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no sorry no steam planned

Hi, thanks for let me know, will take a look to see what can be. I recommend 1.57 Btw because is the most tested one, 1.58 added some experimental improvements and fails in some stuff like this one.

With 0 you can toggle Low / High quality. But yes will see hope add window mode in next update.

Yep, you're right, already has been reported, maybe in the next update the camera will be fixed too.

Hi thanks for the feedbak. Be in mind this is also focused to be an arcade game, like Sega Rally Revo. Btw, will try to decrease a bit the speed/ratio.

I remember playing a lot with flatout, with all that mini-games, very fun!

Yeah, thanks, but having a solo dev, will be hard to compete with Forza XD , but well, will see ;)

Thanks for the feedback. You actually can move the view with mouse, using the right stick for that not should be much problem.

About smoke,etc... is something i tried various times, i have to improve more, also giving more opacity for the next update.

About the car on air yes, be in mind this is a semi-arcade , no realistic, but will see what can i do.

Thanks for the feedback! will what can i do ;)

Yes, the game is a semi-arcade, so the driving is focused to be easy/fun.

Biggers maps, track and different floor materials will depends on how this demo does, will see what other people says.

About sliding keep in mind you are driving in a wet floor while rain. In a dry asphalt the sliding will be reduced.

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The Donut/Drift Mode already uses handbrake, i guess you use with brake for reverse, which is not made for that. DOnut mode is to make donuts around objects. But will try to see what can i do.

What you mean about "J" turns ? Any example? I can do 180/360 very easy if you mean that. Or what kind of turns?

Rrear view not works right, i need to fix it.

Already know about the steam VR thing, will see if i can fix for next update.

Hi, thanks, im using a physics plugin called FGEAR, this one .

Lots of param configs and some core changes to get the feeling as i wanted.

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Any feedback related about driving. Why can't you get into controls? Anything that frustrates you?  What you will improve? Car slides too much or low? What's your best arcade racing game in terms of driving/handling/fun?... let me know! And use gamepad please.


By default the game Resolution Quality is set at 75% to make playable in old devices.

If you have a High-End PC, open GameUserSettings.ini and set: sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000

Folder > StreetRacing\StreetRacing\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini


What you mean? There is no install, just unzip and run? Can you post a screenshot about the error? What Windows are you using? Demo worked? Tried with Run By administrator? Have the folders on you installed permission to read/write? Tried the compatibility mode with Win7/8/Xp to check if works for you?

In the "custom" tab, under "advanced" set Scale to 1. In the Render tab you have all the needs to render the gif.

Press Start Render when you have something you like. When is finished, on the top menu, press "export" and selected the output format.

It looks the visual tabs, which depends on some app folder not have access. Check the permissions of the app folder to read/write,etc... to avoid any problems.

itchio version runs independent. But also on buy it gives a key in case you prefer a steam version.

The plugin was dprecated and i not recomend to use it.

No idea it works on my side, maybe is because i compiled with a new version of the NW.JS or something. I will try more stuff tomorrow to se what changed in the last one that makes no able to export.

Sorry for the oncovenience!.

And only happens on v1.58 ? others works fine?

Have you tried with different images sizes? Is weird because i tested and worked even in OS last time checked.

Im gonna check some stuff.

Weird, can you try the batch export option even with only one file to see the same happens. Also try run as admin the app, and export the files inside the app or out app folder to see if there is any difference.

Have you permission on w10 folder? try to run as admin too, maybe some problem to save 

Press render, then the export options will appear

not possible sorry. You have then to increase to the final size you want out of pixatool. The tool export at 1:1 pixels.

Due the project finished with all the additions planned.

Wanted to add some other stuff like real .svg too, but Due C2 limitations never did.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!.

As title says is a demo and mostly looking for physics/controls feedbacks first, that at the end is what makes a driving game good or bad.

Multiplayer, car customizations... is in a very far development phase right now and in case the project continues, so will see.

"Breaking Force is too strong, not very realistic. "

> Be in mind this is an Arcade game, like Sega Rally, Daytona Usa,etc... so no looking for a realistic driving.  

> In 0.0.1 the braking was more soft and people complained about it, this version brakes a bit more fast and i think is good, also you can always set less presure on brakes.

> Btw, always is possible add some option to configure how soft/hard the brakes you want before a race to configure as your/track needs.


About 4K textures , what are you worried? You can use in personal/commercial projects, no atribition needed. You can't resell obviously.

Thanks! glad you like it! :D

There is a preview scale slider at the bottom of the render. Set to 1x to see if is what you need .

Yes, when you import an image it ask you for the image frame width/height. So if you set 64x64 fromm a 1024x1024 image the tool will pick that frames to  show you the animation to use.

For bayer dithering you have to use pixel W/H 1, if not on resize the dither will be lost.

For the checks dithering, you can set pixel  W/H anything what you want, on export the scale will be 1:1 but dither will be there, because in this case the dither is applied depending of the Pixelation W/H amount.

Have you tried saving/exporting inside the APP folder instead outside or check your windows permisions? also run with administrator may help.

The mac version is included in last one too, also linux, just for new buyers is hidden and set Windows only due problems on mac.

If you bought it, go to library and download the last version, mac is included, just i dropped the mac support.

Yep, for video you have to use the old one. Was unable to include it on the last ones (1.5 and up.)

Mac support was dropped time ago. IF you purchased the MacOS version  please use to get a refund.

We are working on it,  some was uploaded, but discovered still was some bugs so it should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Just remove pixelation W/H to keep the same size.

If the image is 512x and you set pixelation 4, then will be exported at 128x, because 512/4=128 to give you the real 1:1 aspect ratio.

If you want the pixelated version, after export, in PSP ot other software just resize the image X times you want to get 4x,8x,6x or what you want.

You welcome! ;)