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Umbrella (Unfinished)View game page

Submitted by Smiley Demon — 1 hour, 33 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
João Mateus
Igor Caetano
Sofia Silva

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The art is gorgeous and evocative. The umbrella makes me curious about the mechanics... I see that there are at least two actions (do a slash attack and open the umbrella... to parry an enemy attack I suppose?). I also wonder how the scarcity theme would have been represented, but I concur that having an umbrella as weapon counts :D

It's a real shame it didn't get finished in time.


About the umbrella mechanics, I explain it in more detail in the game page but in a few words there's this energy bar that gets charged whenever you defend and consumed whenever you attack and when the energy bar is empty your attacks become useless. Also, to add up to the difficulty, health points are scarce and there's only a few of health packs around the whole game, usually well hidden. These two things should in theory invite the player to be more strategic in battle (so the player doesn't attack constantly, forgetting the defense state at all) and to explore the world around. But then, the game is pretty much broken so it doesn't quite work. 

Anyway, thank you so much for the support, we really appreciate it! And even though the game didn't get finished in time, we're thinking of getting back to work and finish this little project so everyone can enjoy it properly! 


Uh sorry, I missed the explanation on the game page. It seems a really interesting exploration of the theme of scarcity!


Nice little thing you have here, shame it didn't get finished. The enemies having a water theme was pretty unique, I'd love to see this get more fleshed out!


Thank you, that means a lot to us! And don't worry, it might have been a shame the fact we weren't able to finish the game in time for the jam but we're still working on it so you all can play a more decent and finished product


I wanna play this! I'll be following you guys :D


Thanks for the support, and yes everyone will be able to play this play properly soon once we get back to work so don't worry!


Looks really really cool. Too bad it didn't get finished :(


Yes unfornatly, but dont worry. We will finish it!