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Press numbers, 1,2,3,4....

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When i try to add some project url to the bundle and press the "add" button the page refresh and gets stuck at this screenshot. Tried with firefox and Chrome and nothing.  Checking the co-op bundles created it looks i have 80 in 5 years, so maybe i reached some limit? Any idea?


There is no resize option in the tool. You can pixelate and export. On export is resized based on your Pixelate settings.

If maybe there is too much difference you can always do a screenshot. Due all effects is based on shaders, user resolution and GPU may differ how they are processed. Afaik, there is not a big problem, but yeah all depends on what you're doing. Also i recommend use the tool in fullscreen, due windowed/fullscreen the shader can alter some details, so full screen for best compatibility-close to the export.

You can resize the image in the tool or set the Pixelsize horizontal/vertical whatever you want, but when you export you do at 1:1 scale. This means that if you impor a 512x512 image and you set pixel size Horizontal/vertical to 4, the exported image will be 128x128, due 512/4 = 128.

About the zoom in/out , yeah the image moves, so be carefull, btw you can double-click on the image to set in center again (if i remember well)

Detail changes in zoom in/out may be for different reasons, like dithering and how other shader works that are not resolution independent, which means you can get some different details in some cases.

The first line of the page says:

"** Test DEMO and read the Limitations List before buy ** | Windows Only"

Mac supports was dropped time ago. Btw, people still use it using apps like parallels that makes win apps run on mac. You may try that.

check the toilet...

Hey no worries, is fine ;)

I saw the Rotate3D there, but no idea there was a community of devs able to create this extensions, very interesting, thanks for the info!

It needs some properties exposed to tweak without events, even if you cant preview in editor, like:

Enabled (Checkbox)

X Offset

Y Offset

Z Offset

X Rot (0-360)

Y Rot

Z Rot

X SPD (positive & negative values)



It will make all more easy.

The problem is that the game is not made from scratch.

Uses a plugin for physics called FGear(you can find on UE marketplace), which i cant sell due i dont own the rights.

Same for cars, they are licensed and will be changed on final/paid version for original ones due i have not planned buy the license for commercial use.

And same for other plugins like Ultra Dynamic Sky(UDS) that creates the rain, puddles, etc... or materials/assets like cones, containers and other stuff.

To be able to sell, i will need to invest lot of time to create a sample project without licensed assets.

Also i will have to write a large doc about how everything works and where is each thing or give support / resolve doubts.

And as said, i not have the time for all that sorry.

Hi, thanks for the offer, but actually im very busy with my actual project sorry.

No resolution options at leas ingame, but on UnrealRacing\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini, if you open you should be able to set there your resolution to play.

Btw, i supposed the game will detect your resolution and will adapt to it. I will need to check.

That is what happens when you use pixelate/pixelize. There is no way you pixelate an image and retain 100% of details, check the videos and gifs to see how they work, how you can use brighness/contrast or Erosion & Dilation for thing lines to give more emphasis on details, and other options to get the best results.

Thanks done! ;)

Is the other test track.  And that another vehicle for testing. You can pick any car and go to the right part where this track is and play.

The driving/handling is being remade and possible added in the next version. Btw, remember this is a SimCade game not a simulator.

I cant add SMAA due game uses Deferred shading, not Forwards, so only FXAA, TAA and TSR, without mention DLSS or FSR that can provide their own AA solution.

For me, TAA is ok, you can always add more sharpness in the config. For me, the game without TAA looks horrible, too aliased, im on a 24 monitor and 1080p. Btw, TSR is more sharp(already testing the game on Unreal 5.2), and if i can add my anti-ghosting system there will be an upgrade. If not i guess i will end using just DLSS, will see.

Doing lots of tests/research so no much updates recently. Hope finish all the stuff and release a new version will the new updates.

That was a limitation to 1.35 where you only can export images as big as your screen resolution. Bigger ones can get cut , which is fixed in last PixaTool version 1.5x

Yep, to make all compatible with all systems and less bugs we had to sacrifice some features :(

Well, and this golf game too:

Well, actually already got most of the feedback, also im planning to redo the driving feeling again (third time). Game runs on my 1050ti 4gb laptop, Intel i7, 16gb ram. And steering wheels support is planned.

Hi, already hired some UnrealEngine developer to help me with various stuff.

No multiplayer planned for this version.

Press 0 to change the screen to 75% instead 100%, not will look as good as before but it will make les GPU expensive.

Yes, is normal if the pixelation in the sliders is 4. With that 1000/4= 250px. What you got is the 1:1 ratio, instead of the original big image pixelated. Years ago did a poll of what users prefer and final 1:1 ratio was the winner.  

After get that 1:1 version exported, now you can pixel resize in any tool like photoshop or whatever to any size you want.

Mac supportswas dropped time ago. Too much problems with different versions and SO updates.

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Twitter | Focused on the racing game development

Development Blog | A more detailed info about coding the physics, handling and fixing driving issues.

About graphic setting nothing special, just some filters like Chromatic aberration o vignete are applied. After that using the UDS (Ultra Dynamic Sky) plugin does all the work due you can set morning, sunset, night,etc... just moving one slider called "time of day". After that more than settings, having good materials is essential too.

You need to press 0(zero, the number) not O.

About last question , the game should be rendered at your monitor resulution, 1080p, 4k or whatever, but cant confirm 100% due i not tested.

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Here is a video of the first track i tried to do. Not bad, but is a bit bugged so is not gonna be included at the moment.

I will go for something more easy like some harbor or similar, with plain asphalt. Until the car physics not gets 100% fixed and working fine, doing something complex like that is not an option. So, to be able to release some track as soon as possible i guess will do one more like that.

Btw, actually focusing 100% on car setup/physiscs, new version will add a new car to test and improved handling.

I removed time ago but forgot to edit the page, fixed.

Thats weird, having in mind the images is exported via screenshot and should be the same. It happens with batch export too? Even if its one image, try exporting using the batch export option, does the same?

Import your image with a different background color first with the desired one for example.

No sorry, when apply the palette it applies to all the canvas.

no sorry no steam planned

Hi, thanks for let me know, will take a look to see what can be. I recommend 1.57 Btw because is the most tested one, 1.58 added some experimental improvements and fails in some stuff like this one.

With 0 you can toggle Low / High quality. But yes will see hope add window mode in next update.

Yep, you're right, already has been reported, maybe in the next update the camera will be fixed too.

Hi thanks for the feedbak. Be in mind this is also focused to be an arcade game, like Sega Rally Revo. Btw, will try to decrease a bit the speed/ratio.

I remember playing a lot with flatout, with all that mini-games, very fun!

Yeah, thanks, but having a solo dev, will be hard to compete with Forza XD , but well, will see ;)

Thanks for the feedback. You actually can move the view with mouse, using the right stick for that not should be much problem.

About smoke,etc... is something i tried various times, i have to improve more, also giving more opacity for the next update.

About the car on air yes, be in mind this is a semi-arcade , no realistic, but will see what can i do.