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Images reuploaded!

For this jam and as appear in rules you can use any resoluction and only choose between 2 color palettes.

The game have to be in 4 colors,for real CGA color mode. After that you can add filters for noise, glitch or whatever that yes will make the final screen have lots more colors.

Also be in mind you have to add an option to activate/deactivate filters so people can play the real CGA mode.

Always that you use only 4 colors from one of the two palettes you can do a 3D game. For example for the fog yi guess you can do black/white fog with black/white dither.

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1- Yes

2- All that is allowed in the real CGA you can do now , but have in mind only 4 colors(Palette 0 or 1) at the same time.

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Here are two images in 4 colors with most aprox color in Pico8 to adapt to the Palette #0 and #1 for the CGAJam.

Any kind of language is allowed always that meets the jam restrictions ;)

After ask on twitter doing a poll and some comments yes, you can change the CGA palette 0-1 ingame


At the moment you only can use one palette fixed for the whole game, but i gonna thing about it and i will update the jam page and on twitter if this changes ;)

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ere you have the Hex values for the CGA palette:


the first post with the hex values for each one of the allowed palettes.

CGA JAM community · Created a new topic Welcome to CGA Jam!
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After the success with 1Bit Clicker Jam and after ask on twitter for a possible new one on a poll peple voted to have a new jam on June so i'm announcing it 1 Month earlier because some people arrived too late and after the jam starts still lot of people joined every day, so hope this time not be a problem.

This time is not gonna be based on a "gameplay theme",now you can do any kind of game(Platforms, rpg, racing...) using mouse, keyboard even a theremin if you want XD, only visuals restrictions using 8bit/Chiptunes sounds.

Use this forum to any thing relates to the jam and for questions about rules.

CGA Hex Values

Palette 0
yellow: #ffff55
light_green: #55ff55
light_red: #ff5555
black: #000000

Palette 1
white: #ffffff
light_cyan: #55ffff
light_magenta: #ff55ff
black: #000000

Good luck with the jam!! ;)

Thank you for participate and for your great entry! ;)

Glad you like it! :D

Hey! thanks to you guys for do this a great Game jam! Hope to host more jams soon! ;)

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Yes, you can upload more than one entry ;)

Yes, no problems, buttons allowed always that not affect to the gameplay

1.- Yes the player can lose

2.- No necessary but you van add an end

3.- Think this jam a game on only the mouse can be used and the main mechanic of the game is improve stats and grow. There is game examples. YOu can do a Dungeon Crawler, RPG, manager,etc...

Looks great! i already want to play that :P

You can use them in personal/commercial games no credit needed ;)

Yes, 8bit/Chiptunes are allowed,

You can simply make an exit button, so on click the app is closed.

BTW, ESC is allowed because is out from the gameplay.

Nope! do it if you want! ;)

Without filters All have to be 1-Bit, max 2 colors on screen, no antialias or similar. So you have to deactivate the AA to fit the rules.

Yes, this is the first time of the jam.

About games and interviews feel free to ask.

You can open a Thread in 1BitJam General here: https://itch.io/board/61562/1-bit-jam-general Talkin about this and askin permis to people to host their games or the ones who want be interview,etc... so people interested in that can contact you via message or if you give an email they contact you privately,etc...

Hi, i'm the one who host the jam, what exactly you need?

Yes no problem! ;)

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The idea is promote the games of the jam in my twitter account (+4.7k followers).

So instead of go one by one looking games, searching the twitter of the author, looking images/gifs or recording,etc... please provide the info and post in this thread, so with a simple copy-paste i can promote in my twitter and everybody wins! ;) .


$GameName By @YourTwitter . Play > "Link to your game jam page" + .Gif link to be used or video

Ottopunk by @chkkll . Play > https://chkkll.itch.io/ottopunk (image form itchio screenshot, imgur or whatever i can pick it)

And this is how will looks on my twitter:

So, please make only one post, no replies to other entries here, keep it clean and organized. Every post here have to be the game info with their gif or video. Thanks!

NOTE: Actually there are more than 400 devs , so not all games will be featured, i will pick the best ones and i will post 1-3 at day, so please have this in mind!!. Be sure to make a good .gif! .

Only two colors at the same time, but you can leave the player change the colors at any time, any two colors, or change to the other and change the two colors for other two.

The game have to be the same without effects, you can add distorsion, RGBA channel separation that makes you will have millions of colors, but if you deactivate it the game still have to be a two colors game.

You can't use filters to add fade effects or another properties that in two colors is not possible.

No gradient colors, greys or others, with the filters on/off the game have to works in the same way, filters are only applied to the final render image, not to be used as a properti to fade or do something in some sprites.

Hope my explanation was clear :P .

Yes, you can do mockups some graphcis and code to have all ready for the jam so you know what you will do and start to develop the idea in depth.

1.- Yes, the development starts on 1st April. You can start doing some mockups and test to have an idea of what you will do, then on 1st yo start to develop the idea with code gfx,etc...

2.- You can upload an exe, zip, html5, all that people can play to judge and vote your submission.

3.- Yes any two colors. Also you can give the user choose between two colors or change ingame the two colors but always max 2 colors in the screen.

Only two colors count, Green and black, Black and White,etc... no gradients or shading from the color.

Obviously when filters/shaders are applied to that restriction will be a lot more colors, but you need to put an On/Off button to activate/deactivate filters to chect fits with the colors rules.

You saw the example games that fits with this genre? All this:


Can be a RPG, Racing game, Dungeon Crawler, Roguelike, etc... always they are click based + improving stats.

If you are thinking or a kind of game and you have any doubt please let me know, some reference link or whatever.

I see, i have to be more clear for this kind of platforms.

You can do any kind of tap, single, double, triple or whatever always that fits with the rest of the rules.

Yes, 1-Bit are two colors. Meanwhile your game uses two colors is allowed ;) .

Yes, no problem guys! Is in the FAQ, you can use any two colors you want, even leave the user select between two colors of their choice.

But always only max two colors in the screen ;) .

Have to be a Clicker / Incremental / Idle game.

I mean, a game on the main mechanic is click and on you have to improve the stats.

Look the games i posted as example.

And yes, meanwhile the game fits with that yes, can be a Racing game, RPG, adventure,etc...

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At the moment simply to test the community and stick the post for future news, changes and any relevant info.

Also i have in mind add some 1bit stuff like fonts, icons,etc... that people can use in their games in case somebody needed.


Pixel Fonts

https://www.patreon.com/posts/pico-16-font-8155979 By Trasevol_Dog

http://www.pentacom.jp/pentacom/bitfontmaker2/gall... By @MadameBerry

http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/fonts/ By Yusuke Kamiyamane

Monkey Island Font


8bit Sounds / Chiptunes

Here some webs that allow you create easily with one clicks effects for your game.






1-Bit art for your games

I posted some 1-Bit art on my twitter account to be used on your games. Enjoy! ;)


Replied to xabi in CRT Racer comments

En mi caso era hacer un juego de coches que siempre he querido desarrollar pero con tantas ideas y con tantas cosas que uno quiere hacer al final me puse con otro juego. Veremos si algun dia lo retomo ;) .

I'm doing a mockup of a game and preparing all the stuff to have al clear how will be done. This is how looks the idea:

But if i have to animate the character i practically will use all the time for that.

My idea is do something like Another World with characters backgrounds in 2D and characters in 3D pre-rendered.

So, can somebody model and animate something like that?