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Bug has been reported, thanks!

About the scale it just change the pixel size. so if canvas is 400x400 and you set scale to 4, que exported frames will be 100x100 no 400x400.

All will depends how the 3D racing prototypes i'm doing goes, at the moment not very well due the complex physics. So well, if this not changes maybe i cancel and do something in this way, or 3D fake with pre-render like "Speed Demons", so will see.

Using the last version (   Also Win(7, 8 10) or Mac? It happens always? Which are the exact steps to reproduce it?

Thanks! Not plans at this moment, also have some other car in 3D and focusing on graphics tools in pixelart so no much time XD.

First of all sorry the tool not works on your system but if you read the page:

"*Test DEMO and read the Limitations List before buying!!*"

This makes sure the game/tool works on your machine and it works perfectly with all the possible limitations or OS errors and give you an idea if worth purchase on your system. This is made to avoid scams like purchase and ask for refund due not works when they do.

Btw, about how to ask for a refund:

For perfect loops normally with pressing the lopp animation should work, just press at the end of editing. I mean, if you press loop animation, but after that you still do some value changes you will have to press again.

If you still have some issues check the particle life to see if match with the frames to render. Also check the examples of rain, radial stars that does the same thing you want to do in a perfect loop to see what is causing the problems.

That normally happens when you are using the Integrated GPU instead the main one. Be sure to active or set tha main GPU to work with the tool.

For recenter just double click on the image. And yes the zoom it just make all biggers/smaller to have an idea of what are you doing but the final export is how you see at 1x.

You can import your own custom pallete. Using the "load" button, it accepts .pal files. 

Nop no idea sorry. 

I think now i understood you. So you want a particle effect that starts with nothing creating particles and then a way to get a continuous loop.

No idea how to do that sorry.You can create burst animation and loops. But create a burst animation that ends just to add the looped one and this two one fits, i don't know. Maybe there is a way but actually no idea.

Still i don't know very well. If your loop animation is 60 frames, the time to the animation get loop , this means start again , will depends on how much fast you set in your game that animation ¿?

And what you need the time? If you need for execute some event you can say = On Animation finished -> Do X, or ANimation is on Frame X(The ma N frames your animation have) -> Do X ¿?

I don't know if i understand you well. The app creates loop animations. Using in your engine you should be able to handle the number of frames, speed or whatever and set any alpha/transparency for fade out or whatever to get the final visual. Or what you mean?

GIF export option is not supported on MAC, only on windows.

If you are using Windows, check if the folder/path on you have installed there is some space, but it should be already fixed just let you know.

Btw, GIF and Json export options are WIP. The option to be used is .PNG spritesheet that works on any OS and engine.

Due some problems and refunds  for some people the linux version not works correctly, for others  ok, so as no idea of what caused i end the linux version releases.

Thans for the bug report, we will take a look!

Yes, due how is done in gamemaker is not possible we already tried, maybe there is some workaround but we still not find it.

Thanks for the feedback! we will take a look to that to see if is possible add to the actual app.

Yep, also in the new release will be an option to export single frames in .png that should solve all this problems too.

If all goes well, the next update will be released tonight, with lots of bugs fixes and some features like export single frames instead of spriteshet,etc... already is done just tesing , if ok tonight will be available to download ;)

Well, all depends of the coder, maybe all is fixed before chrismas, just actually i can tell any aprox date due the last stuff, yesterday got a message saying he started to organize all the bugs to start the fix, maybe to release before the winter sales, will see.

Try to run PixelFXDesigner as administrator. Are you using w7 or w10?

Also chrismas is there. Btw we have been focusing on the mac bugs but  we not found the solution and tried to look another way that also not worked so now we are focusing in a hotfix version with all this minor bugs instead. No aprox date sorry, but will be released as soon as possible.

Can you give some feedback ? Tryinig what? On load a palette? A custom sprite? Project? You are using the WIn or Mac version? Please give us more info.

Seems there something in your GPU that is not compatible with the tool, you should had tested before buy. You should ask for a refund on itchio.

That happens also in the demo?

The palette have colors before set? You can load via .pal files. Also Be in mind this uses WebGL so maybe your GPU card is blacklisted. Other FX works? Can you post a screenshot?

No sorry, only spritesheet, gif and json. As you said, the option will be export as gif and then export the frames.

License is completly yours. YOu can use everywhere, even you can sell fx packs with your creations,etc...

Hey! thanks for the report, we will check it as soon as possible.

You always export at 1:1. All depends of pixelation you set.

If you have a 4 pixelations for H/w and the image is 512x512, the exported image will be 128x128, due 512/4= 128. So exports at 1:1 to be ready to use, in games or whatever, so you not need to resize, that all people requested so i made in this way.

And yes to zoom only works with mouse wheel sorry.

You can att he moment add custom particles clicking on "sprite" button on the right to select one of the visuals have to appear there.

The problem was hard to solve due we wanted to people add custom folders with their particles, but due Mac filesystem was unable to do it right, so we changed and we gonna add that images inside the app no folders so can be acceses via Mac with no problem.

Sorry for delay, hope to release the new version with this and other bugs fixed!

I see, let us check something, if can't fix that we will just send you the steam key by hand via email. Sorry for the incovenience!

I see, then it should, no idea why other people can get it and you no, i revised and there are stem keys still available. Let us see what can be, btw you can also ask to itchio to see if there is any problem in your account and tell the problem.

Thats weird due lot of people got the steam key. When you purchase the tool?

It should appear if you bought it. Looks this tutorial, is from another game but all works in the same way:

Well, seems needs more work, we are trying to catch last bugs and fixing the Undo feature that is almost done before release.

If all works well this week :P

No radius but you can change the size XY on visuals with Xscale and Yscale.

In the top of itchio you will see that you own the tool and a download button will appear to download new versions for free.

The tool supports .Pal format. So in other tool save the palette in .PAL and in the color tab of PixelFX select custom and load the .Pal file you want.

No idea when, i guess when MAC bugs are fixed, that are the same on linux will be released.