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The story of the last remaining human.
Submitted by securas (@Securas2010) — 13 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline

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Game Design#93.7783.778

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • This is a great game overall and I'm really looking forward to further development. Probably one of my favorite games in the jam. <3

  • The art style is quite unique and beautiful. The gameplay isn't particularly special though. I was stuck when a zombie kept respawning at a ledge.

    This game has some potential, I'd like to see you continue with it!

    Good job! I hope you enjoyed the jam! :D

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There are a couple of rough edges, like a zombie in the cave can spawn on the ledge and get stuck there, so you can't get past him. Those small holes in the cave are pretty difficult to jump over, and this part feels a bit clunky. Other than that - great game, great design, cool sound, nice atmospheric music in the menu. And veeery stylish art ^_^


Thanks for playing my game. Appreciated! 

Yep. There are some unsquashed bugs which I was unable to fix in time. Zombies stuck in edges is one of them. The small holes are a bit clunky because I was unable to increase the ceiling height in time. I also had some doubts about making that change only because the holes force you to take care and not simply run through that passage. I felt that it would be too easy that way but may be wrong. It was important that the player knew how to jump well enough to be able to jump through the spikes ahead.


I see. I think higher ceiling would look better, but if there's also a reason for this part to be hard - to prepare the player for what's coming, then I'm not so sure ))

Can be unfair at times and annoying to jump between platforms, but overall great game. Love the graphics and the music is fantastic. Cool idea too. 8/10


Hey! Thanks for trying the game. It's all about the feedback for me.

Yes, the game can be unfair at times... Mostly for two reasons: 1. Design bugs 2. Design intentions and a 3rd one for free... real bugs.

I don't know which are you referring to but I hope it didn't put you off too much :)


I really love the graphics on this one, very solid game, a bit hard and unfair when climbing  stairs you can not shoot zombies above.


Thanks for the comment. It's interesting the disparities between the dev's perception of difficulty and the REAL difficulty of a game. My bad for making it too hard at times.


Nicely polished game. I've done the drop at the top of the platform like 20 times and gave up though cause i couldn't get past the spiky thing. Really good level design and atmosphere. I felt like the fall death was inconsistent in some of the cliffs though.


Thanks for tying and I'm sorry you had a frustrating experience. I assume that you dropped the box on the spikes but could not make the last jump, right?


Yeah it was that point :P

Great gameplay! Really good atmosphere. I like this game a lot ^_^


A bit hard (even feels unfair sometimes) but really good game.


thanks for playing my little game.  I'm now revising some of the design to make it better.


Really good game! love the graphics. 


cheers! Thanks for trying it!

There's not much to say. its a really good game. Though it was a bit hard for me.


Thanks for giving it a go! Can you let me know what did you found the hardest? Perhaps I can somehow fix it.

problem was on me. Generally not reacted quickly enough or jumped too early and fell down to my death ^.^


that jump needs revising... Thanks for trying though.

Loved every part of it, Simple and nice Full 5 Stars


Thanks! Appreciated!