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Hi, i'm the one who host the jam, what exactly you need?

Yes no problem! ;)

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The idea is promote the games of the jam in my twitter account (+4.7k followers).

So instead of go one by one looking games, searching the twitter of the author, looking images/gifs or recording,etc... please provide the info and post in this thread, so with a simple copy-paste i can promote in my twitter and everybody wins! ;) .


$GameName By @YourTwitter . Play > "Link to your game jam page" + .Gif link to be used or video

Ottopunk by @chkkll . Play > https://chkkll.itch.io/ottopunk (image form itchio screenshot, imgur or whatever i can pick it)

And this is how will looks on my twitter:

So, please make only one post, no replies to other entries here, keep it clean and organized. Every post here have to be the game info with their gif or video. Thanks!

NOTE: Actually there are more than 200 devs and maybe up to 250 when the jam starts, so not all games will be featured, i will pick the best ones and i will post 1-3 at day, so please have this in mind!!. Be sure to make a good .gif! .

Only two colors at the same time, but you can leave the player change the colors at any time, any two colors, or change to the other and change the two colors for other two.

The game have to be the same without effects, you can add distorsion, RGBA channel separation that makes you will have millions of colors, but if you deactivate it the game still have to be a two colors game.

You can't use filters to add fade effects or another properties that in two colors is not possible.

No gradient colors, greys or others, with the filters on/off the game have to works in the same way, filters are only applied to the final render image, not to be used as a properti to fade or do something in some sprites.

Hope my explanation was clear :P .

Yes, you can do mockups some graphcis and code to have all ready for the jam so you know what you will do and start to develop the idea in depth.

1.- Yes, the development starts on 1st April. You can start doing some mockups and test to have an idea of what you will do, then on 1st yo start to develop the idea with code gfx,etc...

2.- You can upload an exe, zip, html5, all that people can play to judge and vote your submission.

3.- Yes any two colors. Also you can give the user choose between two colors or change ingame the two colors but always max 2 colors in the screen.

Only two colors count, Green and black, Black and White,etc... no gradients or shading from the color.

Obviously when filters/shaders are applied to that restriction will be a lot more colors, but you need to put an On/Off button to activate/deactivate filters to chect fits with the colors rules.

You saw the example games that fits with this genre? All this:


Can be a RPG, Racing game, Dungeon Crawler, Roguelike, etc... always they are click based + improving stats.

If you are thinking or a kind of game and you have any doubt please let me know, some reference link or whatever.

I see, i have to be more clear for this kind of platforms.

You can do any kind of tap, single, double, triple or whatever always that fits with the rest of the rules.

Yes, 1-Bit are two colors. Meanwhile your game uses two colors is allowed ;) .

Yes, no problem guys! Is in the FAQ, you can use any two colors you want, even leave the user select between two colors of their choice.

But always only max two colors in the screen ;) .

Have to be a Clicker / Incremental / Idle game.

I mean, a game on the main mechanic is click and on you have to improve the stats.

Look the games i posted as example.

And yes, meanwhile the game fits with that yes, can be a Racing game, RPG, adventure,etc...

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At the moment simply to test the community and stick the post for future news, changes and any relevant info.

Also i have in mind add some 1bit stuff like fonts, icons,etc... that people can use in their games in case somebody needed.


Pixel Fonts

https://www.patreon.com/posts/pico-16-font-8155979 By Trasevol_Dog

http://www.pentacom.jp/pentacom/bitfontmaker2/gall... By @MadameBerry

http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/fonts/ By Yusuke Kamiyamane

Monkey Island Font


8bit Sounds / Chiptunes

Here some webs that allow you create easily with one clicks effects for your game.






1-Bit art for your games

I posted some 1-Bit art on my twitter account to be used on your games. Enjoy! ;)


Replied to xabi in CRT Racer comments

En mi caso era hacer un juego de coches que siempre he querido desarrollar pero con tantas ideas y con tantas cosas que uno quiere hacer al final me puse con otro juego. Veremos si algun dia lo retomo ;) .

I'm doing a mockup of a game and preparing all the stuff to have al clear how will be done. This is how looks the idea:

But if i have to animate the character i practically will use all the time for that.

My idea is do something like Another World with characters backgrounds in 2D and characters in 3D pre-rendered.

So, can somebody model and animate something like that?

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Preparing some stuff - Palette and fonts

Thanks for the comments. I used COnstruct 2. The development was paused. Maybe with construct 3 release i recover this project, will see!

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*(Optional) - Means that after do the other plugins/behaviours see how much will cost to add or not.



