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wave 5 is pretty good. The game is hard. My record is wave 6. You probably realized Mech is very tanky. it is designed to make it easy for player to focus on mech than outside world. At first draft we made melee and moving was manuel too but decided to cut it out because it was too overwhelming. Changed it with shift and mouse hold buttons. looks like it worked well in that regard. Second hand doesn't really help except one or two specific situations. You get used to buttons after some time and do it in one go But you are right buttons are bit unresponsive and clunky. Thank you for feedback it really helps.

Oh by the way since you look most available right now I want your suggestion on something. Do you think holding with shift and right mouse constantly is hard/exhausting ? Do you think press would've been a better choice ? What do you think about it ?


I did like that it focused on the mech, it gives the game a different feel to another survival wave game, that being said it is true, you do get the hang of it after a few goes. Will the mechanics also be getting more difficult as the player progresses in some way? 

As for whether holding shift and the mouse being hard or exhausting; I didnt find it particularily difficult and personally I found it made the mech feel more interactive. If you let go of the button its like you're letting go of the Mech's sticks, it makes it more important, I would but up for trying a 'press to activate' but I have a feeling that it will feel too easy then,  or at the very least a little less interactive.

Hope that helps!


If that happens, it probably would be a more rewarding way. More complication, better weapons, armor or utility etc.

Yeah it helped. Thanks again.


That sounds good, will be interested to see how it turns out!