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Thank you so much for playing it! I really enjoyed watching you interact with the world.

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Hi, thanks for letting me know about the bug! It looks like an odd bug with the orientation of placing the gem. If you were to place the gem from the left of the obelisk it should accept the jewel.

Thanks so much for playing and giving me this helpful feedback! I updated the game keeping your comments in mind. C:

Have a nice day!

Fixed cupcake interaction bug

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks a lot for persevering till the end.

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I don't get to see the judge feedback, but I'm glad to hear that you thought it was fun.  I'll try out the, and i'll make a game that won't dissapoint:P

This was a pretty trippy experience. I don't know what I was supposed to do, butall the visuals made me dig around for more to happen.

Interesting experience. I thought all your transitions were really clever.

The style to this was really neat. Like cutout magazine stuff into the level.

Really interesting take on the theme. It was interesting interacting with everyone.

This had a really neat mood to it.


I can't jump now. I'll press the w maybe 30 times and then it'll let me jump.

Naw, I made the trigger area bigger. I'll probably expand it anyway though because there are some complaints about the collisions not respond well.

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I made the game in a 3d environment and used 2d sprites with a camera facing a fixed direction so you don't see the paperthin side of the sprite.

If there was I didn't notice it until I was facing a certain direction.  C:

Interesting take, but felt like there could be a better guide in taking me back to earth. I felt like i could have been lost for hours.

Yeah it was that point :P

I found this game really difficult.

Really interesting controls. Felt a giant learning curve figuring it out though.

Space for jump didn't for me I had to use the mouse to jump

Oh I see now,  my candle won't spawn. Am I supposed to pick it up?

Interesting mechanic.

Nicely polished game. I've done the drop at the top of the platform like 20 times and gave up though cause i couldn't get past the spiky thing. Really good level design and atmosphere. I felt like the fall death was inconsistent in some of the cliffs though.

It was a pretty neat experience you set up. I think this would have benefited as more of a narrative game where maybe you hear someone telling you their story while picking up the logs. It would have been a lot more engaging with not so much work or if you wanted to gameify it more maybe having difficult to use coontrols or something silly like the logs running away from you.

I really liked the pixel art in the game.

I get stuck after catching a firefly too.

Took me a while to figure out i should be putting my mouse behind the ball. Once I got how to get that working I had a lotta fun bouncing the balls.

Good clean art, but it felt repetitive varied star sizes to dodge and hit would probably remedy that quickly

Pretty solid game.

The music and art was awesome in the game, but  I couldn't get too far. What are the controls? i got to jump on things, but I dont know what to do after i stick to the wall.

This had a nice style to it. I felt like I could just brute force through the puzzle a lot of the time.

The graphics were great. The airplane sound was really annoying. I'd recommend lower the sound or just have it play less frequently. Also, maybe have indication that a specific aircraft is firing at me.

This was really engaging stuff. I would have really liked a more responsive circle thingy though to let me know i'm doing something. I liked hovering over stuff and seeing the plants transform.

Characters and art is charming, I didn't really like the audio much though, and felt like the jumping was a little slow.

I liked the mechanic, but it wasn't clear how long the dark flowers had to be in the shadow.

I really enjoyed exploring your game, and the interpretation of the theme. I was really frustrated at how little time I could use my flashlight or turn on my mind though.  I was instantly engaged with looking for the things the wall tells me. I wish there were a bit more obvious things like a "red" flower or blue tree to walk to.

Your game is pretty funny. Controlling the traffic lights was pretty interesting.