NewScene | NewCamera | NewLight | OBJ-JS | 3D Sprite (Optional)


  • sffsfs
  • sfsf
  • fsdfsf
  • sfsf


Depth Of Field



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BackendFreak experiencia en plugins



I have a code to redeem because by error i purchased it two times and the idea was giving to a friend or something, so if you are interested i can give it to you to see how the Babylon3D is done.



Hi Toby,

I hope the plugins costs less at the end, i mean, not are a completly different plugins one of other, are from the same engine and share the same structure and most of the actions/expresions, but as you said is hard to know without read the docs do an exact estimation.

I really want do this but if i start the $1600 payment and after that for whatever cost more maybe i will spent that and maybe much more to get an unifinished plugins mainly useless.

as i said if for example the first may cost 800 do the others that share the same structure and most of the actions/expresions get the price reduced to the behaviours needed.

In case i go forward with this and start the payments if this needs more money

If me or other people finds errors/bugs in the plugins you will fix them or also i will have to paid for that fixes?. I understand that if Babylon.js adds a new feature and i want it i will have to pay for that but if some actual plugin has some bug is some action, or things like that

About behaviours or add extra things for exaple Depth of Field


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The lights are the most hard thing to configure even using the debug.

Design - Idea

Create a 3D sprite with a light image. Use the tint effect to show the color of the light getting their values. The name of the light using the debug mode.

The main 3D sprite will show the 0,0,0 point of the light. Add for each 3Dsprite light a discontinued line(With other 3D sprite) in Y.axis to the bottom to know better the location. (Try if is possible add the discontinued line to the main 3DSprite image without modify the position conversion by default.)

Other discontinued line for the direction-target of the light if have it for example: Directional-Poinlight-Spotlight. Hemispheric is a global light. Also see exactly what values and how affects for each light, there is no clue in the parameters descriptions.


Modify one at a time. Use Picking by UID to select the light to modify in events.

Change the X,Y,Z position of the light = Y and +or- | X and +or- | Z and +or- |

Try using Slide bars in a easy way

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Camera slides down on ramps / Can't walk over tiny objects

Case 1: Your scene gravity in "Y" coordinates is too high.

Solution: Add an event to set the physics of the scene.

Case 2: Your scene scale is to small

Solution: In the 3D editor make your scene scale bigger. Also after that, you will have to change the ellipsoid camera to the new size because not you will walk by the scene on a tiny perspective like a smurf. You can do it in your 3D editor or in C2:

(Note: Depending of your scale you will have to edit to fit with your needs than can be Y=2, Y=10, X=4 or whatever)

I "Set receive shadows" and "cast shadows" on mesh but nothing happens

Case 1: The light not have any targeted mesh on "Shadow Properties"

Solution: Remember that you have to add the mesh objects tha will cas shadow here separated by commas like: Cube,Sphere,Wall,etc...

Case 2: The object have alpha 0 on materials or textures.

Solution: Find the alpha property on the 3D editors you're using and set to 1.0 or the opacity you want the shadows be.

Case 3: Too many lights or one with too much energy.

Solution: Remove some light or decrease the energy/intensity of the lights.

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During this FAQ you will find some external links to Babylon.js tutorials. They are the official docs used for native code but on they also explain how is used each parameter much better and in depth to give an idea how manage in Babylon3D.

Added a NewMesh but not appears

Case 1: Look if the Scene and NewMesh added have the same ID.

Case 2: Be sure you have at least one light in the scene. Set it to "Hemispheric" and intensity=1 in case all is too dark to see the objects.

Can't upload to the scirra arcade

Solution: Change the extension of scene.babylon imported file to Scene.js for example.

The camera collides too near of the objects

Use "Set camera ellipsoid" to avoid that. Change the values of X,Z to edit the camera collision. Babylon.js camera.

The camera is too small or big

Use "Set camera ellipsoid" to change the Y value to adjust to your scale level.

Wasting much time on trial&error

Debug is your friend. In the scene options on the left you can see a "Debug : False". Change it to TRUE and run the project.

Now in the right side of the runtime you will see lots of parameters for mesh, lights,etc... Be curious! you can modify anything on the scene!. You can see the collision boxes, name of each object in the scene, turn on-off lights, setup your lights in realtime to set this values in the C2 properties or events,etc... instead of change a value in events and run the app again and again.

Babylon3D mouse lock not works correctly

Yes, is not a real or complete mouse lock. To achieve a full mouse lock use the TiAM MouseLock 0.5 Plugin . Have a small error in the code, to fix it use the McKack fix. (Contact with him to update it or upload my fixed version)

Confused with native gravity, physics gravity...

Native scene gravity is for the camera and is constant, i mean, always applies the same gravity, if you fall you will do always at the same speed, if you want a real gravity for the camera you will have to achieve it using events.

Physics gravity is for mesh objects when they have the "Physics Behaviour" added.

