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Oh! You mean only 2 colors. Then go to palette tab and in the palette slider select the Black&White. Or in the palette slots in the top add the black and white color and press "set".

Go to Color and set Saturation to 0 so you will get that Black/White effects.

Well, not was an outline, was a "toon effect" that creates a black ouline also inside the image that i remove it at the end due some times in some GPUs is glitched :(

Only using 16 bits, with palette the alpha/transparency is lost. One trick is having this in mind prepare the image before use the tool so you can erase the color around easily.

Hey! yes no problem!, as far as i know palettes not have copyright, or in my case my matriax8c and 128c not have. So go ahead. My twitter is @DavitMasia in case you have any more doubts.

Yes the tool is made with construct.

NES and Gameboy palettes are added by default in the palette tab on palette slider name, btw you can always load external palettes until 192 colors in .pal format.

What i do is just add the images i gonna work in some pixa folder. Will try to see how to improve that.

Yes sure, are under CC0 license. You can use them for personal/Commercial projects ;)

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1.- Press right mouse button on the slider number, this one will start to blink, then set the number you want and press enter. Be in mind there is max and min values if you reach them will be set to their ones.

2.- I will have in mind. Or maybe just delete that action due runs on window you can always click on the close button of the window. Will see.

3.- Go to "Palette" tab in the leftbar. THen there is a "Palette" slider with all the retro palettes . CPC is number 3.

4.- The steps in erosion is how much iterations. Set intensity to 100 and play with step values and you will se perfectly what it does.

Btw, here is a Erosion text tutorial:


EDIT: Also in the Info tab you have some tips/Trick/Hotkeys

Oh! Great! Enjoy!  :D 

Yep! With the Construct2 car movement plugin :P

When exports should be 1:1 size, and if you want resize to get the same you have to use a resize with "nearest neightbor" to avoid that blurry images. The exported version should be the same as the  pixatool version, just at 1:1. I will se what can be.

The right clik on the name resets to default and right click on the numbers gives you the option to set the values manually.

At the moment exports at 1:1. when there is some pixelation. Btw, you can always resize in PSP,etc... i changes this because in the old version all peole wanted the 1:1 export, real size pixels. But will se how cover both ways.

Not that option in this moment but maybe is possible add something that can fit with that. Will look into it ;)

Yep! just this version is a WIP, still have to add all the features in the old version. Just added some more hotkeys, the Zoom in/OUT ,etc... i guess monday will be another release.

Hi! Working on a update that should allow export any kind of size, even 4k. Hope to release soon! Also with a much better UI.

All the hotkeys are displayed in the interface.

Other things are that you can use mouse wheel up/down, arrows or av/re pag to move steps/values over a sliderbar but no much more.

They are used in the shader format. You can search on google lots of retro sites, wikis,etc.. have theyr palette in various formats ;) .

Sorry, only new games are allowed.

You have to develop a new game to upload in this jam, other than that will be discarded from voting.

Mmm, weird, i will took a look to that, thanks for the report.

Desktop or laptop? What GPU you have? Ram?

So, the app crashes or just get blocked? You can press F again to return in window mode? The sliders not works anymore?. Also what OS are you using? Win/Mac/Linux ?

. Be in mind the software nworks at 1280x720..Press F for full screen in case your screen resolution is small.

I see, mMaybe, i think i should update the NW.JS version i'm using and test again. Thanks!

Ok thanks! ;)

Hi! great!, i guess creating a new capx and pasting the events also should works.

The "enbaled" here:

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My Monero(XMR) Minning Calculations

1 Monero = $407,1076 (5 january 2018)

$1 = 0.0025 Monero/XMR


CoinHive gets from Payments under 0.5 XMR (20$) a Fee =  are 0.005 XMR ($2)

Coinhive pays = 0.00005588 XMR per 1M hashes (5 january 2018)

1 Millon Hashes = $0.02

For $1 you need = 50 million Hashes

Hardware tested for mining Monero (CPU)

iPad 4th generation (100% speed - 2 Threads)
1 Hashes per second = (86.400/Day)
--- 2.58M Hashes/Month ($0.05 At month) ---

MacBook Pro 2.5 GHZ Intel Core 5 - (100% speed - 4 Threads)
19/19.5 Hashes per second = (1.641.600/Day)
--- 48M Hashes/Month ($0.96 At month) ---
(NOTE: In dashboard says about 20-29 ¿?)

Desktop i5-3570K 3.40Ghz (100% speed - 4 Threads) (5-6 years old)
60-70 Hashes per second = (5.184.000/Day)
--- 150M Hashes/Month - ($3 At month) ---


Wonder the results with an actual CPU due mine is 5-6 years old and 4 threads, the ones with more GHz and 6-8 cores maybe can give until $5 or more at month. But seems the Monero mining can be done via GPU (http://monerobenchmarks.info/) With a single GPU can do 1k hashes per seconds that means 86.400.000/Day -> 1,72$ Day -> $51.6 Month.  Also one just get 8 Xeon Phi(68 CPU cores card) in one box getting 27k/Hs that means about $1400 at month, crazy.

