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I'm glad you had fun playing it!

Glad to hear you had fun, thanks for playing!

Aw thanks! That means a lot considering I felt really unmotivated making this.

Liked the cute art style, but found it very boring after a few seconds after just attacking.

For a second there I thought you were being serious with that first sentence aha. Thanks for playing!

Please don't spoil the game for the rest of us ;)

You started the game from the very beginning? You have my highest gratitude!

I really like the work, would be interested in working with you in any future game jams if you'd like!

There were some interesting mechanics in here that I feel weren't explored nearly enough to reach their full potential (such as the titanic level jump mechanic). Though I think that is more to do with the difficulty of having to adhere to the theme. And I felt like the graphics around the screen were a little bit distracting and could have been toned down a little. But it was very fun to play nevertheless, and I very much enjoyed it, good job!

Really lovely game! The hand drawn art definitely brings its own charm, the little robot has a lot of character because of it. Awesome atmosphere too. The only problem for me though is one that a lot of other people have already said and that's having to restart from the beginning every time you die. Especially for a game that completely relies on a mechanic that often tricks the player nearly every time they first come across a new area, it then becomes a slog to keep on traversing the whole game, so much that I gave up after a few minutes. But apart from that, everything else was great!

I really liked this one! Even though I have never played Celeste, it reminded me of that game with the player's inner-conflict being the enemy, and I loved the little character jump animation, very cute. Great game overall!

Really good game, the art style was very nice and the audio design is great. The only thing I didn't quite like as much was the player controls, often I felt like the player could have jumped a bit better or moved a little quicker, or had grace jumping which I saw someone else mention. But apart from that the game is great!

that beginning was pretty much all I had to work on in terms of an idea aha, thanks!

Don't know if that's a compliment for me or the character I was playing, but thanks!

Yeah I felt that a bit too, but also without it the gameI don't think it would have been very long.  I would have put a lot more effort into the timing of things if I didn't feel so unmotivated with the theme. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I did want to continue with the idea that you never enter the game, but my 3d skills are quite limited and since I was working by myself there was no way I could have got that done in a week. And I really struggled with the theme, this was the best I could come up with. The lie is more in the idea that the game is unfinished and buggy. But thanks for playing and liking it!

Thank you for the feedback! I've managed to fix the bug now, and it was more to do with when the item enters the player's trigger it sometimes doesn't register. I fixed this by changing the way items are picked up, looking for the nearest item in the scene rather than looking at items that have entered the player's trigger area.

Nice idea with the puddle, I'm going to play around with the game a bit and see what I can improve with it, so I'll keep that in mind! I definitely hope to make a post-jam version soon, so look forward to that!

Liked the art style, reminded me a bit of Undertale. Liked your interpretation of the theme too. 

I like to think it follows the theme. The main mechanic revolves around how you can only hold one item at a time, so you have to be always choosing whether to hold the gun to shoot enemies ot hold the plant to move it around and keep it alive. But I guess it's up to one's interpretation. Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Glad to hear you found it fun! I'm well aware of the bug with not sometimes being able to pick up objects, but didn't know of a way to fix it until now. And since I will be trying to make a post-jam version of the game, I should be able to get this fixed as well as add a couple more things to do to spruce the game up.

Hopefully you raising a plant will be a lot less hectic than this haha, thanks for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed my game! I did think of doing that, just kind of ran out of time and it was late at night haha.

Yes! Someone actually managed to finish the game! Thank you

I fail to understand how this fits in with the theme. You say you control a circle of light but your words are literally the only indication I can find that it is actually a circle of light. I also don't really understand what I'm meant to do in this game except water some plants. But the theme and art is great though!

Gonna be honest, I find the gameplay way too simple to actually enjoy it. There was no audio which made it sound empty, the transition between menu and game was very snappy which throws me off. And once you realise that there is no limitation on how close you need to be to a log to pick it up, it removes any fun as you can just stand by the fire and pick up logs from any spot in the map.

I've updated the game so now you should be able to get further in the game. Turns out it was because I was using Update, and for rigidbodies you should instead use FixedUpdate. You should be able to complete the game now!

I've now found the problem and updated the game, so you should now be able to move the intended speed and get around easier.

I like the concept, and the art style was nice. I felt the jumping could have been a lot better - I struggled to even get past the platforms on the first level. The monster in the second level often felt too quick to avoid and you couldn't really tell where it was off-screen.

Really liked the atmosphere on this one, and the art style was great. I felt like it could've been easier to tell where to go though. The main thing this game was missing was some good atmospheric music. To me, it felt a bit empty without it, and prevented it from being a whole lot better. Good job though!

Great looking and sounding game, and very innovative for a platformer! I felt very entranced when playing. You have some interesting ideas here, though I'm pretty sure I didn't get to see them all because I got stuck on the third level haha.

Great game! The art was well produced (although I wasn't much a fan of the walking animation), the gameplay was innovative and fun, and the shopping mechanic was well implemented! There were a few things here and there I wasn't very fond of (an 'Exit Game' button in the menu would be greatly appreciated), but overall you've produced a great game jam game. Congrats!

I agree, it could have done with more levels. I felt the player could have been more solid in movement, rather than slowly turn to the direction it's heading. In fact, I don't think you needed the player in there at all, rather just place portals where the mouse is at a wall. But I did like the look of it, and I thought the innovation was high (though some harder levels would've been nice). Good job!

Good idea, though I feel if you had more time you could have made the game more solid. The gameplay was pretty easy in terms of difficulty, and I didn't feel challenged at all. Maybe have a different button to rotate objects? I do quite like the game, but I would enjoy if a whole lot more if there were more levels of varying difficulty and some audio would've been nice too.

This game was quite hard to play and control.

Does that mean that for you to place/take the fairy from the 'pots' (or whatever they were) that you had to be in direct contact with the sprite thickness? Because if that's the case I would make the trigger area bigger than the sprite itself so the game can play a bit better

The art is great, and I like the camera view, but in ways this made it quite hard to navigate, such as it seemed to take me ages to get in the right position to place/pick up the fairies. It's quite good though!

This is a problem I'm really unsure how to fix. On my computer, the game works fine, but I noticed that when other people play it on their devices, that the player moves considerably slower than intended. It may have to do with my bad laptop, but I really don't know how to change it. With the wall, you're meant to jump off it to get higher, which is done by holding the W key and jumping off the wall. I thought this might have been easier to figure out than it turns out to be.

Really liked the concept, but I found it a bit hard to move the player, it felt a bit too rigid and I had to experiment with the buttons to get it moving in the right direction.