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This game is really cool. The music fits the game nicely and you definitely did a good job incorporating the theme. I do think it's a fun game however I'm a little bit confused as to how the scoring works. It seems you only get score from destroying asteroids with your blasters but it doesn't seem to give a consistent amount. Is the score just random? If so I personally like the idea of basing the players score on how long they last. That way they get score for avoiding obstacles as well as being able to blast the ones in their way. I also agree with the other comment though that the game can make you motion sick after a while. I personally didn't get motion sick but noticed things starting to get blurry as I played. Overall I think it's fun and fits the theme great. Good Job :)

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I totally understand wanting the sound effects to be the main sound. In fact I think they should continue being the main sound. I think it's great that they're louder than the music but personally I just think the music should be slightly louder than it is.

Haven't tried the fixed version yet. I will try it after work but just from playing this version I think it's a really interesting concept. It's very cool to leave a room and turn back to have it completely change. The graphics were good, the sound effects were good, and it's nice that you used Godot instead of Unity this time around. It's very unfortunate that the dialogue is bugged as I'm sure that's the main appeal of the game but looking forward to trying out the fixed version tonight!

This is very well done. I like the imperfect, cute and unique art style. The mechanics work great and it fits the theme with the never ending tennis balls. I also think the little boing sound effects fit the game extremely well. The normal play mode is also good to learn the game before trying the hard mode which imo should be the main mode.

The only thing I think could be improved is the volume of the music. The music is extremely quiet compared to the sound effects but that's honestly just nitpicking. Great job :)

So I downloaded the game again and having player two there fixed the problem and put me through to the next level. Personally I think it's really tedious trying to control both players at once so I think there should be an option to play single player but still a cool game

I see. I was under the impression that the second player was only needed if you decided go play multiplayer so I only moved player 1. I’ll download the game again after work and update my review if it works. Thanks for the reply.

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I love this game! Did you make the art yourself or did you find it online? I love the art style and the little squishy animations.

I did run into a couple of bugs but nothing game breaking. My first playthrough my character's model didn't change directions until I got into the fight against the slimes. The model would move the right way but keep facing forward and somehow when I beat the game and it restarted the model was fixed.

On my second playthrough when the model fixed itself I had some layering issues where walking up to a door would put my character model below the house but I understand how frustrating layers can be lol.

I was also able to kind of cheese the bee by hitting him up against one of the rocks and trapping him there where I could just spam stab him with the sword.

Disregarding all of that I love so many things about this game. The art is great, the little squishy animation is great (Although the enemies could use some more animation), the music is great, everything is great haha. You had good feedback by using sound effects when the enemies were hit even though there was no visual cue besides a slight knockback I knew when I was hitting the enemy.

I also love how the first fight against the slimes is kind of a tutorial/warmup to prepare you for the bee fight where you have to deal with the slimes at the same time. You also did a great job incorporating the theme and the story was great.

Overall a really cute and fun game. I hope you continue making games like this in the future :)

Edit: Just saw on the game page that you credited the asset makers so disregard my question about whether or not you made the art lol.

I already said this about another game but I like how you used something other than Unity. It seems like a lot of us are Unity devs so it's nice to play games made in different engines sometimes.

The game definitely has it's issues but it's overall a cool game that actually has a win state so good on you for that.

Here are a few things I think could be improved though:

1. The tileset could definitely use some work or maybe just make the different sections closer together because it can sometimes look weird walking down a hallway where everything looks the same.


2. Feedback. This is one of the rating categories because I think feedback it extremely important in games. Obviously you can't always include everything in jam games but it's nice to try to add a little bit of feedback to help the player out. At the end when you have to beat the boss and collect the blue coin to win I was getting no feedback and wasn't sure if I could actually damage the boss or if I had to avoid him and try to get to the coin. After a couple of deaths trying to jump over the enemy I decided to just keep trying to shoot him and it eventually worked and I was able to win. Even just making the enemy flash red slightly would help a lot with understanding whether or not the enemy can be damaged. You can also add sound effects to improve on the feedback but as I said, I understand that not everything can be included in jam games.

