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What tutorial did you look at? You mean one of these play-throughs in the comments?

Oh... i totally bought realMyst and my favorite of the series, Riven, to replay on Steam. Back to my roots!


Yes. you are missing something. How could you get that cube up there?

Thanks man. I was intrigued by your name, and checked out "Blooming" for about 20 minutes. Very restful. You should expand it!

Sorry 'bout that. Can you believe I thought I could get away without colliders on everything? Naw, there's always gonna be a player who drops it in juuuuust the right spot, LOL.


I love all those games you mention... I barely play any games, but I managed to catch all of THOSE... and of course MYST when I was younger. I actually fell down a Myst hole after reading your comment, went to your fansite and had to watch that whole 'Origin of...' video and the postmortem... damn. Inspiring. I was surprised to see ol' Robyn and Rand say some of the things that I say about games lately... especially about wanting a place, not a game, not an experience, nor even necessarily a story...

Anyway, I'm totally inspired now... more worlds after this first little taste (or 'Ages' if you will, haha) has been the plan, as soon as I find another spare 300 hours...

I guess I'll go with this old one.. @statelycoach.

anomalina is already taken...! Thanks for the tweets again.

Sounds great to me! Thanks! I guess I should get a twitter, huh? So I know when people are doing that...

Yeah, definitely... i've done it a few times. I either need to make the "seated" cubes non physical so you can't bump them out, or make the "seating" position-based, not event-based, as mentioned before. As it is now,  you can bump it out physically without the game registering that the hole you put it in is now empty.

Thanks! Animation is my day job... so I made a world where i can show THAT off, my strength... and not so much of the modeling and texturing! :)

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Nice dude... good eye. Yeah I started wanting it smoothed out, then realized, he moves fast enough and it looks cool enough to leave it on steps...! Save me a buncha work.

How could you get up there? Look around. (not a glitch)

I'll expand it with more chapters if people like it enough! Seems like they do, I'm having a really good coupla weeks here due to the response!

RE: perspective puzzles. Yeah, I like those too, but ...can't crib TOO much from the Witness... ; )

... and oh yeah... the timer will only save when the game saves. So if you wander around for a long time not making any progress, quit & reload the game forgets all that unproductive time and restarts from when you last made progress.

That doorway IS a little small and skewed to fit your collider through... I will have to do some renovation there.

Thanks for stopping by to give me feedback, glad you liked it! I LOVE the longer puzzle games (though I havent tried Talos, I will have to...) where you really settle into a place and get to know it for a couple days... that was the plan with this, to make it longer if people liked it and want more. But when I do, stick to a series of small worldlets you can solve in about an hour apiece, like this one. So a longer coherent meal, but with courses... :)

I would prefer a little harder myself... I tested on some young kids tho, and non-gamers... I'm thinking up a hard-mode...

Good point about the Big Mysterious Door and the importance of anticipation! (and the Witness comparison :) )

RE: infinite field... yeah, thanks! I didn't want another puzzle ISLAND (Myst, Witness...), so had to think of someway to bound it! :)

I hear ya on the UIUX menu nav thing. No one really likes it... I was trying to do a thing that matched the cluecard shuffling system in-game, but ended up skimping on the menu cos I wanted to be done. Sorry about the Mac issues, I just don't HAVE one to test on, so I'm going a little blind. I should probably have an option to remove moblur and possibly other niceties for a TRULY low/med-quality mode.

Thank you for enjoying it and leaving a comment nonetheless!

Well... THAT is a really fuckin' weird one...

Thanks, man! Yeah, okay... I think I need to get rid of the 'put clue away if you walk' thing. And sorry you played on a medium-quality-by-default build, where I hadn't thought of shadow draw distance from the top of the elevator :( figured it out tho! Glad you still really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed watching you!

Thank you! RE: difficulty, how long did it end up taking you? 30-60 minutes like most people?

It's supposed to be relaxing, not too brain-busting... but... I am imagining a hard/international version where there are only pictures drawn on the clue cards, not English language.

Thank you so much. I think you and some other people complaining about moBlur are right... I don't need it, I barely notice it, it only serves to bog down some slower computers, why not lose it? I'll def make it an 'option' next revision, if not lose it altogether.

RE; the plank.... I think the problem might be that people are unaccustomed to items being used in this way. Up til that point, everything you can pick up and use is either a key or a suncube (a key by another name). I haven't given the player cause to look at items as actual physical things with possible practical uses... I don't want to get rid of the plank puzzle, and most of my testers figured it out and liked it, so maybe I'll just introduce the concept of practical items earlier, to get the player thinking in that direction. You DO have stones, I know, but they are useless. Hmm.

Ha haha. Rolling the cubes down the stairs, yes! Me too. Thank you for the incredibly kind comment Nautilion. I'll try and get the full Foxhunt out as soon as possible for ya... the love from players like you helps!

Is it a kinda low-end computer/g.card? Can I recommend turning the resolution down in the start dialog window as low as it will go? Get back to me if that doesn't work with specs maybe?

I fixed this. Shadow draw distance from the top of the elevator in Low quality was something I didn't think about. Woops. I'm sorry.

It's okay to get frustrated... as long as you still want to try, and when you DO figure it out, you're like "Ohhhhhhhh!   I wasn't thinking! :o" ~not~   "oh. This game is designed bad."

Mm... I have no idea. Anyone else is having this problem? I certainly haven't seen this... does the menu fade to black and then all you see is a black screen? If the game was working you'd definitely see it, the entire game is very bright. But you hear the music playing so the scene definitely switched over...

Try a different resolution?

Sorry you were having mouse problems... I think maybe the mouse acceleration I built in may be interacting with YOUR OS mouse acceleration? I watched your vid though, and at least one of those times the mouse jumped was a feature : ) ...the camera wanted you to look down at the red button clue, but you were already on your way down the ramp, so the game wrenched your camera 180 degrees, woops! You can always turn the sensitivity down in the game (main menu > options) to the lowest. Glad you liked it otherwise! Thanks for the playthrough!

I'm working on a bug fix to help on a lot of these through-the-walls issues... there is no reason the blue and red should be more prone to this however...

Thank you!

OMG my first fan art!! I love you.

In case you didn't see it below, here is the music, by my uncle Max in Germany:

Hmm... shadows should be on in all three quality settings, even low. Are you on mac too?

Six little pieces of music from my Unlce in Germany, Max Berghaus... with love...

Can't wait, I'm going to gather up my girl and my kid again and watch it together. We all loved the first one. My kid watches nothing but people streaming games on Amazon, so he loves-LOVES this... that I have a game now that people can stream... you made me the coolest step-dad in the land!

Man, thanks for that great review! I'm strongly leaning toward "yes need more!" thanks to votes of confidence like yours. I guess I probably should get a twitter... uch... you're right.  -_-

My uncle in Germany, Max Berghaus, made it for me.  It won't be available anywhere since he just made it for this... but let me ask if he'll put up a soundcloud or something. Thank you!

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Yeah, I coded and designed and animated it... everything that wasn't the music (which was my uncle) and the sound (which I just ripped off youtube and recombined), I did it.

Dude, you are soooo gah damn fun to watch! First of all, thanks for even putting my game in the same sentence as my favorite game ever, Journey (no... but thank you!) ...and thanks for allowing to see my own game through your eyes. I hope you finish it! (though it does get harder from here on :) )

Oh in windowed mode... shit I didn't expect anyone to do that, sorry!

I did, it doesn't seem to be working for macs... I'll have to look into it.