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You no need to copy nothing since from last version of the APP all particles are added in the app folder.

If you are using Windows, run the app as administrator. If you are using Mac is a bug we need to fix, btw, you still can load using the "sprite" button on the right and load the image for the particle you want.

The actual documentation is here:

To get the Particle Render, on CUstom tab, just set "Scale" to 1 instead 4.

Oh great! Glad it worked ;)

Even the ones in the "examples" folder? When you load same error? Ne and save, and if you try to load error? Are you tried to run PixelFX in administrator mode? maybe there is some  permission failing mm.

Also are you using the Itchio or Steam version?

Yes, seems there is a bug, like on load project que thumb image is place in the pivot point. We will take a look, thanks for the report!

Are you using Win or Mac? Win7/10? Which Pixel FX version? ? Any screenshot of the crash? There is any error output? like a dialog window or something? Please, give as much info as you can to fix the bug please.

Render the same frames as your explosion particles life are. 

If the particle have 30 in live, that means frames, so if you render 60 frames, on render will do it two times. Set render frames to 30 so will fit just one burst.

Oh i see, thaks for the report, we will fix in next update! thanks!

Yes, just remove the pixelation on custom tab set scale from 4 to 1.

1) That is another bug that should be fixed in next versions.

2) Frame Width/Height are the size of the particle you want to import if you have the animation speed higher than 0.

3)About the UI difference in youtube videos is due we are constantly improving the tool adding more features.

4) YOu already can do it, there are some examples like the Explosion_Orb and similar that are executed one time and after finish starts again. Look how their are done.

5) We are working on a new update that should fix most of the errors like load the thunder example and others.

Thanks for reporting the error, will be fixed in next version that should be out soon!

SOrry, but the tool is developed as standalone, no plans to make a plugin for unity or other engines that will be a new whole thing and now we are focused on the standalone.

The bug makes that if in the app name or full directory you have any space the gif export not will work. So, make sure your full directory is without spaces like:

"C:\Tools\PixelFXdesigner" or similar.

If your directory is like: "C:\My Tools\Pixel FX Designer" will fail.

We will fix this bug in next update, sorry for the inconvenience.

Yep, the bug has been reported already, we are looking into it! Hope to fix in neext update. Sorry for the incovenience!.

Seems is a problem with spaces in the directory. Can you remove the spaces in previous directories so the full dir of PixelFXdesigner app is without them and test again to confirm?

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Oh we found the bug! is a steam error, seems, you using the steam version right? Seems there is a problem with the folder.

Happened in previous versions or only in this new one? Seems the .gif export not starts, appears the dos console with the params for ImageMagick but exits suddenly. Seems you are using Win10 right? Are you running the app as administrator? Maybe there needs some permissions but is weird.

Can you make a full process video? I mean, load a FX, press render, and when it's done export gif. Is to see if we can reproduce it exactly to see we can find the error. thanks!.

Using Win or Mac? After render and press export Gif will start to export, and after done will appear in the app folder where the .exe app is, with this name: "Result3.gif". Is there any error output? I tried various and exported correctly.Happens sometime or always?

Sorry, will be fixed in next update, or maybe tomorrow if we fix we update to will see, sorry for the inconvenience!

Yep is a bug we missed sorry. Try to open the thundr in the version, just enabled the old version, you should to open without problems. let me know.

Great! :D

That happens when you change the scale/canvas in ol version. Download the new version uploaded today, that should be fixed!

Pixel FX designer has been released on steam, so you should be able to get an steam key ;)

You will need to use other software to get that sizes.

Oh! You're right, i reproduced now the error. Thanks for the report! hope to be fixed in next update. 

Oh i see, will see maybe after steam release on coming updates.

You will need to save the colors in .pal format and import to the tool

Here is a tutorial that how create a explosion, that is just a burst if is what you want to do:

Tried to reproduce but not happens to me. Can you tell the steps please? I added custom palettes or changed for default ones and all worked without problems ¿?.

You exported in gif format? With gif all trnasparency is lost due is 256 colors and uses only one color for tranparency. You have to use .PNG export to keep the optimal result.

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Yep, tutorial in progress ;)

For that you need to set the delay start in particles close to finish.

I will do some tutorial about it due is some tricky!

What you mean? Storage window?

Zoom is something we have planned already ;)

Hi, seems is a bug on the last release, hope to fix in next version. Thanks for the report!

Oh! you're right! We will fix for next release, thanks! ;)

In "custom" tab there is a "scale" sliders that is used for the pixelation that is set to 4x. The default canvas is 400x400 so with a 4 pixelation you get a 100x100 frames animation, All in that animations will have the same pixel ratio.

If you want the original size just set the "scale" to 1.

Hi, you can use the timeline for that. Create points and of each point you can set any different setup for all properties ;)

No public roadmap, but in our plans are the Undo/Redo, Linux build,etc...

Yes from left to right, up to down. 

Yes, only export the spritesheet, in one file to be used in any engine. We are looking how do individual .pngs in a simple way, hope to find some way that work on win/mac.