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Eduardo Soto - sotocodes

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Thanks man! I'm planning on finally starting to make these small games into mobile and release something new quite often, kinda like how ketchapp does it, but of course in a much smaller scale :P

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Yeah, I am aware of quite a few bugs, that's half of one. There is a fairly unlikely chance of landing on an edge that will not recognize as being on the ground. But there is another feature of the game where there is actually a small cooldown after you touch the ground to prevent from jumping too quickly if you are spam shooting right before landing.

But yeah, it does need a lot of work :P

PS; just replayed the game, and noticed what you experienced, happens way more often than what I experienced when play testing, HORRAH FOR PLAY TESTING!

PPS; fixed a bunch of bugs and changed some of the core interaction methods to make the game a lot more approachable and less buggy of course :D

Just played your game, and while very simple, the controls feel quite nice, and the aesthetics are quite pleasing as well, good luck with the rest of your development :)

Thanks! It was fun to make it. Like the description says, I made this for the one hour game jam, so it was made in under an hour, and probably a lot of copyrights with the music lol