Overall definitely a cool game and I hope you continue to compete in future jams. Btw, did you do all the art yourself or did you find it online?

I love that you used Godot for this because so many of us are Unity devs and it's nice to see a game made with something else for once.

I really like how you used the theme to create a story that fits the game but unfortunately I don't think the game worked properly for me. When I got to the arrow/finish I couldn't do anything. The time just kept counting and pressing 'X' to interact seemed to do nothing. Good job for incorporating some multiplayer though :)

lmao, this game is great. It's very creative and would actually make a great mobile game with a little more work. I did notice a bug though where the game tells me that I've bought the max amount of enemies but then lets me keep buying more. Overall great job :)

Overall I think this is pretty well done considering you had to restart pretty late into the jam dev time. I did notice a couple of little bugs though. At one point it let me buy an upgrade even though I didn't have enough money and it actually ended up putting my balance at -176 or something like that. Also, I think you lose nukes in explosions a little too frequently but as I said, overall it works and fits the theme well. Good Job :) 

Just search for Discord online and click sign up or whatever and then join the community discord server through the link on the jam page. You can also download the mobile app on a smartphone :)

Any chance you can make one?

Sorry, I usually give feedback on all the games after playing them but didn't have the chance this time. Overall I think it was good and you had an interesting way of implementing the theme but there were definitely some things that could be improved as well. I think the fire rate is a bit too slow which makes it impossible to kill some of the zombies and I think you could make it a little more obvious when the player takes damage but overall pretty good. Congrats on finishing the game :) Also, congrats on winning the Jam. Have you already joined the community discord? If you have then let me know what your username is over there so we can get you your $10 CAD prize for first place. If you haven't then make sure to join and you will get the "Tazmen Jam Winner" discord role as well as the $10 CAD cash prize. The discord link can be found on the jam page :)

sorry for not getting back to you sooner. You’re free to use whatever music you want as long as it’s free but if you get into trouble for posting the game somewhere and not having the rights to the music then you’re solely responsible so it’s probably best to use music that you have the rights to use.

I'm surprised that I've never heard of it. I'll definitely check it out sometime. Glad you're deciding to finalize the game :)

Love this game and love the cute imperfect art style. It was actually quite challenging controlling two things at once but definitely nice to watch that battery and try to stop the power from dropping. I think it was a great idea to include the battery letting you know in real time how close you were to losing power. Those damn tenants were very persistent with how badly they wanted to waste power lol.

I think the concept is great. Charging the power with the satellite and then using it to send the people up is a cool idea. However, I did find it slightly difficult to jump across the rooftops because the jump is so small and when you fall it can be really confusing with the character teleporting back up after walking on the ground a bit. I also think the satellite moved a bit too fast and the speed of the game was inconsistent. When I full screened the game I started moving uncontrollably fast but outside of full screen it was slower. Lastly, I think it could really use a score system or a win/lose state to add some sort of progression to the game. There are some issues but like I said I love the concept and congrats on sticking to the theme. Also, I like how you used Defold to make the game. I've actually never heard of it so it's always nice to see people use less popular engines. I'll have to check it out some time :)

This is an awesome little game. I really like that you had two different variations of enemies and it fit the theme extremely well. The only complaint that I have is that it seems as if it slows me down sometimes when it should be speeding me up from my grapples but that could just be a me problem because I'm definitely not great at this game lol. I think my high score was 14372 or something close to that.

Cool game. I definitely think it's a bit repetitive and too easy but that tends to happen with jam games. I think something small you could do to improve it would be to make the UFO's movement slightly more random or maybe have multiple UFOs to have rockets coming from more than just one side. Good job though :)

You’ll have to wait until the jam starts to start your project and then you’ll have to create an itch page for your game and post the link.

Sure, as long as you are able to link to the game so that people can play somehow. You can use any tools you want.

