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Jump needs tweaking cause feels weird sometimes. Like in a dream you never actually die so the game is holding on that concept but since it's my second game i have no idea how to sell a good background story yet :/ about 3rd scene if you wait 15 seconds the above plataform comes down. I will continue this game from scratch some day tweaking the bad stuff and make it right, really appreciate your comment c:

Solid game but repetitive and boring cause reminds me of other similar games.

I like the hole concept, reminds me of Hollow Knight and i love that.

You gave me so much to do but in the end i could not used in anything and the game was over by the time it gets interesting :/

Really like gameplay but got bored since it's kinda difficult.

Action control it does not work on mac you should fix that, very solid game though.

The mechanic was good but kinda painful, i like the concept but sounds are too high.

Graphics was the best, i like the basic gameplay.

art looks amazing, i really like how you presented the goals/missions that you have to reach but they are very slow to complete, after a while i got bored and the sensitivity of the movement is very high, you should lower it and invert the y-axes since it is uncomfortable to play like that, music is very low, really like it, so chill.

I really love the graphics on this one, very solid game, a bit hard and unfair when climbing  stairs you can not shoot zombies above.