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Wowiee! Congrats! Solid result.

By traveling back in time to when it was still here.

What a legacy. :D


Epic. Thanks a ton for playing. I think the balancing of impossible mode is a bit fairer in the full release.
Also I renamed the impossible difficulty to "Easy" for the full game. The other difficulties will be "Very Easy", "Extremely Easy" and "Infinitely Easy" :D

Thank youu. Appreciate it!! <3

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Hacks!!!! :O

Yo, respawning with glue is one of the major things we didn't quite figure out on time. Sorry about that. :/

Thank you! :)

You seem well prepared for the full release. :D


Super happy you liked it so far and thanks for the feedback!! :)

I would love to. Will have to find sb to partner with me for that, though, and that depends quite a lot on how the Steam launch goes.

Haha. Nice!!! :D

Yaay. Thank you!

Hey, thanks a ton for your excitement and feedback. Appreciate it a ton! :)

We're super happy you enjoyed it. Thanks a ton for playing! :)

Ah, damn. Sorry to hear that. Maybe try the download version if you want to. :)

Nah guys, rethink your conclusion. I want to focus on the puzzles not on steering. There has to be a better way. Other than that fantastic game, though. Would buy the full version on Steam. ;)

Did you get it sorted? :)

Fixing bugs to make the game playable is allowed during the rating period. Any other improvements are not.  After the rating period the game is all yours and you can do as you please. :)

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No, but out of experience I can tell that the winning games usually have a lot of ratings, because their thumbnails tend to be better than average. There is correlation, but not necessarily causation, if that makes any sense. :D

In my personal experience no developer will ever complain about somebody showing off their game in a YouTube video. The more credit you give, the happier they'll be about it. The music thing is not that big of a deal, you just gotta make sure not to play any music that'll get your channel copyright striked. Giving credit usually doesn't change much about that. 

Making your game playable is fine. Any other improvements are not. If making your game playable requires any big changes (like adding new mechanics or content), then it's a no for those as well.


We'll see, we'll see. Not sure yet.

Fixing bugs or adding new builds for other platforms is fine. Adding content or additional polish is not and will lead to disqualification if we catch you. :P
My bad for the confusion. Should have stated that more clearly somewhere where it's more visible. Will do better next time.

I'd say simplicity means: Not having any unnecessary elements.

The enemies need to push you into them when attacking I think.

So this is a jam game based on a Steam release you're making I assume? Nice. :D

Pure insanity. Exactly what I was looking for after kicking on that thumbnail... :D

Super interesting progression system and gameplay! A bit too difficult for my personal taste. :D

Ohhh, whaaaaat? I didn't know that either when playing. :D

Haha. Awesome. There was a little surprise in every level. :D

Neat. I enjoyed the fact that there is a very unique objective where sometimes you wanna die and sometimes you don't.

@Dragon Ranvir Copy pasting the same "Hi cool game. Check out mine" message under every game without providing any real feedback or value is considered spam and can lead to a removal from the jam. Please be so kind to slow it down a bit or to at least try to give some real feedback to people after playing their games. Cheereo. :)

Yeah, you can remove the wrong one by clicking on the "Submission to Wowie Jam 3" banner on your game page and finding the "Remove submission" button. Then see instructions at the beginning of this thread.