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alrighty, can you dm me on discord

There's a wiki??? Did you maek dis

Thank you so much :D .. more to come.. when I feel like it ;)

well yeah, I figured different people have different configurations on the keyboard so I made it remappable, and also there is controller support if you have one :

what if I add a feature so that when you press the opposite button it cancels the air dash? do you think it will be better

haha thanks, I didn't notice because I was in forced dark mode

beena while since I played a jam game this good, great job bro :D

cool effects bro! I bought it and will use it in my game

Bro thanks so much thats so sweet :D

I will bro, in coming updates :D

its up now broskie! :

Thanks so much bro! Disclaimer, I did not make the art assets for this one. But Im really glad you liked the game <3 yeah I agree about the music thing as well. But I just stole that as well hahah! yeah I know im a thief

yoo thanks for vibing in the stream bro <3

Thanks bro

Thanks so much bro

Thanks so much! another worthy succer!

Yeah bro I agree its just swapping dying and collecting hearts lol! But the art assets arent made by me though I just stole it :D

ahh yes finally, a worthy succer

Thank you! yeah the game could use a lot of tweaks lol

Thanks so much bro

Thanks so much bro, I didnt make the art assets though I just stole it

thanks bro! Im pretty sure that left ear thing is my fault though :D

Thanks so much :D I guess youre just good at games bro

thanks bro but I didnt make those assets :D it was by VEXED

lol thanks bro Im glad I gave you a laugh

I don't know what that was but I can't live without this game

yeah you can bro, at the expense of someone else

Yeah bro I think that's the point of game jams, force you to finish something lol. at least it is for me

Thanks so much bro :D  yeah I think it would have been a good idea to tweak those stuff

lol thanks. yeah in order to succ you have to actually not succ... its a paradox

lol thanks bro! hey at least you don't succ.. also the art was not made by me, I stole it from VEXED here on lol. I forgot to add it in the description, but I did now. thanks for reminding me

thanks so much :D I stole the art from VEXED, here on as well lol. 

thanks! glad you liked it :D it's the first game I made using Godot

lol still a great review nonetheless! thanks!

awww don't lose hope though! when I'm done with my projects I might come back to it. I really like the idea of this game

Thanks Isaac! I used game maker for this one. I have been making games for a long time though, so I accomplished relatively more in a month's time

Simple but it works! I could really feel a sense of progression while playing the game! I didn't finish it though, cause after the yellow key I just cant find where to go next, I've tried for 20 mins.. These labyrinths are just no fun to explore without a map. I enjoyed it tho

Thank you! :D

Lol sorry for the short scope. I really wanted to polish rather than expand right now.. Im glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!