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Create a Clicker / Incremental / Idle game in 1-Bit using only the mouse as input and 8bit/chiptunes sounds.

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If you don't know what kind of games i'm talking about, please, check this examples:


- Controls: Only the mouse (Left, Right, center button and wheel up/down allowed)
- Graphics: 1Bit = Only two colors. Can be Black&White , Black&Green... Even allow the user to choose between two colors.
- Sound: 8Bit Sounds / Chiptunes

UPDATE!!: For Arduboy and Pico-8 without mouse input, you can use buttons/keys always that fits the other rules.


Filters like: Noise, RGBA Channel separation, distorsion, Tv Flickering, scanlines... but remember to add an On/Off button.

NOTE: About "RGB channel separation" you can optionally use turquoise(#00FFFF) and pink(#FF00FF) instead of red/blue/green.

You can do 3D games always that match the restrictions above. (Using filters/Shaders)



Q: What types of platforms or engines are allowed?
A: Whatever you use for creating games for any platform,(Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5, Android, iOS...)

Q: Any min/max resolution?
A: None, use 1x1 pixel or 1080p! :O

Q: Is possible use the keyboard input for names,etc... ?
A: Nope!, use the mouse, create a virtual keyboard/numpad.

Q: Are teams allowed?
A: yes.

Q: Can i participate with more than one game?
A: Yes! no problem ;)

Q: I don't understand one of the rules or i have some questions.
A: Please go to the community tab and leave a post on "Any Question?" category.