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Oh! Okay... ha ha... I didn't really think of the animation itself being interesting to anyone, since that is what I know how to do. The rest of it is me learning, and keeping this diary of what I learn...

But yeah, absolutely... I'll do that when I get there! THanks Adam.

Can you replicate it? I can't.

I tried leaving the yellow suncube in its slot, moving it to the bottom slot, and also leaving it in the niche on the table. I can pick it up again either way...

whoa, that's weird... thank you. I am gonna check this out.

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What caused you the most trouble? Thanks for sticking with it.

I needed it only to define form in this relentlessly white-on-white environment. Unlit forms had to be defined just as well as lit forms. And photorealism was not an aim of mine, so SSAO worked for me.  I would love to be able to tweak a few more things about the AO tho, so maybe since it's so important to my game, I should hunt for a more full-featured one and pay for it...

If you just wanna say hi, go ahead and do that here... anything!

I didn't want to bake anything because I wanted everything to appear the same whether you could interact with it or not. Baked AO would look great, I'm sure, and prob run faster, but I knew there was going to be a lot of animated and physical things, including lights... so non-static, realtime was the way to go.

(4 edits)
-make motion blur an option, not a performance-hungry requirement.
-make resolution an in-app choice, not a pre-launch dialog.
xfix the bumping down an incline motion problem.
xmake mouse look + carried item lerping less juttery by finally figuring out FixedUpdate, physics timestep.  Average history quaternions system.
xget rid of mouse acceleration or make it an option.
-rewrite code for a cleaner, leaner item interaction system.
-rework the stateSwitcher script on every interactible item to not just set off animation, but truly switch states. Sounds, events, colliders, cascades, triggers, tags, timers... states.
-fix pitch-based menu interaction. Just use a mouse cursor or arrow keys like everybody else, man...!
-make "holes" (a place to put an item that triggers something) proximity-based not event-based. In other words, don't require the user to click on your little invisible collider to put an item in its place. However the item gets there is fine, and the event will be triggered.
xcollider ramps/physics move are too forgiving. Have to disallow walking up a certain steepness incline.
-make it harder to put away the clue in your hand when you start moving.

That'll be the grain filter, I guess...

Too much eh?

Many people have some trouble at this point... because i'm sorta introducing a new KIND of puzzle late in the game. The problem is you can't reach up there, yes. That is a feature, not a bug. Look around in the environment for something to use to get up there...

Thank you so much! Wow!

From your mouth to Gaben's ears!  : )

Thanks... very much thanks!

Damn, thanks! 

No one knows! Not even me... This one took 300 hours. With most of the R&D done, I expect this one with 4-5 times as much gameplay will take me 600 hours. Perhaps late 2019.

Thank you very much for that!

Thanks Sara!

Good suggestions. A lot of people miss that the fox is sitting atop the central structure, waiting for the sun with you at the end. It's not really an interaction, he looks at you, then back at the sun... but I wanted to let you know he IS there at least. But, yeah more closure would be nice! Gonna have to wait for the full game!

To drop me a few bucks, you can just click download again, and it will ask you whether you want to pay something for it or go straight to downloads! I understand, you didn't know you appreciated the game until AFTER you played! : )

Wow! Thanks so much!

And THIS is the reason I'm gonna make more... : )


Ha ha... i was a little worried when your thumbnail shows my fox in a crosshair, but it seems like you eventually got into it! Thanks for the vid. Need a hint? : )

From your mouth to Gabe's ears...!

That was great! Thanks Tench! You're really fun to watch (subbed :) ). 

Damn, sorry about the mouse issues, I have no idea. I coded in some mouse acceleration, maybe that is ill-advised if your mouse is like... doing its own and... doubling it up? It seemed like it was fine most of the time, but then the frame-rate would have a hitch, and the mouse accel. would massively over-compensate by flipping you. Shit. Sorry. Options to turn off the mouse accel. and the mo-blur, I think is called for.

That's interesting about the capped footage... all I can think of is I put "grain" post-proc on the image... which would tend to foil some vid compression schemes.

'Apse', man. Yeah, I think this fox's language is probably waaaay too ornate for a lil beastie... : )

Sorry, mate  : (

I will try and figure out how to lower the graphics settings like AA and moblur in-game. So far, lowering the res is the best you can do... hell, even my parents' 6 year old Dell could run it okay (maybe 20 fps), at a low enough res. And IMO, on my own game, as long as you can still read the clue cards, there's not much need for everything to be sharp...

You couldn't get out of the basement to collect all four suncubes? The basement door closes on you (should be AFTER you put all four suncubes on the table)  to make sure you solve the first 4 block pillar and get a clue before you try the second... hmm, lemme check into it.

And RE: the hint cards. They are readable whenever you want... press TAB. There are instructions!! : )

Glad you liked it anyway, despite some undue extra effort... thanks!

Amazing! Thank you very much! Great review, I'll send on to my uncle...

(most of your gripes are on my list...)

Thank you!! I can't wait to get to more, thanks largely to the nice comments like yours.

What tutorial did you look at? You mean one of these play-throughs in the comments?

Oh... i totally bought realMyst and my favorite of the series, Riven, to replay on Steam. Back to my roots!


Yes. you are missing something. How could you get that cube up there?

Thanks man. I was intrigued by your name, and checked out "Blooming" for about 20 minutes. Very restful. You should expand it!

Sorry 'bout that. Can you believe I thought I could get away without colliders on everything? Naw, there's always gonna be a player who drops it in juuuuust the right spot, LOL.


I love all those games you mention... I barely play any games, but I managed to catch all of THOSE... and of course MYST when I was younger. I actually fell down a Myst hole after reading your comment, went to your fansite and had to watch that whole 'Origin of...' video and the postmortem... damn. Inspiring. I was surprised to see ol' Robyn and Rand say some of the things that I say about games lately... especially about wanting a place, not a game, not an experience, nor even necessarily a story...

Anyway, I'm totally inspired now... more worlds after this first little taste (or 'Ages' if you will, haha) has been the plan, as soon as I find another spare 300 hours...

I guess I'll go with this old one.. @statelycoach.

anomalina is already taken...! Thanks for the tweets again.

Sounds great to me! Thanks! I guess I should get a twitter, huh? So I know when people are doing that...

Yeah, definitely... i've done it a few times. I either need to make the "seated" cubes non physical so you can't bump them out, or make the "seating" position-based, not event-based, as mentioned before. As it is now,  you can bump it out physically without the game registering that the hole you put it in is now empty.

Thanks! Animation is my day job... so I made a world where i can show THAT off, my strength... and not so much of the modeling and texturing! :)

(1 edit)

Nice dude... good eye. Yeah I started wanting it smoothed out, then realized, he moves fast enough and it looks cool enough to leave it on steps...! Save me a buncha work.

How could you get up there? Look around. (not a glitch)

I'll expand it with more chapters if people like it enough! Seems like they do, I'm having a really good coupla weeks here due to the response!

RE: perspective puzzles. Yeah, I like those too, but ...can't crib TOO much from the Witness... ; )

... and oh yeah... the timer will only save when the game saves. So if you wander around for a long time not making any progress, quit & reload the game forgets all that unproductive time and restarts from when you last made progress.

That doorway IS a little small and skewed to fit your collider through... I will have to do some renovation there.

Thanks for stopping by to give me feedback, glad you liked it! I LOVE the longer puzzle games (though I havent tried Talos, I will have to...) where you really settle into a place and get to know it for a couple days... that was the plan with this, to make it longer if people liked it and want more. But when I do, stick to a series of small worldlets you can solve in about an hour apiece, like this one. So a longer coherent meal, but with courses... :)