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I'm glad you liked the presentation! I'll be honest I wish I focused more on gameplay, but towards the end I decided that I should just try to add some more levels to quickly get some more content into the game. Also, there were many bugs surrounding the part count system which I sadly just didn't get time to fix but definitely for next time I'll be focusing on play testing/gameplay rather than a complete package.

I considered adding this, however I'd have to implement a path finding algorithm when I'm not that experienced with making one.

I tried my best to make it as much of a complete package as possible!

Yeah I'll be honest I wasn't too sure with my idea but I just kept going with it due to the time constraints. I tried to focus on polishing the game as much as I could although I definitely think the gameplay suffered a bit because of this. Thanks for the review :)

I'm sorry but you missed the sale. It's still only £1 which is a fair price.

Personally I think that's really the point, as it's not meant to be easy to survive in Siberia.

Thank you!

No problem :)

The game doesn't change with every run through but I just designed the writing in a way so that it references your other deaths if you play through it again

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I'd like to offer my games:

No problem!

The slimes need to be jumped on, and you can't attack the eye/mana bomb. You destroy the block above the ceiling monster to kill it, and you can't kill the floor roller. The mega slime needs to be hit to be hurt, but you take damage if you're hit by the things orbiting it. Hope I could help :)

It appears that dying in local co-op takes you to the wrong end level screen. Should be fixed by tomorrow!

Sadly not at the moment due to limits with unitys standard input manager. However in the future I plan on implementing a customer manager which would allow this feature to be added.

I always feel like it's better to have the option for music, even if it's not the best, especially since you have the option to turn it off. I'm glad you like the movement, as well as the player perspective! I purposefully spent some time fine tuning it so that you had enough time to react to incoming enemies.

Thank you!

Thanks, tell me how it goes!

Hey there! I've recently been working on this small, fantasy-style platformer, similar to Spelunky. It has procedural level generation, many items to find, a global leaderboard, and many enemies to fight. You can also edit the map - using your mana ability in game! 

Currently, the game is on sale until the New Year at:

I'd love to hear any feedback, as I'm always trying to improve my game-making abilities, especially since I'm fairly new to the industry.

Cool concept, but the characters are quite hard to control. Maybe making the goals bigger would help, because it's difficult to aim where the ball goes.

Glad to hear that you liked it :)

Thanks for the feedback, will definitely improve upon in future entries!

Brilliant idea, and amazing execution. Please develop it further!

Beautiful music combined with brilliant and simple graphics. One of the best games in the jam!

Haha! Enemies always spawn at the top of the stage and make their way to the bottom - probably should've made that clearer. I tried to counter the mad swiping tactic with candles that you can place to illuminate an area for 40 seconds.


Very fun game, could be improved with music. Very good puzzles with a simple idea. Well done :)

The character keeps moving for a while after I've stopped pressing the key, which makes it easy to fall off edges.

Fun game, would be better with music. Love the art style!