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I feel your pain about Friday xD

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Yeah I only got done about half of what I wanted to do, but at least have a working Engine to build my full game off of! Glad you love the animation! The bush sprites aren't mine(Ben from Heartbeast) .   To "Finish" the game, after using the jar on the Flower it appears in your inventory.  Just use it like an item after that. just shows an alternate title screen and plays a secret track with extra art for the game.

I have updated the game since the jam ands plan on finishing it.

Glad you like my game mechanic

And I plan on keeping it cute!

I wanna play this! I'll be following you guys :D

Nailed the theme of Scarcity way to much but other than that I loved the aiming mechanic and feel of the game. Overall would keep playing for sure if you had more time to work on it :)

52 ;)  loved the animation and the old game cartridge theme! Song was perfect in my opinion for this and the clouds getting in the way were perfectly annoying!   

Portal meets Nuclear Throne.... What is not to like? With there was a story though

I can see the knife hit-box and flipping the player image sometimes freezes the player inside solids. Besides those two things great theme adaption and idea. Reminds me of COD a bit :P

Loved the Soundtrack and Look of the game.  Controls and flow felt completely natural except dying to enemies spawning right on top of you. Great game though under the allotted time :D

Loved the game but was to easy once I figured out the end isn't really random. Some food spawned out of grid and I could not eat it. Also fell through the floor when I hit a rock.  All that aside he Music was really cute and I loved all the models!

Loved the animation!

This was a lot of fun! Even got my brother playing it with me.

Was a lot of fun! I always get into the games that have nice sound and visuals. This was nothing short of a good time! (My high score is 37 btw)  ;)

Thanks for such kind words! I have an idea for this engine so I am gonna pursue my first full game also now. Should be fun xD

I’m so glad you like the art! I started teaching myself gml and learning from Ben/Heartbeast just so I can create my world full of my ideas for others to enjoy. I’ve already starting working and adding stuff since the jam so keep an eye out if you would like ;)

My first ever Game Jam I have finished! (Kinda)

How are you all doing and is there any advice you wanna share for people who wanna try a game jam for the first time?

What did you wish you did differently?

I wish I had planned more. I started working on the project and attempting to let ideas flow and it just overwhelmed me at times.

I would have given anything to just set an entire hour aside and scribble out ideas and not worry about the function  at the time.