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The legend of Langard, as told by the village wise man. Live through this hero's story.
Submitted by Eduardo Soto - sotocodes (@sotocodes) — 15 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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Sound Effects#13.0003.000

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Well I haven't played the game yet but after seeing such great reviews I am shocked how you managed to pull this off over the weekend. I will play this game and then rate it later. Keep up the good work :)


Thanks! It looks more polished than it is simply of the few 2D assets linked in the game page, props to the artists who worked on those. Having said that, it was still a challenge for me to work with those assets, setting them up, building the level, and just making them work.

I also took inspiration from the YouTuber Miziziziz and his "4 game devs Jam off" which is where I first saw how to do relatively simple but satisfying 2D animations and the sword mechanic. Search up those videos, really entertaining and educational for working on game jams :)

Anyway, hope you like it when you end up playing it :) and don't get frustrated with the Bee, it's tough, but ilit is defeateable hahaha.


Ok So now I have finally played the game. Congratulations on finishing this in time. And I can't find much to say on this game, the music and Sfx were good, the animations were good, the way you linked the game to the theme was great. But there were no menus and the HUD was well not built properly but considering the time you had to make the game it is not a big deal. I guess you could have added some way to quit the game as the player just respawns without giving us time to quit. Nice job on making the gameplay difficult though. Also when you read this comment can you tell me how many levels were there in total. Just wanted to know out of curiosity. I liked the art even though you didn't make it haha. Anyway, keep up the good work and let's hope to meet in another jam.

Host (1 edit) (+1)

I love this game! Did you make the art yourself or did you find it online? I love the art style and the little squishy animations.

I did run into a couple of bugs but nothing game breaking. My first playthrough my character's model didn't change directions until I got into the fight against the slimes. The model would move the right way but keep facing forward and somehow when I beat the game and it restarted the model was fixed.

On my second playthrough when the model fixed itself I had some layering issues where walking up to a door would put my character model below the house but I understand how frustrating layers can be lol.

I was also able to kind of cheese the bee by hitting him up against one of the rocks and trapping him there where I could just spam stab him with the sword.

Disregarding all of that I love so many things about this game. The art is great, the little squishy animation is great (Although the enemies could use some more animation), the music is great, everything is great haha. You had good feedback by using sound effects when the enemies were hit even though there was no visual cue besides a slight knockback I knew when I was hitting the enemy.

I also love how the first fight against the slimes is kind of a tutorial/warmup to prepare you for the bee fight where you have to deal with the slimes at the same time. You also did a great job incorporating the theme and the story was great.

Overall a really cute and fun game. I hope you continue making games like this in the future :)

Edit: Just saw on the game page that you credited the asset makers so disregard my question about whether or not you made the art lol.


Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

I definitely had a blast making this entry for the jam. To address the main two issues that you mentioned:

- The character model did not rotate probably because you were using arrow keys at first, that is an oversight on my end haha, but when you entered the slime fight you had to switch to WASD since you had to suddenly use the mouse with you right hand, this is at least just me assuming. 

- The player below the house, yeah, haha, I was implementing and learning on the go so my level building of top down map using tilesets was spotty at best.

I loved making the animations, that little bit of polish adds so much to the look and feel of the game, the squishy squash, the bits of dust that come out when he walks, the way the dialog box animates and has nice alternating blip bloop sound.

Anyway, thanks again for your comments, I might polish the game some more and share it before the next jam :D


im stuck on the part with the bee


I might have set it too difficult hahaha just keep hitting it while also killing slimes/avoiding slimes. It will take around 500 hits to kill the bee. Good luck!