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check my comment

check my comment

check my comment

well I've found the voice generator of this wonderful game, It's the C64 SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) program.

The robotic sound is a side effect due to the limitations of the SID chip on the Comodore64.

thankfully Sebastian Macke have created a port of it on github and a live web version as well.

you might also want to read about the SID chip.

You're all welcome :D

I wish there was more of THIS, words can't even describe the amount of nostalgia this gave me, kudos!

I made a character based on this guy, I will use it in my game and credit you if you don't mind

Pretty fun, Nice audio i can tell that you took special care for the visuals,
But there's this one thing that's stopping me from playing which is the space key stopping to jump right after death (even tho i do have jumps left on me)

My guess is that there are 2 variables holding the amount of jumps the player has
(lets call them A and B)

A is responsible for displaying the number on the player
B is what is used in the game code to restrict jumping if zero

and then you must have hooked some code on scene loading and you only changed A forgetting B
that results in B turning to zero even tho A is not
And so i can not jump after death

the fix for this is not to use 2 variables in the 1st place

Again nicely done mate cheers

Loved every part of it, Simple and nice Full 5 Stars

Loved every bit of it 5 Stars

Nice art style love it

I love the minimalist art style you used altho it could be improved by adding small ideas

Brilliant idea loved i, Although it would look sick with particles and such