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Find the light
Submitted by microbored (@Nick_radford) — 8 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#313.2003.200

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  • The game is well made, besides the Unity jumping into walls with physics bug. I also managed to make the whole game crash when I hit 'restart level' button. The theme with light isnt as obvious to me and the game would still work without the concept of light used here. The audio is really well done and is very calming.

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Nice game. The 'finite jump charges' mechanic and their charging is quite original. Music is really nice, altho i'm not sure it fits like 100 %. Great entry all in all!


Thank you!


So far, this game has, hands down, the best music of the jam.


Thanks! Wrote and played it myself on my keyboard and GarageBand :)


Great looking and sounding game, and very innovative for a platformer! I felt very entranced when playing. You have some interesting ideas here, though I'm pretty sure I didn't get to see them all because I got stuck on the third level haha.


Thank you very much! There's only 1 more level after the third one in this version. If you're interested, follow the game here on Itch, and I'll probably continue working on it!


Fun game, polished visuals, minimal but good audio, all around a good time. Only complains are that not being able to jump while moving is bothersome, jumping into walls leads to buggy collision (though I hear that's a unity issue) and a checkpointing system would be nice (it was annoying to get to the end of a level, mess up a jump up some steps, and then have to start all over). I did think the "limited jump" system was quite unique!


Hey there! Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate it!

Could you expand a little bit on not being able to jump while moving?

I agree about the wall collisions too, they definitely make the game harder. I'm going to look into how to fix this, probably something to do with a physics material if I had to guess.

A checkpoint system would be nice! I'll definitely keep that in mind if I continue to develop Lumina!


I dunno, I just could not jump while moving. I had to physically stop before jumping or it wouldn't work. (I could move in the air fine)


That’s unusual, if you have time, would you mind trying again with v0.5.2?


Space for jump didn't for me I had to use the mouse to jump


Hmmm... that's odd! Could you try again with the latest build (v0.5.2). Turns out the build I put out yesterday wasn't the right version :|


Great music and good visual style. Simple yet fun. I really enjoyed it : )


Thank you so much!


Can't jump after respawning, when you fix it I'll try it again.


Hey there!

Sorry about that, I just pushed a fix for this issue. On the player controller, I check to see if the player has selected some UI elements to prevent jumping (this came about with the update notifier introduced in 0.5.0), and I forgot to deselect the UI elements when the pause menu is hidden.

Updating to v0.5.1 should fix that issue for you. Sorry again!

Pretty fun, Nice audio i can tell that you took special care for the visuals,
But there's this one thing that's stopping me from playing which is the space key stopping to jump right after death (even tho i do have jumps left on me)

My guess is that there are 2 variables holding the amount of jumps the player has
(lets call them A and B)

A is responsible for displaying the number on the player
B is what is used in the game code to restrict jumping if zero

and then you must have hooked some code on scene loading and you only changed A forgetting B
that results in B turning to zero even tho A is not
And so i can not jump after death

the fix for this is not to use 2 variables in the 1st place

Again nicely done mate cheers


Hey, you almost got it right!

I do a series of checks on the player controller to enable or disable jumping, one of which is seeing if a UI element is selected. Turns out I forgot to deselect the EventSystem's currently selected GameObject when the pause menu is hidden.

Updating to v0.5.1 should fix the jumping issue :)

Thanks for checking out the game, and reporting this bug!


Beautiful music combined with brilliant and simple graphics. One of the best games in the jam!


Thank you SO much! I started university as a music education major, before switching to computer science, so it's nice to be able to combine the two with this game. This was my first game jam and first game I've actually made from concept to some form of completion. I'm really happy you liked it!