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Seems there something in your GPU that is not compatible with the tool, you should had tested before buy. You should ask for a refund on itchio.

That happens also in the demo?

The palette have colors before set? You can load via .pal files. Also Be in mind this uses WebGL so maybe your GPU card is blacklisted. Other FX works? Can you post a screenshot?

No sorry, only spritesheet, gif and json. As you said, the option will be export as gif and then export the frames.

License is completly yours. YOu can use everywhere, even you can sell fx packs with your creations,etc...

Hey! thanks for the report, we will check it as soon as possible.

You always export at 1:1. All depends of pixelation you set.

If you have a 4 pixelations for H/w and the image is 512x512, the exported image will be 128x128, due 512/4= 128. So exports at 1:1 to be ready to use, in games or whatever, so you not need to resize, that all people requested so i made in this way.

And yes to zoom only works with mouse wheel sorry.

You can att he moment add custom particles clicking on "sprite" button on the right to select one of the visuals have to appear there.

The problem was hard to solve due we wanted to people add custom folders with their particles, but due Mac filesystem was unable to do it right, so we changed and we gonna add that images inside the app no folders so can be acceses via Mac with no problem.

Sorry for delay, hope to release the new version with this and other bugs fixed!

I see, let us check something, if can't fix that we will just send you the steam key by hand via email. Sorry for the incovenience!

I see, then it should, no idea why other people can get it and you no, i revised and there are stem keys still available. Let us see what can be, btw you can also ask to itchio to see if there is any problem in your account and tell the problem.

Thats weird due lot of people got the steam key. When you purchase the tool?

It should appear if you bought it. Looks this tutorial, is from another game but all works in the same way:

Well, seems needs more work, we are trying to catch last bugs and fixing the Undo feature that is almost done before release.

If all works well this week :P

No radius but you can change the size XY on visuals with Xscale and Yscale.

In the top of itchio you will see that you own the tool and a download button will appear to download new versions for free.

The tool supports .Pal format. So in other tool save the palette in .PAL and in the color tab of PixelFX select custom and load the .Pal file you want.

No idea when, i guess when MAC bugs are fixed, that are the same on linux will be released.

This is made in GameMaker, and Linux is planned.

The tool is to be used with .PNG spritesheet. The .gif export is to be used more for showcase in twitter, forums or similar, or maybe use for pixelart purposes due .gif is only 256 colors and just one color for transparency.

For max quality you have to use .PNG spritesheet , no palette limitation and in the "custom" tab set "scale" to "1" to avoid any pixelation.

Are you looking an HD effect or a pixelart FX?

After export as .PNG spriteSheet the quality is that low or is ok? Maybe in the tool render looks bad, but the exported .PNG how looks? If still not looks goods, try to set black background, FIxed?, so in your game use it with additive blend to get the same effect.

The new version with the new UI able to export in big sizes was released months ago. Chech demos 1.56 to see the new interface,etc...

Then we will have to fix that for the next update.

You can import animated particles. On visuals, press in the right side on "sprite", select a spriteshet that contains an animated particle, on Width/height set the particle frame size, not the entire size of the spritesheet and done!

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Another way some follower posted:

"left pointing arrow key?

That's the delete key, IIRC, fn + that key works as supr."


"map caps lock into a right arrow key + backspace macro."

I see, and no other trick to simulate delete button on mac works? Searched on google? I mean, looks weird that on macs you can't delete something due that key, have to be some workaround. We will investigate but i not have a mac to test it now.

You no need to copy nothing since from last version of the APP all particles are added in the app folder.

If you are using Windows, run the app as administrator. If you are using Mac is a bug we need to fix, btw, you still can load using the "sprite" button on the right and load the image for the particle you want.

The actual documentation is here:

To get the Particle Render, on CUstom tab, just set "Scale" to 1 instead 4.

Oh great! Glad it worked ;)

Even the ones in the "examples" folder? When you load same error? Ne and save, and if you try to load error? Are you tried to run PixelFX in administrator mode? maybe there is some  permission failing mm.

Also are you using the Itchio or Steam version?

Yes, seems there is a bug, like on load project que thumb image is place in the pivot point. We will take a look, thanks for the report!

Are you using Win or Mac? Win7/10? Which Pixel FX version? ? Any screenshot of the crash? There is any error output? like a dialog window or something? Please, give as much info as you can to fix the bug please.

Render the same frames as your explosion particles life are. 

If the particle have 30 in live, that means frames, so if you render 60 frames, on render will do it two times. Set render frames to 30 so will fit just one burst.

Oh i see, thaks for the report, we will fix in next update! thanks!

Yes, just remove the pixelation on custom tab set scale from 4 to 1.

1) That is another bug that should be fixed in next versions.

2) Frame Width/Height are the size of the particle you want to import if you have the animation speed higher than 0.

3)About the UI difference in youtube videos is due we are constantly improving the tool adding more features.

4) YOu already can do it, there are some examples like the Explosion_Orb and similar that are executed one time and after finish starts again. Look how their are done.

5) We are working on a new update that should fix most of the errors like load the thunder example and others.

Thanks for reporting the error, will be fixed in next version that should be out soon!

SOrry, but the tool is developed as standalone, no plans to make a plugin for unity or other engines that will be a new whole thing and now we are focused on the standalone.

The bug makes that if in the app name or full directory you have any space the gif export not will work. So, make sure your full directory is without spaces like:

"C:\Tools\PixelFXdesigner" or similar.

If your directory is like: "C:\My Tools\Pixel FX Designer" will fail.

We will fix this bug in next update, sorry for the inconvenience.

Yep, the bug has been reported already, we are looking into it! Hope to fix in neext update. Sorry for the incovenience!.

Seems is a problem with spaces in the directory. Can you remove the spaces in previous directories so the full dir of PixelFXdesigner app is without them and test again to confirm?

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Oh we found the bug! is a steam error, seems, you using the steam version right? Seems there is a problem with the folder.