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Cute game! The art style reminds me of those Google doodle games. It got pretty hard around the end, but it was fun regardless. I also kinda like the detail that it never specifies who's the person he's "after".

I freaking loved this game. If I'm being honest, a decent amount of the puzzles had me frustratingly stumped for a while, but the pay off in the end was well worth it. I only have two main gripes; the first one is that the two puzzles involving the plank are near impossible without knowing that you can knock over/pick up the plank (I had to look at other people's playthrough's to figure it out). Maybe in the next version there could be a mention in a note that implies the plank can be interacted with or an indicating mark on the plank itself that could help future players on that front. My second gripe is more of a nitpick, but maybe the game could go without camera motion blur. It's just kind of disorienting in general. Anyway, regardless of those two points, I loved the game! 

Hope to see you again, Fox ;)

Yeah, we were planning on updating the game, but the Zgar and Anzhel have been kinda busy

Cool game. The atmosphere's really good, although the pacing is a bit rushed. I also think maybe a bit more time could have  gone into the character models, but that's just me. All in all, good job, though. :)

Glad you liked the game, and thanks for the feedback! (And sorry for replying so late ^^;)

Thanks for the feed back, Abner!  And thanks for pointing out the bug, we didn't even notice it :D

Thanks for your feedback! This helps a lot, actually, since we were trying to think of ways to improve the game a bit for a post-jam update :D

I think the game is really fun, although I did feel like the hit box for the Heart ship was a bit big, but it wasn't too bad. Great job! 

Thank you!  :D The reason we decided to put in the straw hat was that we didn't have much time to talk about design in real-time due to timezones, so we just gave the protagonist a straw hat and went from there. But yeah, thanks again for playing! We're planning of making a small post-jam update soon, so make sure to look out for it! :)

Heyo! So, I played some of the game, and I think it has real potential! But the two things that kinda bug me a bit are that the text is kinda bulky and difficult to read, and that there isn't an option to run or make the character go faster. Other than those two points, I think it's really good!