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Changing the palette

A topic by gheja created Mar 24, 2017 Views: 666 Replies: 6
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Is changing the palette during the game allowed if it still consists of two colors only?


I was going to open a thread about a similar question, so I'm going to use this one since the answer probably is the same for both of us: can i have a palette selector, similar to downwell color selection screen?


Yes, no problem guys! Is in the FAQ, you can use any two colors you want, even leave the user select between two colors of their choice.

But always only max two colors in the screen ;) .

If I use gray scale colors does that count as more colors or just the two black and white?


By 2 colors it means two specific shades, so that could be black and white, or black and one shade of gray, or a shade of red and a shape of blue, etc. But never any more than 2 specific color values at a time.

Only two colors count, Green and black, Black and White,etc... no gradients or shading from the color.

Obviously when filters/shaders are applied to that restriction will be a lot more colors, but you need to put an On/Off button to activate/deactivate filters to chect fits with the colors rules.

If you need grey, you'll have to use dithering. I created a small checkerboard b&w tile and used that to create a grey background.
The dithering will create visible patterns in the grey and might look a bit odd when webpage is zoomed (on my browser game)