience. 

Why do these people bully me after I came back from the death? Why does nobody try to help me? Why do I not try to find out who I am or where I live? Maybe there are good reasons for all of that, but it is not addressed properly and was therefor a bit of an immersion breaker for me.

I wanted to know how it continues, though, and I played it all the way through the demo. I'll give you that. :D

Hope that feedback helps you out.

A simple idea with a lot of potential.

Didn't make it super far as the game always restarts from level 1, which feels a bit frustrating. The first two levels are a bit boring once you've figured the game out.

The way new atoms spawn makes it a bit hard to predict where they will land and which size they will have. Maybe instead of dropping them in 3D space they could just fade or something like that.

Being able to remove atoms or rotate your character would certainly be great, but I understand that you ran out of time.

Had a good time playing this. Thanks for participating. :)

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What a great game. It's very intuitive and easy to get into, but still has a lot of interesting interactions to offer!

I think the artwork for the player character should probably use thicker lines to make it match better with the rest of the assets. The player character is the only thing that feels like it doesn't quite fit in there for me.

The parallax effect in the background is interesting because it's scrolling faster than the foreground. Feels a little strange, but probably also helps to make the movement feel faster. Was that a conscious decision?

The music is super catchy and I like the humor. The game controls well and is well balanced. Fantastic submission in my opinion! Good job. 

I love the main character as well. Overall the game has a pretty cool look to it!

I agree that the maps are too big and the amount of enemies too low. You spend most of the time searching without anything interesting going on. 

Collecting health physically in a certain location on the map is a pretty cool idea! Would love to see how that plays out in action.

Good result for the time you had. Hope you keep working on it for a bit. :)

Yeah. That sounds very reasonable. Good luck! :)

Looks nice and rising numbers are always fun. :D

You should give us more information about what all of the actions do. As a player you have literally no idea which action has which impact, so you can't really strategize properly. Also would have been nice to see a bit more impact of your actions on the screen. As far as I can tell I didn't see any changes.

Still good job creating this in just 3 days and I'm happy you managed to do this as a team! We need more teams! :D

Overall pretty excellent game with not a lot to complain about. The dors open a bit delayed after hitting a switch. Would probably be more satisfying to see an immediate impact there.

For future levels I recommend adding movement to the grapple machine. That will allow you to do a lot more interesting levels! Looking forwards to more content. 

I enjoy this game a lot. Nice soundscape and pretty cool controls! Also fits the topic quite well in my opinion as everything constantly bounces into each other, just being able to grab batteries is an interaction I definitely would have liked to see.

It might be a bit too hard and at the beginning of the game it can be quite frustrating when you can't get a hold of anything at all... :D

Astronomically cool game. Like it.

Pretty nice audiovisual experience. Easy to understand and play.

I agree that it could be a bit harder and it would be satisfying to see the result of what you've created without the UI at the end of each level! Simply creating something pretty can be so rewarding that you might even get away with not making it any harder... who knows. 

Cool game.

Pretty clever tutorial. That worked quite well for me. Never managed to fart, though. The level design of the main level is pretty mean especially due to the giant collider of the player character. I'd make that one quite a bit smaller so you can't eat stuff that's already behind you.

Game looks great, has cute graphics and cute music. Definitely quite sympathetic.

For some reason I didn't get any food when eating pizza. Didn't quite understand why. That was probably explained in the tutorial, but I probably missed it and it feels kind of weird to eat a pizza without seeing the resource with the pizza icon increase.

Cool game. Hope you're proud and had fun. :)

Glad you enjoyed the overall experience! :)

Glad to hear that! :)

Awesome game! Colors are great and that post processing (the vignette and the slight curvature) really does a lot!

You need to find a way to avoid ties, though! That can happen very easily at the moment. It's too easy to wall yourself in, run away for ever or just end up in a position with no more bombs. The solution I'd suggest to fix this is: Whoever reaches the center of the map with his safe instantly wins. That will add some additional strategy and avoid most of the tie situations.