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You saw my making-of? Not good enough? : )

Sorry! I guess the colliders aren't as airtight as I hoped... they will be in the next one.

Inspiring new puzzle concept... i'll be following!

I've been drawing bugs in my sketchpad lately, and also playing starCraft with my step-son, Oscar. Time to turn these blocky, static tanks into skittering space bugs for my Tower Defense game.

Check 'im out... go little bugger, go! Almost too cute to slaughter.

Mars Tower Defense will be a pretty normal tower defense game with swarms of bugs, upgrades, resource collection... but with some added wrinkles like open terrain, and the ability to place your towers and path wherever you want.

The Idea

The original idea was a tower defense game from the point-of-view of the teeming mobs, so from the beginning I wondered what powers I could give to them besides "Make Mob". Resource-salvage from destroying a tower and the ability to change your path came to mind. The movement, waypoint-seeking, and collision code for the bugs (tanks at that time) came encouragingly easy.

Look at them go, they actually look like they're stopping and thinking! But the code is exceedingly simple.

I no longer know if the gimmick of "Tower Offense" is going to be worth seeing through (I can switch sides back and forth at this point), but I still want to make a Tower Defense game. Merely watching swarms of green bugs run into your blazing guns is satisfying to me even though there are no resources, strategy or gameplay yet!

Some things that bug me (not intended) about other tower defense games are the locked-down path, which I talked about, and the pre-ordained building sites. I'm going to try to keep both open as I develop. Put the path wherever you want, build a gun wherever you want. This raises certain complications, like building a gun that blocks the path, but maybe I can turn that into a gameplay mechanic, who knows?

Why the setting on Mars? Well, I like space, and I like the vermilion and hot green color combo.

Starcraft, AoE and Conmmand & Conquer for me... yes, I love RTSs and want to get more RTS elements into this Tower defense. Your points on long, boring board games are well-taken. Re video games. What do you think of Starcraft2? Did they do everything right? And why didn't RTSs exactly rise again after that...

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Sounds great! I like doing devlogs... that's what I mean when I say I want community feedback and keeping myself accountable. I published this new project today, Mars Tower Defense just so I could have the devlog.

What am I missing tho? Am I supposed to (and how) create a "bare" devlog without it being part of a new project? Do I keep the project private but publish the devlog inside it?

I just had this problem with my game. Xentios is right, browsers OWN that key, sorry. I switched my pause menu functionality to Backspace instead.

Of my four games, I have two games that are work in progress and I published them because I want community feedback/support, and motivation for myself to keep going. However, there's nothing to download yet.

The release status is set to In Production or Prototype, that makes sense. But I wonder if I'm using itch correctly, it seems to want a download and I don't want to turn off users who come to my page expecting a game to play.

Also, when I do finally release the game... switch it from "in production" to "released"... am I gonna get the same bang for my premiere as if I had just released a new game at once... top of most recent listings, a spike in popularity for new users just discovering it and so on? Is it worth starting a whole new project for when it is finally ready?


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Yes! I will absolutely do that.

(on PC anyway)

Will do, for sure, in the next one.

Damn... you weren't supposed to do that...

Guess you found the kill-screen!

oh man thanks a lot!

I recommend getting the post-processing "look" developed earlier than later. It sure helps me get through the work to look at pretty polys every day instead of flat gray or something.

You are literally the only one! 

haha. but thanks

Thank you so much. Working on more for ya!

Good ideas! I do want one that  makes you dash (tunnel or ghost) forward suddenly (and destroy everything in a straight line).

I was thinking instead of a laser, some fireballs or something that shoot forward and bounce off walls unpredictably.

The armor power-up does not destroy others, no.

Did you get the little tutorial pop-up about "press space to use your special power pill?" It was a last-minute addition. Pops up only if you HAVE a power pill for ten seconds without using it, only the first time.

Thank you, no. Frankum on

I postponed sound and music as long as I could, but I dunno why: the game really came alive with those elements.

Can you think of a third power-up, an alteration to the laser perhaps that preserves some power-ups? As my friend Craig points out, EMP and Laser basically have the same effect, so a variation would be nice.

Thank you very much, DB. Cute and short! 

I'm working hard on more content for ya!

Wow, thanks dude'bro! You were fun to watch while you figured it out. You struggled with that plank ramp, but damn, that last puzzle you pretty much got the fastest I've ever seen it... gratifying to see it done the way I intended it. Thank you for capping and calling it "amazing".

There will indeed be another one coming up (I'm currently 150 hrs in), but I'm afraid it won't be free! : )

Seems like I need a mac running Catalina to pull some sort of post-build xcode magic and validation process. I just don't have the hardware or time for this...

Seems like I need a mac running Catalina to pull some sort of xcode post-build magic and validation process. I just don't have the hardware or time for this...

Well, dammit. Thank you.

Putting the old one back up til I can get on a mac...

I rebuilt the mac download from a newer 2019 version of Unity. I hope it works! I can't really test it from my bedroom here...

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Thanks for the heads up! I'll push a new build out soon.

I see from news stories that Catalina is breaking a lot of things... : /

That is such an amazingly nice thing to hear, Artis! I'm glad it brings you joy, or relaxation. You're the first person I've heard of who will revisit just to be in the world again: Because you miss it. That is probably the top thing I love about the games I fall in love with... so it is very satisfying and invigorating to hear it about my own game. Thank you.


Just a little joke between you and I.  Ha ha.

When I release the full one, I plan on 4-5 hours gameplay... and I'll release on Steam as well as here.

So... long story short... no, I'll charge something, 8 bucks maybe.


Stellar speaks the truth! I've been plugging away at inheritance and prox-based item interaction, but it has been my longest interval since a devlog, and I'm sorry. I'm about 75 hours in on just improving the systems I hacked together last time. Part of it is, I consider the stuff I'm doing not exciting enough to 'vlog about... but I owe you at least a check in.

Heh, cool... i feel like cos it was a "race", they both panicked at the end and tried to just press buttons. Interesting tho, i definitely learned some things.

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Thank you! So add up the 4 components separately, divide by 6, and renormalize back into a vector4? I'll try that and see what happens!

That could help me get rid of that costly 6x Slerp loop.

Heh... that was great, thanks for your playthrough, dude.

I was on the edge of my seat at the end there... will he get it!!? So...

Spoiler: if you want to know why color 8 and 2 are blue: Yellow is the first color the sun can be, blue is the LAST color you can switch the sun to (and 2 is the same as the last). You also missed WHY III is yellow, but got it anyway... (check out the shadow from the top)

Thanks man... glad to hear people are still finding this.

HINT: did you look under the apse (elevator)? How could you look literally under it??

Well, I can't really tell what's going on in your project, but I know you need a character controller component on whatever the script is on (whatever you're trying to move). Check on that, check on your inputs, make a "Run" button in inputs. Also, if you mean the thing just isn't mouse-looking, that is true... enhanced walker script doesn't deal with mouse input.

Oh! Okay... ha ha... I didn't really think of the animation itself being interesting to anyone, since that is what I know how to do. The rest of it is me learning, and keeping this diary of what I learn...

But yeah, absolutely... I'll do that when I get there! THanks Adam.

Can you replicate it? I can't.

I tried leaving the yellow suncube in its slot, moving it to the bottom slot, and also leaving it in the niche on the table. I can pick it up again either way...

whoa, that's weird... thank you. I am gonna check this out.

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What caused you the most trouble? Thanks for sticking with it.