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not possible sorry. You have then to increase to the final size you want out of pixatool. The tool export at 1:1 pixels.

Due the project finished with all the additions planned.

Wanted to add some other stuff like real .svg too, but Due C2 limitations never did.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!.

As title says is a demo and mostly looking for physics/controls feedbacks first, that at the end is what makes a driving game good or bad.

Multiplayer, car customizations... is in a very far development phase right now and in case the project continues, so will see.

"Breaking Force is too strong, not very realistic. "

> Be in mind this is an Arcade game, like Sega Rally, Daytona Usa,etc... so no looking for a realistic driving.  

> In 0.0.1 the braking was more soft and people complained about it, this version brakes a bit more fast and i think is good, also you can always set less presure on brakes.

> Btw, always is possible add some option to configure how soft/hard the brakes you want before a race to configure as your/track needs.


About 4K textures , what are you worried? You can use in personal/commercial projects, no atribition needed. You can't resell obviously.

Thanks! glad you like it! :D

There is a preview scale slider at the bottom of the render. Set to 1x to see if is what you need .

Yes, when you import an image it ask you for the image frame width/height. So if you set 64x64 fromm a 1024x1024 image the tool will pick that frames to  show you the animation to use.

For bayer dithering you have to use pixel W/H 1, if not on resize the dither will be lost.

For the checks dithering, you can set pixel  W/H anything what you want, on export the scale will be 1:1 but dither will be there, because in this case the dither is applied depending of the Pixelation W/H amount.

Have you tried saving/exporting inside the APP folder instead outside or check your windows permisions? also run with administrator may help.

The mac version is included in last one too, also linux, just for new buyers is hidden and set Windows only due problems on mac.

If you bought it, go to library and download the last version, mac is included, just i dropped the mac support.

Yep, for video you have to use the old one. Was unable to include it on the last ones (1.5 and up.)

Mac support was dropped time ago. IF you purchased the MacOS version  please use to get a refund.

We are working on it, new version with LUA scripts fixed should be uploaded soon.

We are working on it,  some was uploaded, but discovered still was some bugs so it should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Just remove pixelation W/H to keep the same size.

If the image is 512x and you set pixelation 4, then will be exported at 128x, because 512/4=128 to give you the real 1:1 aspect ratio.

If you want the pixelated version, after export, in PSP ot other software just resize the image X times you want to get 4x,8x,6x or what you want.

You welcome! ;)

Are you using any effect on your dither tests? Can you remove any effects and try again to see if pixelation with odd numbers works? or no matters?

Oh well thanks! :D

Be sure you have all premisssions in the tool, also try to save in a folder inside the app.

Great to know! What size/aspec ratio are you sin in the 7/8 pixelation? To try reproduce the error so i may fix too

Released, all fixed, in theory XD , If more bugs, please leave a comment in the 1.58 devlog entry please.

Fixed the fullscreen, fixed the export size limit on export and found the dither bug, now is time to figure how to fix it

The bug have to be so silly but if fix something other is messed.

I guess im gonna hire a more experience coder to fix this issue because is driving me crazy.

Its weird, the full screen works perfect now in my side.

And if the fullscreen not works correctly then the dither not will be ok and that happens.

Maybe the problem after all is how windows manages the fullscreen. Have you tried with compatibility mode W8? No idea just to try.

Well, just uploaded a new version with a quick fix for the dithering. 

To fix the full screen issue. On .exe right button and set properties, and in compatibility settings set: Windows 7. It shoud fix the F problem.

Let me know please.

If thats the problem, i think i can fix it, here is too late, i will try to fix tomorrow and upload a hotfix, fingers crossed!

Maybe the wrong thing is related on the aspect ratio.

Try  using v1.55, in full screen, using a 4k image, resolution: 3840x2160, and let me know if error still happens.

I mean, try to make the aspect ratio divisible by your resolution 1920x1080.

I just go to sleep now. i will investigate tomorrow, thanks for all the info!

Are you using Desktop or laptop? Also in W10 have you some change in font size or similar? Like 120%ppt ? Or try to run the tool in administrator and set compatible with Win7.

If i can fix it i will try to hire a more advanced coder to see if him can fix this issue. again sorry.

Try with 3x3, 4x4 and others. If the error is just on 2x2, then import and double size the images and try pixelation 4x4.

Let me know, so maybe if is that i can look into some patch or check why that fails only on 2x2

Can you test with the "batch procesing" ? just select that image instead of multiple.

If not well, i recommend contact on and request a refund. Sorry, all seems fine what you are doing, some it looks some bug in the tool. Btw, i will try to investigate to see if i can fix it, sorry for the incovenience!

Tested fullscreen pressing F on v155 ? and it still does that?

Can you post a link to the image you are using and a screenshot of the setting so i can try to reproduce and check the problem.

I guess maybe the image is too big.

Try the 1.55 version. Press F for full screen and do the dither settings and export and let me know if works. IF does ok, then i guess something was changes in the wrapper that mess the thing.

Same problem in the previos version? Also when you set the export , try with maximized or fullscreen mode. SOmetimes on windowed,etc... this error may happen.

Oh you're right! it looks the steam keys got all rclaimed. We will add more sorry!

In last versions? The 0.0.2 ? I think i had that bug but thought it was already fixed. Cant reproduce it now. Please confirm version and if using gamepad or keyboard. Also gamepad XBOX?

well, forza motorsport is a dimulation game, this is arcade, like Sega Rally and others so the feel of speed is important, in fact for me actually the speed is ok and was thinking to maybe increase. But until i not get a real track can test how the overall hanlind will be. Btw, the "S" at the start even with that speed you can manage easily braking  and with some practice, so no dhould be much problem.

New version, brakes work much better. I think still needs a bit more but now it not should be annoying.

New version. Now the controls should feel better.

The track is flat due is the best way to check if the car physiscs works, and nothing related to the ground does nothing that make the car jump/stuck for no reason. Btw there are some nice green ramps to check the air controls and do some 360 or back flips.

You're right about the brakes are sometimes too weak, is something i need to work.

I had some problems to match the physics on VSync On/Off. With VSync On the response and behaviour not was exactly the same so i updated the VSync one. No it should work the same or at least enough to no get any difference.

If you tried that one (VSync), please download and test again.