With physics my objects falls to the infinite

Be sure your objects are over a plane with "Physics behaviour" too. Mesh objects only collides with others when they have physics. To prevent it from falling set the object mass to 0 in their physics behaviour.

Shadows makes my meshes looks striped-weird

Try to set "receive shadow" to false or play with the light that is casting shadows changing the mode their are applied or the size of the texture map size. Remember tha maximun shadow map size is 4096, more than that the shadows not will appear.

Skybox not appears (+Info)

Case 1: Your skybox size is to big and is off the camera render vision.

Case 2: Be sure you not have the fog activated with an high values.

Case 3: You wrote the image filenames wrong. If you import Skybox_XY.png, Skybox_XZ, etc... remember you only have to set "Skybox" in the "Skybox name:". The plugin will get the others from the imported files.

Added the fog but nothing happens (+Info)

Play with the values: Fog Start | Fog end | Fog Density. Depending of your scene scale you will need one or other values. Set the Debug to true in the scene properties and try to change the values in runtime to see what is the problem. For example Fog Start=0, Fog End=1000 , Fog Density 0.005. Also Remember Fog Start/End only works on Linear mode.

My mesh not have reflection

Configure the reflection can be tricky. Again set Debug=True and play with the values until fits with your needs. If you are looking a good reflection with the best perfomance i recommend you use a Reflection Texture. Reflection Probes | Materials


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Features added until now.

Design Options

  • Basic scene setup ( Scene properties, camera, fog, models, collisions....)
  • Top-Down level editor from the C2 layout.

Camera Physics

  • Real Gravity (Instead of constant 9.8 by default)

Camera Actions

  • Run
  • Jetpack / Fly

Features in progress

Design Options

  • Ability to add more plants/floors to the levels using C2 layers

Camera Actions

  • Jump
  • Crouch

Camera Behaviours

  • Walk - Run - Crouch -


  • Shoot


Add lights to the top-down level design | Basic lights setup | Screenshake | Walk Movement(Up-Down camera) | Basic materials behaviours setup (water, fire, fur..) | Skybox | |

Optional: 3D tiled editor for level and setup in runtime. Here a very basic prototype:

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What can i expect?

The objective is create a template to develop your 3D games the most easy as possible in Construct 2. Mainly focused on FPS games that covers a big variety of games like MineCraft, Portal, Call Of Duty,etc... even some like the old Myst graphics adventures.

How will be released?

In one .capx file with instructions to use it. Inside you will find some basic level design and 3D models so you will can start to to play and design your level in the moment you open the project.

Paid or Free?

Now is focused to be a paid template but all depends if i can give to the users a good tool to make their 3D games in construct 2. In case the development be discontinued i will release for free what i've done in case somebody finds it useful or want to continue it.

When will be released?

When it's done! ;)

(Edited 24 times)


Plugin developed by X3M to create 3D games in Construct 2 using the Babylon.js engine.

Babylon3D Playlist

Playlist with all the videos or twitch streams related with the Babylon3D plugin i'm doing to develop the FPS template.

Video Tutorials

Playable Demos

By Davit Masia (Matriax)

By X3M

Related Links

Replied to Roh in Screenshot Daily

Thanks! ;)

Added lasers to chaos64!


You already can play here: https://kronbits.itch.io/chaos64

Great! sure this be helpfull to another people! thanks for share ;)

Thanks! ;)

(Edited 1 time)

Here is the first .gif with the actual gameplay, not much but you can see perfectly in what i'm working ;)

Also you can play the last alpha here: https://kronbits.itch.io/chaos64


This is how looks now my game, also you can play the actual alpha HERE.

I guess i will do some .gif soon :P


Hope you like it!

Replied to louck in Screenshot Daily

Hey looks great for the size. Why each one have two scores "00" ¿?

Sorry! Link fixed! i don't know what happens, now works correctly! ;)

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You can download here: http://imgur.com/aA0uOGV

Sprite font info:

Characters in the font by order in the spritesheet:


Tile size: 9x11 (width/height)

The number indicates the width size of the letter

1: Iil.:!'|
2: JKjr1,;()[]`í
3: ABCDEFGHKNOPQRSTUVXYZabcdefghknopqstuvxyz023456789?-_"°=$£€<>áéóú
4: ~&\/
5: MWmw#+*
7: @%

Is the smallest font with upper/lower cases and clean/readable i did, hope you find it useful for your projects!, License is CC0 ;)


Hi! I received your email about the textures but after try to reply i get a "returned delivery" seems maybe there any problem inyour inbox?

Well, i edit the textures to be clrear, they are CC0, so no problem to use them in the project you are working, enjoy! ;)

Great! But use the handbrake, that helps you to do much better times, mine is 5.21 :P

Great! Hope you enjoy the game ;)