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Thanks. :)

No u.

Ohhh. Respect.


There is always a small chance sth sneaks into the file unintentionally. I definitely didn't put a virus in on purpose. That much I can promise.

Most browsers refuse to download stuff that isn't in their database. Makes sense in most cases but is a bit annoying for indie games on itch. :P

Should be fixed in the full game. Happy you liked it. Thank you. :)

Eyy, appreciate it. Thank you. You just gotta push past those errors or start with some easier projects. Wish you all the best! :)

Of course. Do it. :D

Oh, wow. Well done. :D

I'm so sorry... :D

Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. :)

Depends on how much I'll struggle to get one up and running. ;)

I see, yeah. That might be useful for precision platforming. I'll try it out and evaluate if it makes sense in this game. Thanks for the feedback. :)

The Steam version will be easier on the easier difficulties. Casual is stil pretty challenging here so 66 is not even all that bad. ;)

At the moment I'd say that Will You Snail 2 is not very likely. Sorry. :P

Nice! I hope you'll enjoy the full game when it's out! :D

That depends on how much I struggle with getting it to work. Let's hope for the best. :D

I like the simplicity of the game. Might be even better with a more zoomed out camera so you can do some proper planning. Overall still very good and spot on for the theme of the jam. Well done. :)

Yeah, game is lacking more content. I agree. Maybe we overscoped a bit.

Ahhhh! :D

Kids can start crying when an angry kid hurts them or when they want to play somewhere but can't. :)

Oh, nooo. Lol. :D

Yeah. We screwed up the camera unfortunately. Thanks for the honest feedback. We appreciate it. :D

Very happy to hear you enjoy the soundtrack so much. Uploading it to YT would feel a bit weird right now, though. DM me on Discord and I'll send you the main theme. ;)

Just added a link to the WYS Discord to the itch page. :)

Hey, thanks a lot for the offer. The best you can do to help is to wishlist the game on Steam and spread the word when it comes out. :)

I think my beginner Unity tutorial series should cover the basics of rigidbodies. Have you seen those? ;)

Oh, too bad. I'll see what I can do. ;)

Very happy to hear that. Thanks a lot for trying it out! :)

Thanks for the feedback. The final game will hopefully do a better job with that. :D

(1 edit)

I renamed the difficulty settings for the Steam release to infinitely easy, extremely easy, very easy and easy. (It's legit a bit easier, though) :P
Thanks for playing.

Glad to hear it. Thank you. :)

Currently sitting at 4700 page views and 1700 downloads. Accumulating pretty consistently over time. Highest spikes are before Christmas 2018 and 2019 - who would have thought. :D

There is a bit of noise in the ratings for sure. It can't be 100% fair unfortunately. :D
Don't take the ratings too serious. :P

Awesome. I'm so happy to hear that. I already gave your game a quick shot today. Super interesting stuff. Feels like an interactive poem. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you around. :)

Haha. Nice. Congrats. Just gave your game a quick shot. Really fun idea to switch between different bugs and use them like temporary game modifiers. Well done.  Glad you enjoyed the jam. :)

Answering that with a Yes here would really skew with my inbox. :P
Sorry. xD

Nice. Well done. That's in the top 20%. Great result! :)

Nice. Really glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to having you back on board for Wowie 3.0! :)

Awesome. I'm excited to see that as well. Best of luck! :)

Agree on Outer Bounds. The mechanic has so much potential. 

Congrats for finishing something. Definitely a reason to be proud. Well done!

Also thanks a lot for your feedback. I'll see if I can address that somehow next time. :)