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That level is built different


I was still never able to figure it out lol, feel like I exhausted all my options

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Hi Neno, thanks for still playing!

I do actually still plan on an update or two for this game, I have started posting what I'm working on in a discord server here (working on other things atm but buildslime isn't off the table)

You can join if you want to see progress before updates get posted or just check this page for when it gets released.

Made it to 13!




Solved them all :D 

I'm officially confounded

I'm not good at snek :v


Once you click anywhere else on the page the keyboard shortcuts stop working

Hey! I just updated with the fix, there's only 1 more level currently but fixing the bug convinced me to make another update with more levels so thanks :>

Thanks for playing!
I might have accidentally broken that level I'll have to check on that it might be some time though as I'm currently a bit busy.

Ok looks like the level is fixed in the updated version thanks!

Can't for the life of me figure this one out
I think I exhaustively checked every direction I could push the horse to get onto an X and it is only possible with the box on the edge of the map leaving me stuck -_-
very rude indeed mr horse
I'm not sure if theres some other action I'm not aware of or if it's just impossible

These are very nice and useful, thanks!


Lovely game with some great puzzles!

This is pretty fun!

You have to be quick and grab your crate from underneath.
Thanks for playing

Love the style of this and it seems like it could be pretty fun if there was a bit more to do.

Here's mine made using Godot 3.1
A short puzzle platformer where you only have one crate

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I also quite like the graphics and sounds, very good feeling package all around


Awesome! very good, I love all the animation and sound touches and the puzzles were satisfying to solve. the screen shake every time you hit a wall might have been a tad too much really good overall 

is there a way to beat the level with the enemy moving back and forth and the 3 enemies ontop of the door.
I never could get up to the button so I dont know how to kill the moving enemy

Fun puzzle

This bullet is so cute! also this is pretty fun

Great idea! I actually didn't read too much before I started playing and it took me a little before I realized it was my recording I was playing against, not an AI

good call

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it

It's actually intentional that it doesn't restart, as there's some interactivity after you beat the boss (there is a restart button if you need it). I wanted backgrounds music, but I wanted to make all the assets myself and I'm not good enough at music yet. 

Yes, that's the end

Windows build incoming

Yeah I will have a clickable escape button too. So I can keep the Esc shortcut in the final version then?

I'm making it so I can close my game with Escape, to save me from having to push alt-f4 a bunch.
I'm wondering if this would be allowed for the final submitted version (all it does is pop up a confirmation box and close when you push escape again)

Awesome, sent you an email

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It's true that people often use 8-bit or 16-bit to refer to things that look they're from an 8-bit or 16-bit console (which doesn't really have any relation to the graphics themselves). But that doesn't mean there isn't such a thing as "n-bit graphics". When talking about graphics in terms of pixels 8-bit means 8 bits per pixel which gives you one of 256 values (usually mapping to one of 256 24-bit colors in a palette). For instance, a gameboy screen has a 2 bits per pixel display so you could call that 2-bit.

So in the case of this jam (with only 2 colors on the screen) you could represent a rendered frame of your game with only 1 bit per pixel (and a palette with 2 color values in it to reference). Hence 1-bit.

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I was going to do this by myself, but I could definitely use help making sounds/music.

That is, if you're ok with working with a game that I'm mostly making from scratch using SFML and C++, so it might be a bit of a slow start.
If you do want to team up, you can just work on sound/music/sound design. Or you can also help with game design/brainstorming & even programming if you want (I'm most likely going to use Lua scripting for handling all the higher level stuff like which events happen and what objects/sounds/images to create when etc. so if c++ isn't your thing that's ok)

As for me, here's a game I made for a game jam last year

By 2 colors it means two specific shades, so that could be black and white, or black and one shade of gray, or a shade of red and a shape of blue, etc. But never any more than 2 specific color values at a time.