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YOu have to go to the download page after you bought the app. Check the itchio FAQ to see how to obtain. If you get the app via giveaways (free key) the steam key is not available.

Is something we are trying to fix, sorry for the inconvenience!

In the same way of PixelFX, before export you need to render. In juiceFX after render automatically it shows the options to export.

JuiceFX is not a pixel software tool. Is a tool to add animations using pixel displacement/transformations, all by code, nothing manual. All working with layers. You can test the demo. The exported files are .png, gif or single pngs of the animation and they are compatibles to any software

There is the C64 palette already in the tool. To get the same effect set pixelation W to 8 and Pixelation H to 4. After that just play with bright and other values to get the final result.

Thanks for the resport, is an Error on gamemaker, hope to fix the issue soon!

In the download page link you got after PixelFX purchase, go there and press the button for "request steam key" and you will receive one. 

Maybe because it runs with the integrated GPU instead the main one?.

Can you post the steps or the tutorial to run in Mac?

Done, go to the download page when purchased, you should se some "request steam key" button ;)

Yep, you can claim any key you still not have. Hope itchio fix the duplicate issueso after that i can send 10 keys or whatever without worry about that and without advise about ban, rules or whatever, just people claim the key and done.

Thanks! we will take a look! thanks for the feedback!


The key is hidden with the same color as background, so you have to select to see the text.


I'm preparing different giveways and contests, like a bunch of free keys to just press and claim, or some other to send via DM on twitter to random people, or via email,etc... some 1st come, 1st to serce and others give the entire day to participate or various days or one week,etc...

The bad thing, is that itchio actually allows claim the same key various times, also avoiding bots,etc... so testing different ways to give keys so every one at any timezone can have the same chances.

Sorry, and Thanks for the feedback!

I think this can be done easily by code in the engine but will see if we can add in some way.

Manu have to confirm but i guess it moves the same pixels, just in HD pixels are 1x1, and in pixel mode they can be 2,3,4,5 and it can looks is much.

But will se what can be done, thanks for the report ;)

Is not a PixelArt editor. WHat it does is add sprite animations to your sprites. There is a demo you can test to see how all works ;)

Yep, the three one, in less than 5 minutes :P

If you own this "GiveAway" article, via Free key or purchased, you should received an email with free keys for the Pix2iso tool.

If not revise your email notification on itchio or your spam folder to mark as trusted email to no miss any chance.

I save .Pal files in Aseprite and Paint SHop Pro and they works perfect.

You can test pals form here too: . It allos to download .Pal files.

I don't have mac, you should search on google to see how is done. I guess similar to windows10 on you can set write permisions to a file/folder or "Run as admin" to be able to execute some apps.

Also there is an option on mac the blocks any app downloaded from other site than app store, so you have to go to the mac config and allow that,etc... 

Just purchasing the article by $1, or wait until some keys are posted in some social media or in the website.

You can use Aseprite, Paint SHop Pro, Photoshop, to load an image , and save the color palete in .pal format to be used in the tool. 

Or you can create youw own colors using the RGB sliders there.

Not a big problem, you still can acces to direct keys in your emails and download any free content if you own this "giveaway" article.

Also will think another ways "no twitter" for giveaways.

Is there other social media you use?

If all effects were made by code, and the export is in the same lenguage of the engine maybe, but none of them is the case.

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All your thoughts about this game prototype, share your scores postin screenshots, videos, tricks or whatever.

The game is not in development , is just a game made time ago so i wanted to shared to everyone who joined this giveaways.

Maybe if people love so much i may do some multiplayer version or something, but at the moment is just a freebie ;) .

All related about this giveaway.

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Just to say thanks and share your luck with the community ;) , create a topic or here like:

"-Hey! got the "Tool/game/asset name" free key! thanks!" is fine :) .

It is not mandatory, but is nice to see and motivates me to keep doing this. Thanks!

It supports only .Pal files.

Have you checked the permissions of the file or folder?

Try to look the permisions, in your folder, try to unzip with the .zip program or using the default by mac, sometimes with one work and other not , seems with one the permisions are lost or similar.

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

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Here will post all related news about the giveaways.

Thats weird, thanks for the report, we will investigate!