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Zombies on the BasementView game page

A Roguelike Shooter entry for Heartjam
Submitted by gueepo (@guilhermepo2) — 2 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline

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Cute pixel graphics, though the zombie noises kinda juxtaposed that. Since additional ammo barely (or never) spawned I never really bothered shooting, which is a shame because there was something good going on with the aiming then shooting mechanic.


Thanks for the feedback! Making a contrast between the pixel art and the sounds was intentional, but I'm not totally sure that they work well together. The idea really is to avoid shooting and do it just when extremely necessary, but if you never have to shoot, something is off :(


Nailed the theme of Scarcity way to much but other than that I loved the aiming mechanic and feel of the game. Overall would keep playing for sure if you had more time to work on it :)


Thanks for playing and giving your feedback! The aiming mechanic was something that came suddenly to me and I also liked it! My current thoughts is that this game/mechanic would be better on a game with at least a little bit of story and not on a roguelike, I will see what I can come up with!


The pixelly visuals work well and most of the game feels good. However I never did find any additional ammo and I feel the players view range is just a bit too short as you can easily run right into one of the numerous enemies on accident because you can't stop in time. However that might be by design. With some 3D audio to indicate how close you are to an enemy, and fewer enemies overall I could see this being much more fun, and maybe the view range.


Thank you for the feedback! An extra ammo has a 10% chance of dropping on each basement level, so they are pretty rare. The view range I would like to have done it differently, but due to time and technical constraints (I'm a newbie on Gamemaker) I've done it this way, it is something I would like to work on. 3D Audio wa something I wanted to do but, again, time and technical contraints.

I might work more on this game and fix those things and release a new version! Thanks!