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I freaking loved this game. If I'm being honest, a decent amount of the puzzles had me frustratingly stumped for a while, but the pay off in the end was well worth it. I only have two main gripes; the first one is that the two puzzles involving the plank are near impossible without knowing that you can knock over/pick up the plank (I had to look at other people's playthrough's to figure it out). Maybe in the next version there could be a mention in a note that implies the plank can be interacted with or an indicating mark on the plank itself that could help future players on that front. My second gripe is more of a nitpick, but maybe the game could go without camera motion blur. It's just kind of disorienting in general. Anyway, regardless of those two points, I loved the game! 

Hope to see you again, Fox ;)

Thank you so much. I think you and some other people complaining about moBlur are right... I don't need it, I barely notice it, it only serves to bog down some slower computers, why not lose it? I'll def make it an 'option' next revision, if not lose it altogether.

RE; the plank.... I think the problem might be that people are unaccustomed to items being used in this way. Up til that point, everything you can pick up and use is either a key or a suncube (a key by another name). I haven't given the player cause to look at items as actual physical things with possible practical uses... I don't want to get rid of the plank puzzle, and most of my testers figured it out and liked it, so maybe I'll just introduce the concept of practical items earlier, to get the player thinking in that direction. You DO have stones, I know, but they are useless. Hmm.

A lot of games of this type have the cursor react when the player moves it over an item that can be interacted with.  Maybe the cursor goes bold, or rotates, or something to indicate you can use whatever may be in its view, within a certain distance.