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Pretty nice and clean. Lovely. Lots of clicking. :D


It's about 30 different hardcoded "mini AIs" that vote among each other where to put the next pixel. The AIs that predicted the next player actions best get a higher weight for their next vote. This way it can adjust quickly to what you are doing. Unfortunately the only things it can consider for its decision at the moment are the surrounding pixels. So e.g. if you always place green pixels next to purple pixels, the AI can learn that extremely quickly. The drawback is that the AI can only "learn" behaviours predefined by my 30 hardcoded mini AIs.

It's never too late.

Fix webbuild, upload to a new itch page, send me the link, we add it in.

All I can do is add "unsubmitted" games to the jam. If you want to update the files without losing your ratings you'll just have to wait till the submission period is over.


Not bad. :D

Aiby is trying to mimic what you are doing. E.g. if you are painting an outline around something, she helps you. If you fill empty blocks, she does the same. If you replace all greens with reds, so does Aiby. The only problem is she is not good at understanding context. So if you draw faces or characters, she often messes your stuff up. :D

Saving screenshots is something it should do. :)

Yes. Should be like that:

We can do it if you reupload everything to a new page. In that case I can add that as a jam submission. But honestyl I'd sy it sounds like you should be good. 95% of people play the web build if there is one anyways.

Submissions are locked during the rating period so you'll have to send me a link to a new itch page if you want to get it in. :)


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Ehhh, neither does your game link? Did you remove the game or set it to private? Need a working link to your game's itch page. :)

Edit: Never mind, try again:

Both links aren't working. Maybe the project is still private?

You can't click a link that wasn't made for you. Here is yours: