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it was planned but not done

No sorry, no linux support planned

if you not use any palete is 16 bit, then you export alpha, in the moment you use palete it becomes 8bit

not sorry only with 16bit

Can you post a screenshot of the error?  And the steps are you following and what you want to achieve?

Only in 16bits mode, without apply palette.

YOu should contact with itchio admin at if i remember well.

It has to be sprite sheet

Contacted qwith admin and told me you have to contact support to solve the problem:

Thats because your GPU not allows WebGL or is disabled/Blacklisted.

Enable WebGL to run the tool properly.

This is due the export image is bigger than 1.5mb . Use Batch export to avoid the file size limit.

I checked the purchases on PixelFX and there is no email that match with your one, so i can't confirm the purchase.

I will ask to the admin to see if there is any problem and how to fix this, sorry!

Its weird, have you checked your itchio email? and your itchio library to see if the article was added? What email you used to purchase so i can confirm the sell was made?

Nope, Mac version is not in development anymore, only windows.

This is due the Permissions. Be sure to set all permisions so app can do all that.

If problem persist, try to save/export in a folder inside the app instead of outside if you/app not have the privilegies to do that.

Have you tried this fixes for OSX ?

Also check what this guy said about OSX version:

He used a extractor from appstore that worked. Is OSX giving you any kind of error? Without feeedback, screenshot of what happens i can't help too much

The runnable files in linux versions are "Pixatool" the ones with 54-59kb. on 32/64bits.

BTW, i dropped linux support time ago due problems like this. Some people run without problems and others can't extract the files or comes with errors, thats why i set the app only Windows/Mac and set in the first line of description: 

"** Test DEMO and read the Limitations List before buy **"

Some causes the linux version not work can be like in OSX, that depending in which program you use to extract the zip the tool will run or not. Are you using the .zip program or the own linux extractor for zips? In OSX the tool only will work if you extract the zip using the MAC one. No idea why, but if you use the zip programafter unzip it says the tool is damaged and can't be run.

Nop sorry, no linux planned.

Oh sorry my fault! Now appears in the demo section!

Oh sorry! In full version there are all versions, but on demo only 64 bits, added the 32bits version. Let me know if works now.

Have you tried to run the 64bit one?

This tools works as a standalone if you mean that.

This tools if you mean PixelFX Designer and JuiceFX, they export the creations in .png format, so you should be able to load .png in your engine, line Unity, COnstruct2, GameMaker or similar.

They have demos, so first, test them and see if they fit to your needs.

What you mean? You can export animation in .png spritesheet to use in any engine.

You welcome!

And congratulations to all !!

There is a demo, so you can download and test, and yes it should work on 32/64bit. And this tool is not available on steam only itchio.


Have ou tried this ? :

Look in google the problem you got on Mac to see the fixes, because sure other people already had it before:

It looks you unzip using the Mac extractor instead the zip app? if you used one of the methods try the other.

5 New Devs Joined with 6 games

(20 Devs | 36 Games total )


Participations closed. THe bundle will be live 25 Dec to 6 January !!!

Final list:

Oh that sounds great! thanks! :D

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2 New Devs Joined with 6 games

(15 Devs | 30 Games total )

(Also first 2 VR games added)


Also on my twitter i'm posting screenshots of the games, links to devs stores, etc...

3 new Devs joined the bundle

(13 Devs & 24 Games total )

Six new Devs joined the bundle

10 Total Devs and 17 Games so far :D

Updated the first post and the pastebin with all games, tiers,etc...

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Hi Guys!

Planning a BIG Game bundle
* From 25 December > 6 January

At this moment 20 devs joined & 36 games
Actual list:


Participations closed!



Nope Sorry :(

So, effects works, about pixelation is what i said, if you put a 512x512 images it will be divided by the pixelation to give you always a 1:1 ratio image to be used in project. In case for some reason you want a pixelated verion, on export just resize the exported image to desired size.

I wanted to check the GPU is not blacklisted and all looks fine.

If you add contrast/brightness the image changes in the app? If you add brightnes or other, when you export the image has more brightness or the effect you applied? Try without pixelation first so no resize on export will be done so you can compare better the images.

If for some reason you need a 1600x1200, just the resized output resize again to 1600x1200 and you will get the pixelated version.

If any of the effects like sharpen,etc... not works maybe your GPU is blacklisted to not use WebGL. Can you post a screenshot of the tool? Also are you using Windows version?