Cool game. I can see this being a very good mobile game. I did encounter one pretty cheap bug though. If you're losing a lot of crystals you can hit esc, click back to main menu, and click any of the weapons to get back into the game at full health. It doesn't reset your score but does reset your crystals/health so that could definitely break your high score system lol.

I loved this game. Art was amazing, interesting game play, awesome concept, just overall very well made. Congrats on this one guys.

I love the unique art style of this game. It was really cool to see this kind of art and I also thought it was really cool how certain things disappeared when you went behind them. Didn't have that much actual game play but still a cool experience.

This is a great little game. I like the cartoony graphics and the simple yet enjoyable gameplay. It's definitely hard to do a lot of world building or stories in jam games but it was a nice little touch adding the dialogue for the wizard.

I was actually really disappointed that I didn't get to implement more gameplay like you said. I had really hoped to get around to adding some sort of objective to actually give the game a point or at least have continuous enemies spawning but again I only ended up having a little over a day to work on it and spent a lot of time learning some new things like tilemaps which I never bothered to look into before. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot but in the end just didn't have time to finish everything I wanted to. I'm going to try to book time off work for the next jam so I can hopefully take advantage of the full dev time and make something more complete. Thanks for the feedback! 

Sucks that you couldn't get that bug fixed as that feedback would have really helped me figure out how to win but that's how jams are I guess haha. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next :)

This was really impressive. Don't know how you guys pulled this off in such little time but it was great overall. The sound effects were great, from the little voices to the text sounds and even the footsteps all sounded good. I thought the art style was pretty cool and unique as well and I like the attention to detail with the little footprints you leave behind when you walk. I wasn't able to beat it unfortunately and I'm not sure if it's a timed thing or if I just need to keep going back and checking on the kid but it was overall a great game. The only couple of complaints I have are probably what you guys were talking about in the discord regarding "game breaking bugs". The try again button doesn't work and going back to main menu just freezes the game but besides that everything seemed great. Again, really impressive that you were able to pull all of this off in only three days.

I downloaded the files but it says it's missing the unity.dll file and it won't let me play without that. Unfortunately didn't get to try your game.

The footsteps sounded really good and everything ran smoothly which was nice. When I got out of the maze I got a screen that asked if I wanted to play again or go to the main menu but my cursor never showed up on that screen to let me pick. Could be just a problem I ran into but might want to take a look at it just incase. The maze was a bit simple and definitely could have been a little more difficult without being too aggravating but overall good foundation for something bigger if you decide to continue it. 

I was able to download it and launched the game. The options worked on the main menu to turn the sound up but I kept pressing play and nothing would happen. Unfortunately couldn't give it a try.

Game looked great and has a great atmosphere. Could definitely use a little more in places like maybe a jump scare or something at some point but that's subjective. Overall very good job. Would be cool to see it expanded upon.

Go to game page for controls.

This is a really cool game. Possibly my favourite game that I've seen from you guys aside from maybe that Magical Girl Game Juice game. This might be even better than that actually. Mechanics are definitely fun and overall the game has some replay value with the score system. Good job.

Good work on this one. I did find it slightly difficult and was only able to get to about $100 but I feel like it would get much easier with a bit of practice. Definitely took me a bit of time to figure out how close or far I needed to be to grab or drop things but it doesn't take too long to adapt to it. Good job overall :)

I thought about making it possible to hold down the mouse button to shoot but figured that would make it too easy. Wanted to make a fully automatic weapon you could get after so many kills but obviously didn't have the time. Thanks for playing and hopefully I'll have time to make something a little better for the next jam haha.

Probably won't bother anymore with this one since it was just something I threw together quickly but might make a better version at some point that doesn't look like crap lol. Thanks for playing :)

Yeah, only had one day to work on it and never made a shooter so it's kind of a mess but thanks for playing :)

I just played and realized if you go to the grass patch on the left side you can get to another part of the desert and then eventually a boss. Not sure if you wanna try it again but figured I would let you know