At the moment using the MacBook Pro as mining at 70% of CPU via CoinHive web. At this moment have around 330k hashes completed. Want to have some stats and graphs to make my maths.

I will edit this post adding any kind of info can be interesting.

Now looking the way to pass the XMR to a monero wallet. CoinHive recommends GetMonero and MyMonero. I saw piratebay uses GetMonero so i guess i will use that one.

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Exported and the max i get using NW.JS is using the 64bit version of WIndows7 and give me 16 hashes by second instead of 60 using the browser. All using the config settings of the .capx .

On preview max 7-8. On exported seems get double 14-16 max. I tried start with 4 cores and other options but the max is about 16 using Win64 bits. Any idea of what can be?

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Nop, no installed nothing previously by hand. Appears always that try to open the .capx provided in 1.3.2 .zip version.

It looks like the .capx was saved with a 1.3.3 version, and due i have the 1.3.2 detects i have an old version and shows this warning.

The one thing i did, was drag&drop the addon file from the 1.3.2 to an open project of C2. Then i restarted and opened the .capx file on 1.32 and always tell me that.


The typo: EnBaled - Enabled . The "B" is not in the right place. At least in the plugin version i have.

(Edited 1 time)

With the same default config on:

NW.JS i get around 7 hashes per seconds (4 threads)

Browser(Firefox): 60 hashes per second. (4 threads)

In both cases the CPU get around 90-95%.

What can be?


Also the best browser to mine is Firefox(61 per second) with last
update. Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi get 55-56 per second. i don't know why.

Created a new topic Plugin version Vs Capx version
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Just got this error , i downloaded the  1.3.2 version zip, used the drop c2addon on C2, closed the app and open the .capx provided and this is what appears:

There is a 1.3.3 version there? Or what i'm missing ?


EDIT: The firsc action is called "AutoThread enbaled", maybe is "AutoThread enabled" ?

Hi, Oh yes! disabling UBlocker worked perfectly, thanks! Seems gets around 90-99% of the CPU, at least in my case, i guess this can be set in C2 events and maybe in runtime. So is only CPU based? Thought was GPU due can work better for this kind of operation of at least for bitcoins.

About the stats with that users seems relatively good. I mean, for an online game with about 100 users or more can works well. All depends of get the right kind of game and enough gameplay addiction to get the user return again or leave it opened to get rewards.

Reading more tutorials and other things and looks interesting, so i just bought it, i think deserves at least a try.

Hope to finish other stuff and will start playing around with this :) .

Created a new topic Any stats you can share?
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The page about the plugin , "Start miner" button is disabled and there is nothing working, so for what the example? or i'm missing something?

You made any game with this? Any stats or something you can share ¿? Any tutorial about mining monero you recomend to start or you followed? Like how get back monero > Real money $ .  Will be great add some links to understand better all the process.

Also, is possible reward the player in the game with virtual goods depending on how much their are minning? Like some player needs game cash like gems/gols, so to earn more he increase the % of the CPU/GPU mining to get more. Like on mobile games on you decide to click on a video to earn gems/money or whatever. Is possible?

The standalone version has just released, now you can buy only the tool ;)

Working to add some features like Bath procesing and fixing other bugs,etc.. when get all the standalone version will be released ;)

Yes was removed, mainly because i always used the dark mode for get the lines/outlne and give space for Highlight/shadow sliders that i find them more useful and the Special FX tab.

The next version of PixaTool will be in 1280x720, already organized all to fit with the standars resolutions. Hope this fix your problems! ;) . Maybe tonight or tomorrow will be released the 1.18 .

Hi wizball6502 !

1.- Yes, after buy you are able to dowload any future release or new content, maybe more tools or whatever i decide include in this pack.

2.- The problem is that the APP native resolution is 1280x800 , your height is lower than the native resolution so the APP makes a 0.5x scale to show all the content. I have in mind make the final resolution 1280x720 to fit with the standars resolutions, just started to add more and more features an withous space space  i added more height without having in mind can cause problems like you so hope in next versions  organize all better to solve this, sorry for the incovenience!

That bug shuld be fixed in the next version,. Just the program crops using the real aspect ratio, si if gets the window some pixels less then crops to 2x scale less.

For pixelArt purposes 512x512 is enough big. Also after export with the quality, pixelation or use any kind of the features, you can use PSP or any other program to change the real size, so is not a big problem ;) .

The 1.14 version will be released tonight or tomorrow. Also i added the option to edit the RGB values of a color in a custom palette.

I will post a gif showing how the custom palette works. Also some videos in the next days showing how work with all that.

The tool is based and to work only with 512x512 images. ANy image at other ratio or size will be resized at 512x512 due how all works and is applied to do all the stuff. Maybe change in the future but for now is 512x512.