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Your game had me laughing pretty good ; ).  I couldn't finish the game due to bugs, so I had to dock you on theme cause I didn't know where it was going.  Other than that, I loved it, good stuff!


Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it, but would you mind explaining which bugs you ran into so I can look it over? If you really just mean lag and the game just overall running poorly I already knew about that because it doesn't run well in browsers but if there's any other bugs I would love to know. To answer you question about the theme though, when you talk to Udemy Guy he talks about how experts have been studying the ouroboros and they believe that rebirth is possible but requires the ultimate sacrifice of giving ones life for another and it all ties in together at the end when Tim ends up sacrificing himself and is reborn. Rebirth is one of the things that the ouroboros stands for in case you didn't know.

I think I got stuck in the shop menu or something.  I'll play it again and let you know.  Plus I want to finish the story now : )


Thx, I appreciate it. I think your bug has to do with it being played in a browser because I tried and I got stuck in menus and even during text sometimes and had to wait forever to get out of it but when I playtest the game from my game engine in runs smooth. As I said, I need to make it downloadable next time. I think that will fix most problems.


Hi, quick update. I updated the description on the game page and added this "Just wanted to say that the game runs horribly in browsers and I just recently realized that while trying to clear up my game file to make it smaller I accidentally deleted some things that I needed for my game so the game essentially breaks at certain points. I've fixed everything and made a downloadable version that works great but unfortunately can't add the downloadable version to the game page since voting is still happening for JimJam 2. I would just like to apologize and say that I've definitely learned from this whole experience and it won't happen again. If anyone is interested in downloading the game plz message me on Discord (Username: Tazmen) or ask in the comments. You will probably get a quicker reply with Discord. Thank You."

I made a downloadable version that runs perfectly if you would like to try it the link is here: