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Bepo the mothView game page

Guide Bepo the moth to the light
Submitted by wesen3000, pixelgore — 1 hour, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#43.9443.944

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • I really love this game, despite me being horrible at platformers. I'll play this more off stream, but this was really fun to play. The game concept has been done before. The art and music is really nice though. I do really enjoy this game and would love to see further development. :) <3

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Jam Judge(+1)

Hello Wesen,

Great game! I cannot locate you on discord and had some questions for you. Is there a way I can contact your privately. Please let me know :)


Hey, i'm slono on the brackeys discord.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It was a fun game! I liked the music a lot. The level design and the puzzle design was so great. Perfect, parfait, perfecto!


Thanks a lot!

Submitted (1 edit)

This is really cool. The main mechanic was clever (and fit with the theme of the jam well), and the puzzles were neat. My main problem is with the controls, they're way too touchy. I actually really liked the wall jump, the controls just make it a problem.

I feel like the character should move a tad slower, and maybe the spike collision should be altered a bit (it's really easy to accidentally jump into the hitbox from below).

Overall a really great puzzle game.


This is a good fun puzzle game nailing the theme.


I really like the game design, although I'm not a huge fan of pico8. Well done!


A well done game.Jumping kinda felt weird. I kept falling of from the platforms while jumping. Music was okay, Graphics are good. fly(or moth) following the light was a good design choice. It was a nice change 


Thanks a lot! I am working on a tweaked version where the physics are less aggravating.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very fun game and well done platforming mechanics. Except for the wall jump though! That felt really off with too much horizontal action. Appreciate the instant respawning as man those spikes are really sensitive and unforgiving.

Got stuck at a level where I respawned to a spring that kept sending me to my doom. Overall a neat entry, with great graphics and a cool soundtrack.


I am going to go back to tweaking the horizontal jump I think. I spent a long time tweaking the values as they are now, but in a vacuum. It's how I like a platformer to feel.

Interesting about the spring bounce respawn. You should always respawn in front of a switch, not on spring. Do you remember if that was the case?


It wasn't directly onto a spring but its a respawn onto a button i think with a spring next to it and spikes all around it. I could try getting out of that spike laden place, but didn't know how to guide the moth to the door on top. 


Cool, thanks for the feedback, I will keep that in mind when I do proper design.


Hi ! I tested your game and I think it's a good interpretation of the theme, you did a good job ! :)


Very cool game! The main mechanic is quite unique and innovative, and it fits the theme very nicely. The graphics are also simple but pleasing to the eye. Overall one of the best games out of the jam, IMO!