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Only one screen. The exit seems unreachable. Maybe you can shrink the fabric of reality ?
Submitted by Lucas Delvallet (@LucasDelvallet) — 4 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#2164.4004.400

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Great puzzles designs and use of the theme. The last challenge was sufficiently challenging but still balanced.


The manipulation of the one room and thus the entire puzzle is quite clever and unique. And also fun to play! Well done!


Very lovely. Must have given quite a headache to design the levels, but due to the excellent tutorial, playing it was a breeze.


Easy to understand and pleasant to play. Nice concept, gg !


Funny and original game! Great job !


Super lovely concept! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


A very interesting idea ! I'm more impressed with the level design as there must have been many layers to think about and take into account for, but the end results really illustrates the concept you're going for !

not bad ^^ but the idea already exist


I like a lot the idea, original and well executed. Right on!


I would love to see more levels (including these one-way cells)!

Merci beaucoup Lucas ! :)


Excellent. I really loved it.

I cannot imagine how hard it was to create the last (real) level. It's a great fit of level design. And the second level is also a very smart piece of level design. Well done.

(I love the ending level featuring the unused mechanic. It's a great idea)


Really great game. I wonder if it could have benefit from more compact levels, though I have no idea what it's like designing the levels.


This game was such a clever take on the only one screen idea. It is by far the best "only one screen" game. I had so much fun playing this game. It was also challenging but fair. 


Awesome job! Feels great to play and it's genuinely challenging! The sound effects and camera shake felt great too.


Congrats, developer(s). This is one of my favorites from this year's GMTK jam. It was very inspiring to play this one.

Design [5/5]: What a cool idea! It's basically an ice-block puzzle where you can only move in one direction at a time. However, you can't see the entire level at once. The visual effects really sell the idea and it ties everything together.
My favorite thing about this game is that it requires you to make decisions on incomplete information, but doesn't rely on randomness to accomplish this feat. You can acquire all the information you need by expanding and contracting the level in the right way, and solving the puzzle is often about trying to keep a map of the area in your head and reconciling that mental picture with the limited view you have on the screen. My only complaint is that there isn't more content, but that's to be expected from a 48-hour game jam game. You've done a great job with the design, and the content that is there is engaging and well-thought-out. Designing the levels for this game must have been a treat, and I think this is the sort of game that would be great with a level-editor for community involvement. I'm also glad that you're not just sticking to one mechanic, either. I noticed the teaser for the "one-way" gates at the final screen, and I think it's cool that you're continuing to expand on the original concept in interesting ways that add things.

Adherence to the Theme [5/5]: As advertised, each level only occupies a single screen. The camera doesn't move.

Originality [5/5]: I have never seen a mechanic like this before in a puzzle game. It's a unique idea, and it's fresh and exciting.

Well done! Please continue making games. I'd love to see what you come up with next.


I know a good puzzle game when I see one!

Amazing idea, design and execution. Very well fit to the theme and original. It's really hard to understand how the puzzle will unfold but that must be the intention, right? Also loved the tutorial and messages. Very heart-warming :)



Awesome puzzle! The idea is wonderful, the game is nice to play. Very good gameplay, beautiful design, nice music, all is perfect.  It's seems simple at the start but  it's become more complicated quickly with some blocks exactly where you don't want them! You have to study the map to find the good combination of moves and you're finally so satisfied to pass the level :)  And the gate's concept in the bonus is so cool! We want more levels!

PS: I liked the humorous notes in the instructions :)


It's a wonderful puzzle. From the first sight it resembles some puzzles with similar movement, but later you faced a really great mechanics of shifting level, well done!


Nice little puzzling game with a cute character !


Awesome! very good, I love all the animation and sound touches and the puzzles were satisfying to solve. the screen shake every time you hit a wall might have been a tad too much really good overall 

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