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Thanks! It looks more polished than it is simply of the few 2D assets linked in the game page, props to the artists who worked on those. Having said that, it was still a challenge for me to work with those assets, setting them up, building the level, and just making them work.

I also took inspiration from the YouTuber Miziziziz and his "4 game devs Jam off" which is where I first saw how to do relatively simple but satisfying 2D animations and the sword mechanic. Search up those videos, really entertaining and educational for working on game jams :)

Anyway, hope you like it when you end up playing it :) and don't get frustrated with the Bee, it's tough, but ilit is defeateable hahaha.

Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

I definitely had a blast making this entry for the jam. To address the main two issues that you mentioned:

- The character model did not rotate probably because you were using arrow keys at first, that is an oversight on my end haha, but when you entered the slime fight you had to switch to WASD since you had to suddenly use the mouse with you right hand, this is at least just me assuming. 

- The player below the house, yeah, haha, I was implementing and learning on the go so my level building of top down map using tilesets was spotty at best.

I loved making the animations, that little bit of polish adds so much to the look and feel of the game, the squishy squash, the bits of dust that come out when he walks, the way the dialog box animates and has nice alternating blip bloop sound.

Anyway, thanks again for your comments, I might polish the game some more and share it before the next jam :D

I might have set it too difficult hahaha just keep hitting it while also killing slimes/avoiding slimes. It will take around 500 hits to kill the bee. Good luck!

I want mobile version!! :D

Thanks for the kind words! The one thing I completely agree with you, is the floaty controls, I decided to use physics and forces to move the character and it definitely did not come out as well as I had hoped, at the very least, I know not to do this again hahaha

powerups!! Grab a lot of them to power up to insane levels!

hahahaha oh god I realized that the score does that just now, I added it at the end so didn't think it through... And just to provide that clarification, the blue things are powerups, keep grabbing them to see some crazyness! I'll add some more to the description for clarification.

Holy balls this is a fantastic game, got first on my first try, will be playing this for years.

Sounds good, well, just thought I'd put it out there, I am an experienced Software Engineer and this project (clearly) called out to me, I really enjoyed it. Anyway, this is your puppy, so you do what's best for you :) Best of luck and thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Do you need some help? I'd be glad to help out, we could discuss details in private if you'd like.

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I would say that the issue is that your people cannot get to their workplace fast enough during the day. When they do finally get there, the day is almost over and it's time to go home which means they don't produce anything. Depending on what stage of the game you are, you might want to add some better ways for your people to get where they want to go... Landing pads, elevators, teleporters... 

Take a look at some of my other posts and see how I have spread out a bunch of teleporters everywhere so that people can get where they want to go quickly. I started with a few landing pads in key places, then added elevators plus landing pads, eventually got rid of everything and only used teleporters.

So your issue is very closely related to Bettina living on top of the Universe Tree hehe.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO Bettina!!!!!!!!!

This is Bettina, she is on her way to work <3

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I will get back to you on this, I have recently granted her a landing pad for transport, it still takes her too long to do anything meaningful in the city, but at least she enjoys the view.

There is a Park Pod at the top of what I call the "Universe Tree". You can imagine, she never makes it home, she makes it midway before she has to go back to work hehe. Also, 3000 population yay!

Things are getting out of hand hahaha

Could we have a display frame rate option in a future update? I am on my way up to 3000 citizens and would like to see when it starts slowing down :P

Is there any point to having exploration centers after you've researched everything there is to research??

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I am so happy :D

Youre right haha, I hadn't unlocked it yet :P

It would be really nice to have a building block which is just empty, like, pillars or something like that where transport ships could go through instead of having to go all the way around. Like a panama canal for skyscrapers hehe.

Love the game, great job :D

Thanks man! I'm planning on finally starting to make these small games into mobile and release something new quite often, kinda like how ketchapp does it, but of course in a much smaller scale :P

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Yeah, I am aware of quite a few bugs, that's half of one. There is a fairly unlikely chance of landing on an edge that will not recognize as being on the ground. But there is another feature of the game where there is actually a small cooldown after you touch the ground to prevent from jumping too quickly if you are spam shooting right before landing.

But yeah, it does need a lot of work :P

PS; just replayed the game, and noticed what you experienced, happens way more often than what I experienced when play testing, HORRAH FOR PLAY TESTING!

PPS; fixed a bunch of bugs and changed some of the core interaction methods to make the game a lot more approachable and less buggy of course :D

Just played your game, and while very simple, the controls feel quite nice, and the aesthetics are quite pleasing as well, good luck with the rest of your development :)

Thanks! It was fun to make it. Like the description says, I made this for the one hour game jam, so it was made in under an hour, and probably a lot of copyrights with the music lol