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damn, do you remember if there was an error or something?

I didn't quite get how to do things but loved the engineer/doll puzzle idea! a lot of potential!

this was great! I find the idea of "shooing" away skeletons really funny lol

that was a very good experience, loved how clicking some words will give more details about an event or the protagonist's thoughts

this looks really good and is fun to play! you definitely have a solid foundation for a game here

loved the intro for some reason haha, it's good and simple, would be nice if this ever turned into a more fleshed-out thing

that's really fun!! controlling the ship is actually interesting and pretty challenging, which is nice

this is great, the crashing sound is hilarious lmao

haha that's fair, when I was brainstorming I came up with this idea and really wanted to go with it, even though it didn't really relate strongly with the theme

hahah thanks!

Thanks for playing! I'm thinking about making some small improvements and adding some polish to it

I just updated the game description with the credits for the art assets!

I'm glad you liked it! I didn't manage my time too well, but I also think a polished version of it would be fun!

I totally forgot! Just edited it.

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I mean, it could be argued that this is not even a game, a better term for it would be a tech demo IMO. Don't take it too seriously because it was my first ever finished thing and it's very experimental.

Also, "Roguelike" doesn't exactly mean "Like Rogue" and it has been like this for a long time already as it grew to be a genre and not just an adjective, and also, the Berlin Interpretation is not taken too seriously outside the hardcore roguelike niche.

The Binding of Isaac, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Dungeons of Dredmor, FTL, Slay the Spire, Dead Cells and countless others are all tagged as roguelikes and they probably don't follow all the Berlin Interpretation Rules.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

It was hard to figure what to do, but once I got it was quite fun! Having to guess what the right combination is a bit difficult and I'm not sure if I like control as the action button. Nevertheless, it is a pretty solid, simple and fun game! I would play more of it.

As everyone said, lots of bugs and also lots of loading time, but I enjoyed the few I could a play and it looks great! Once the jam voting ends, you can update the page and post it again on Discord!

Hey, thank you for your feedback! Could you tell me more what exactly you didn't like about the character controller?

The relation is that the warrior has to gather all their pieces to become one and harmonious (Ouroboros) but in order to do that, they should tear apart other warriors, leading to an endless cycle (also Ouroboros) of warriors on a quest to become harmonious.

Thanks for your feedback! The level design reached only the blocking state, so I couldn't get to the point of having more background. I will fix some things after the jam voting and I'm considering on expanding this game into something.

Thanks for playing it! It's good that you could see the vision for the game.

Yeah, I have to be proud of this piece made in 48 hours - it gave me an idea that could turn into a full game, a friend even told me he would buy it for ps4! I will take your feedback into consideration when I make some fixes on the game after the ratings.

Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't sure about the small holes platforming part either, but at least you got through!

Thank you for playing it!

At the beggining the wall jump wasn't intentional, but when I realized it I wasn't sure if I should remove it or not, it ended up there because I liked it, glad you also enjoyed it! I didn't test having a second playthrough at all, probably there are some persistent managers that aren't reseting. I will take a look at it after the voting ends.

Thank you for your feedback!

Even with the slow motion the boss just goes on and on, but it should show you a message and then end the game, after the voting I will take a look at it.

Nice to hear that it was memorable, I might redo it with bigger gaps - There's no reason at all to go right, it's just an extra space I've added in case the player wanted to play with the dash and see how it works (after killing the enemy of course)

Thanks for playing it and for your feedback!

The pillar section is supposed to be a harder platforming section, but I think it turned out more boring/frustrating than hard - Anyway, the slow motion happens when you defeat the boss and it should show a message and take you to another screen, not sure what happened there.

Thank you! Next time I will pay more attention on sound effects overall.

Thanks for your feedback! Guess I didn't test the double jump enough :P - Technical Note: the jump is all handled by physics and that might cause some weird things that are harder to balance and fix, in a future version I wouldn't use the engine's physics.

I liked the puzzle elements and the overall look and style - Missed a little of music and sound maybe

Really nice music and effects, I can sense some kind of personality on the character

Thanks for playing it!

Hollow Knight and Metroidvania are things that are in my mind a lot lately and it has a lot of influence on the concept. 

I'm not happy with how this game turned out because I wasn't able to create the vision I wanted within the time frame, but I'm really happy that you got the concept and was interested on it!


Thanks for the feedback! Making a contrast between the pixel art and the sounds was intentional, but I'm not totally sure that they work well together. The idea really is to avoid shooting and do it just when extremely necessary, but if you never have to shoot, something is off :(

Thanks for playing and giving your feedback! The aiming mechanic was something that came suddenly to me and I also liked it! My current thoughts is that this game/mechanic would be better on a game with at least a little bit of story and not on a roguelike, I will see what I can come up with!

Thank you for the feedback! An extra ammo has a 10% chance of dropping on each basement level, so they are pretty rare. The view range I would like to have done it differently, but due to time and technical constraints (I'm a newbie on Gamemaker) I've done it this way, it is something I would like to work on. 3D Audio wa something I wanted to do but, again, time and technical contraints.

I might work more on this game and fix those things and release a new version! Thanks!