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It is a fun arcade game. I really enjoyed it

It has been three days. it doesn't show up on search. But as far as I understand some people see it some people don't

Quick Summary -    Swords and Dragons is an open-world fantasy roleplaying game with random generation. As a player, you will choose sides, battle various monsters and armies, face world destroying catastrophes and will become the ultimate weapon of destruction or creation. We are aiming for a unique world that interract with each other and change with both player and non-player actions( for example one faction destroys the other and refugees becomes rebels or bandits and other factions will pull more resources to recruit armies which will drain the commerse etc you probably understood the concept).

Here's the link For the interested :

I'm not here to just post and disappear. In fact We could some feedback. You can leave messages if you have questions or want to say something about the project. I'll answer them as quickly as posible

it was more like an early prototype. The game didn't get the attention we wanted so the project is closed. Still, thank you for feedback. it will be useful in future projects.

Game crashed real quick but I had a ten minutes of fun with the game.

Very usefull for those who have long-term projects. 

Building Ship and strategy mechanics are awesome. World features could use some additions though

Game clearly has a purpose and I think it shows that well

Concept is nice. Though not much to do beide improving cities and chosing the way technology increase. And it is little hard at first time because you can't see how much land you have to begin with. Still had fun.

It is a fun game. Only thing I had problem with was the timer. I can understand decision behind it but I never liked having timer on a strategy oriented game.

It is an interesting game

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I had a lot of fun with this game. I never managed to win but came really close

Game designed to be somewhat hard. I don't know your record wave but it gets real hard after wave 4. We used light theme as mechanic than main theme.(lights goingout and coming back. enemy eyes shining red, flare, flame etc.) Thank you for playing.

It is very good. I played nearly fifteen sessions. Very well done in only two days. Jolie never survived though :D

An interesting idea. It was hard to find the correct one. But it was funny nonetheless

If that happens, it probably would be a more rewarding way. More complication, better weapons, armor or utility etc.

Yeah it helped. Thanks again.

wave 5 is pretty good. The game is hard. My record is wave 6. You probably realized Mech is very tanky. it is designed to make it easy for player to focus on mech than outside world. At first draft we made melee and moving was manuel too but decided to cut it out because it was too overwhelming. Changed it with shift and mouse hold buttons. looks like it worked well in that regard. Second hand doesn't really help except one or two specific situations. You get used to buttons after some time and do it in one go But you are right buttons are bit unresponsive and clunky. Thank you for feedback it really helps.

Oh by the way since you look most available right now I want your suggestion on something. Do you think holding with shift and right mouse constantly is hard/exhausting ? Do you think press would've been a better choice ? What do you think about it ?

Thanks, glad you like it :)

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This topic is primarily about in game mechanics. I didn't made this kind of mechanic or seen one before. So I would appreciate if you send your genuine Opinions&Suggestions here. Does it work ? Is it too hard to control ? Feels too clunky than intended ? Let me know.

For those who don't know, game is about controling a mech with hands. minimal shortcut buttons. Right hand mouse, left hand keyboard.

For imformation and download purposes here's the link Click Here

I really liked the artstyle. Quality game indeed

A nice game. Becomes repepetive after a while though

So I found this game while browsing, There was a message about feedback so here I am. I'm writing this as I play the game. It can be long. Sorry for that before I start. :)

Main menu is nice, Though some relaxed style music could be better. Moving felt a bit fast but that could just be a style choice. Some buttons with little icons or shortcuts written on them could help. Inventory is easy to find for someone that played these types of games before but still necessary to reach a broader Audience.Oh and some kind of quickbar/toolbar to put pots and stuff could be cool. I couldn't kill the dungeon boss. That was bit hard. Map is really nice though. A lot of place to explore. Ambushes were interesting but I didn't realized the weather until I saw at message board at the bottom. Good game I liked it. I can see the potential.

That's what I think about the game and my suggestions. You can take the ones you like or leave it. It's your choice. Have a nice day :)

Nice idea. Though a bit hard

It is hard to win as sun. Cloud easy stops you. Still simple but fun game. 

Using light as a weapon was a interesting choice. I liked the most of the monster designs. Camera was a bit close for me. Music was loud and annoying. But I don't want to discourage you from making games. Making a simple one is hard. There's too much to think about and not enough time to balance all things. ıt is a good start for a new developer. 

It is a nice game. Light mechanic was good. Some help about direction could be good though. Some sound can help too. Generally it is fine. Story is a good addon. Most games in the jam doesn't have one or just not related to general game design.

It was hard to control the ship. I kept rolling while I was just pressed E once. Bullet hitbox felt small too. I ended up just ramming most of the time. 3d Flight games are not for everyones taste but I still enjoyed it.

I liked the execution of the game. Some designs choices bothered me a little but I can understand the thinking behind it. It was short Though. I found myself wanting for more level to play.

A well done game.Jumping kinda felt weird. I kept falling of from the platforms while jumping. Music was okay, Graphics are good. fly(or moth) following the light was a good design choice. It was a nice change 

it is a good game. I really liked the idea behind it. Balls sometimes felt wonky but still enjoyed it

It is a good game for a new developer. Especially while making everything yourself. So I will point out only one or two general things about the game. Some balance is important. Enemy ships can just come and shoot the sun and player can't do much except preventing it from shooting twice. That really limits on how long a player can play. In my opinion, You should aim for endless playing time for these types of games. Audio was a bit loud too. My comment turned to lecture sorry. It is a fun game. controls are good. Graphics are okay. I'll rate it considering these

It was interesting. But it is short. Music kinda annoyed me. it really short. Movement was good but I didn't really understood the monsters or their interraction with light. There was a lot of pearl too. Still it's short fun game.

Not a bad game. Audio was a bit loud and annoying. Graphics are okay. liked the particle effect I felt like a that phoenix bird(forgot the exact name). it was fun

I couldn't find the interraction buttons. I thought it was "G" but it didn't work. Auido is nice. I liked the level designs. looping graphics kind of obvious if you stop and look at the walls(forests) still I liked it. It was a relaxing experience for a chance.

yeah it is designed to have a steep learning curve. Thanks for playing :)

problem was on me. Generally not reacted quickly enough or jumped too early and fell down to my death ^.^

it is a game where the pilot(player) controls a mech manually to pass the simulation. it has a learning curve. And highscore to keep the best students

it's fun. baloon had a lot of health though. And I think planes can hide behind it and can pass without anti air gun not shooting the plane but I'm not sure. I may just have missed a plane passing by. Still enjoyed the experience