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The Unfinished Tale of Straw Hat McGeeView game page

Submitted by ZeoMaddox, Zgar, Anzhel (@anzhel_kun) — 1 hour, 8 minutes before the deadline
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The Unfinished Tale of Straw Hat McGee's page


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Team Members
Zgar, Anzhel, and I

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(1 edit) (+1)

I enjoy the system and mechanics you have in the game. The art is also fairly clean and simple, which works very well. Out of everything, I think the soundtrack may have been my highlight of the visual/auditory experience, due to how catchy its tune was. If you need improvement tips, I would say to check some minor collision and enemy spawning code and as Binary stated, keep weapons permanently alongside randomized rooms of some sort. This is personal preference, but I believe it would help the game to have the timer paused after you complete a room, since it just feels clean in that manner, despite only being a few seconds extra. (Personal preference: if you enjoy having limited time, and whatever happens is on the player's behalf, it's perfectly fine that way.) Lastly, enemy variations may help keep the game interesting as the player continues to play for longer periods of time. 

[The reason I state collision code, is because one the bottom left corner, while I was pushing upwards against the horizontal wall, it would teleport me to the top of that horizontal wall segment, which I found very odd.]

Overall, very well done. :^)

- AbnerSquared


Thanks for the feed back, Abner!  And thanks for pointing out the bug, we didn't even notice it :D


Really interesting power up mechanic, but in the end I would've just preferred just picking up the new weapons and having them permanently, so the gameplay is a bit more satisfying. It's pretty good just as it is though, but if the rooms themselves had some more variety in their layout, it would've really benefited the game.


Thanks for your feedback! This helps a lot, actually, since we were trying to think of ways to improve the game a bit for a post-jam update :D


Loved the Soundtrack and Look of the game.  Controls and flow felt completely natural except dying to enemies spawning right on top of you. Great game though under the allotted time :D


Glad you liked the game, and thanks for the feedback! (And sorry for replying so late ^^;)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Nice job guys, definitely has a good feel to it.  The controls are tight, and the shooting feels good.  The straw hat for a top down shooter is a clever idea, simple but still looked good.  I did prefer the standard weapon over the upgrade, mostly because of fire rate.  

EDIT: Don't forget to try and rate:  Thanks! :)


Thank you!  :D The reason we decided to put in the straw hat was that we didn't have much time to talk about design in real-time due to timezones, so we just gave the protagonist a straw hat and went from there. But yeah, thanks again for playing! We're planning of making a small post-jam update soon, so make sure to look out for it! :)