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I boosted my hp to 3,000 with build going into this fight, then the enemy copied my hp. Since I had no %hp damage all I could do is hope to overflow my hp for one of the following to happen:
I live with negative hp miraculously and can swap my hp with the enemy, or the enemy sets their hp to mine and dies (after receiving damage possibly)

or I get to restart the fight with hp that isn't at 3,000

Unfortunately I died when I built my hp to over 2^64 and my hp was set back to the 3000 I entered the battle with and I was softlocked

Really great game. I wonder if it could have benefit from more compact levels, though I have no idea what it's like designing the levels.

The code execution cannot proceed because OpenAL32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

Unfortunately not runnable unless you can build the game yourself. I know you said in the description but also leaving it here too in case anyone else sees this.


Thinking about it now it would have been cool if you had a way to slice in different directions. The biggest issue was I felt like I didn't have the time/skill to make the patterns randomized so I opted to just make as many as I could with my remaining time, which still ended up being not a huge amount

Fun game but held back a bit by having all the controls bound to the mouse.  Game feels really smooth otherwise

Hey, great to hear your opinion on the game. I gave your game a try and I think the puzzles are creative. I don't know if you've seen it but GMTK made a video on platformer characters really recently which may contain helpful information.

So for my game I have a huge regret that comes from the feedback of almost everyone who has played it so far. In my game you have one attempt to slice everything on screen, and if you lose you have to start over. Originally I thought that since there were only 6 small zones that this would not be an issue, but this view turned out to be very wrong. I think that people found it unfair that each zone was too hard to complete successfully on the first try, and didn't like having to redo the game from that point. Played perfectly the game only takes 1 minute to complete so this is where my optimism came from. Despite this I think my game could have benefit a lot from adding a few lives to the player for multiple reasons.

  • Players would feel like the game is a lot more fair 
  • Players that have played the game before get multiple chances and get to experience looping through the levels more

Once you complete the 6 zones, you loop back to the start and the game plays back even faster and gives you a score bonus.

In chrome there is a setting "use hardware acceleration when available" if you use chrome, make sure you have that checked. Other browsers may have some equivalent. I'm interested to know if the desktop version is laggy for you as well since I haven't done much performance testing. Thanks for the feedback and don't forget to leave a rating if you haven't already.

Why does it always have to be rats?

A great start to a game. Seems like it has a lot of potential.

Hi, sure. In bullet hell games having precise movement is generally really necessary, so instead of using acceleration based movement you should just have the position adjusted by a fixed amount while a button is held. With acceleration if I try to get to a location and let go, I will continue sliding for a small amount of time meaning I may end up sliding into a bullet. Additionally you can add a speed modifier key to reduce your speed when there are many bullets on the screen. Also with acceleration if I need to move quickly to a location there is ramp up time, and in general getting to locations you want to becomes a lot harder.  You did a good job with the game putting the movement aside though.

The movement acceleration is a bit frustrating

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This game is sick, although has a glaring flaw of you can just sprint past every enemy and press dodge if necessary, although I don't think it is

Here is my game themed around only having one sword slash to complete a level:

Please leave a rating if you can, and any additional feedback in the comments.

You can play in browser and there is also a windows download. If neither of these work for you, you can look at the gameplay video instead.  I suggest trying the game instead though!

Thanks for the review. I wish I had added multiple lives now thinking about it

I decided this would be the best thing to do for the game jam. If I was trying to make a great game with infinite time it wouldn't be like this, but with the time I had I could only make a very limited amount of content so I ended up adding a looping mechanic. I would have loved to add variance the the animations as well given the time but making a game in 48 hours comes with its limitations. I didn't do this instead of making more content, this was an extremely easy thing to do technically, while adding another zone can take an hour depending on the number of animations + background decoration. Thanks for the review.

Favorite game so far, but how does it relate to the theme?


Hey I happened to release a game with the same name. Looks like we had similar ideas. I like the visual style you went for.

Fun and well made. Could use some tweaking to give more time to see some white dots going on screen, and a few other QoL improvements and will be very good.

Great concept and could be really fun with more development. It would be great to have a charge indicator for throws, and health shown for easy mode. It might be nice if rooms had their monsters' positions reset upon re-entering, or at least moved away from the entrance a bit.

Thanks so much