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Thanks, I am happy you enjoyed it!

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Thank you so much for your feedback! The puppies are indeed easy to wake, they are ready for another round of play at any time!

I have an updated version where the dogs make a noise before waking up (you're still safe to step back from there) and you have footsteps. and hints where the door should be. Check it out if you'd like to give it another go :) Also, pressing "V" reveals the room, if you'd like to check it out.

Thanks so much for playing, I am happy you liked the snores, I had a lot of fun finding and editing the sounds :)

Hello! I really love your style, the little cute characters and all the objects around :) I made a LowRezJam entry back in August with it and people loved them, too! Check it out if you'd like!

Jam version:

Updated version:

Thank you for these cute sprites, awesome work!

Thank you, I am happy you liked it!

Thanks for your feedback

Yes, unfortunately there is a problem on level 3 where you can just barely pass between the dogs, leaving the "maze" - I have fixed it but haven't uploaded it yet. The new version should be up today, as a separate game (I will keep the jam version as it was submitted).

I also added a hint on start of every level, saying in which corner the door is located.

I am thinking about how to implement the footsteps to not be too distracting but will probably include that as well in the next build.

Thanks for your feedback again, I am glad you liked it even with these issues :)

Thanks so much for your feedback! I am so happy you liked and you played all levels, those are great scores!

You're absolutely right about the alternative controls, I should have thought of that. I haven't used the template this year just copied the shader and the upscaling. Next year I'll be more careful with controls!

Thank you,I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the kind words :)

Haha, I intentionally placed the exit on the second level a bit to the left from the last "corridor between dogs", I hope it wasn't a too evil move :D

Thanks so much! I wanted to keep away from horror and jumpscare themes and to make something lighthearted (and hopefully fun) game instead. I'm glad you felt like toptoeing (if that's a word), that was my intention :) And I'm happy you liked it!

Unfortunately it is possible to have a snoring sound that's harder to hear. I tried to fix the volume and silent parts in the snoring sounds, they still need work. I'm thinking about adding a warning sound (a bump or some dog noise) a bit before waking them up.

Thanks! Don't worry, they don't mind another round of play time :) and they can get back to sleep quickly, too.

Thank you so much for your feedback, it is very useful!

I tried to normalize the sounds and cut them shorter (removing silence) to make them loop with mostly audible part but I agree, it still needs work. I also noticed (after submitting it) that adding a bump or dog sound a bit before waking them up as a warning would be nice.

I've been thinking about footsteps but was not sure if that would make it too "noisy" (as in too much happening at a time), but will rethink this!

There are no wall bumps just dogs all around :) and I promise all levels has a solution.

A kind of hint: when playing on keyboard or controller you move on a grid and you're not able to go from silence to waking up a dog in one step, there is always a step when you start hearing them and it is safe to be there and back up.

Thanks again, I am glad you played and liked it, I'll probably be here next year as well, but I can't promise anything :)

Oh, so that's what "shift" is for! But... it does not do anything in my browser :( I tried in both Firefox and Chrome on Windows 11. Maybe adding the tones to the movements would help as that way the player should only repeat the pattern.

Oh, I see! I could only finish the first two levels by luck earlier, now the first four, but unfortunately I already forgot which direction is which sound, I've been always bad at "Simon says" :D

I really like the concept and most of the mechanics (I feel the FTL vibes :)), I see the immense effort in this game, but it is a bit hard to keep up with the events even with visuals and using a mouse (the list on the Cryo screen does not match the order in main screen, and it also covers the tabs, this threw me off several times). But I have finished with 139 crew remaining. I have increased the TTS speed to 2.1x but it is still reading out the stats of my actions from 6-7 minutes ago, unfortunately I'm not sure how playable would it be without seeing the screen.

I like the experimental nature of the game it but I found it quite hard to both follow where I am and aim the sound laser. I completed the first two levels and was lost on the third one. I like the idea and would surely play it if you continued the development.

I really liked the ambient sounds and the cats. It might have been better if the story was read out loud (I don't have a screen reader installed) but worked this way well, too. Great work, I wish there was more of it! (Spoilers) The pressure worked, I was getting nervous after calling my kitten for the fourth-fifth time...

Thanks, I am glad you liked it! Disappointed? :O I'm gonna have a chat with him.

I think you did the right call, the sound and music was more essential to the game than the graphics. In the first half I read the subtitles but after that I tilted the display of my laptop (to not see it) and just listened. Maybe some simple but nice graphics/animation like in Fish in the Dark would fit here as well? (With an option to show just that, nothing else.) I noticed it made me kind of zone out and listen more. Just a suggestion, I've been thinking about using vague backgrounds in my entry as well (on a game I scratched) but I'll do this instead next time, I think.

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I played the web/html5 version but I could not hear any difference in the tone before and after moving. I tried using Firefox and Chrome on Windows 11. Unfortunately I haven't got a Game Boy emulator installed. I'd be happy to give it another go when you update the game!

 It is a nice game, though sometimes it was hard to pick a direction when a bunch of animals yelled at me at the same time :)

I really loved the setup but the music was my favorite part of it! It made the whole game a nice and chill experience (and I missed some of the explanation because of listening to it, I had to "examine" again, haha). I liked how you solved the interactive parts and that you added subtitles. Great work and I can't wait to play the full release!

Thank you! Yes, unfortunately telling above and below apart is hard, I was thinking about adding some effect when they are below (like a lowpass or something) but was not sure about it. However if you use the keyboard/gamepad you move on a grid, making it easier as you can hear the dog snoring from the distance of one step away, so when you hear them you always have to step one more to wake them up.

Thank you! :)

Thanks so much! :) I am happy you liked it!

Thank you! I am glad you liked it :) I agree, although I tried to make the volume levels equal some snoring are quieter than the others. I've been thinking about adding a warning sound before tripping over the dog, but I was not sure if that would be too much help or not. But maybe I should do it, giving a bit more help just helps the players to succeed and have more fun (and less frustration) and in the end that is what matters. Thanks for your feedback!

It is a fun game, I like the atmosphere, the story and the mechanics. I only found two issues: some of the letters sound strange or very similar to others, and also there is a lack of penalty for pressing the wrong key, so just by swiping trough back and forth on my keyboard (with three fingers, one for each row) I got over 3000 points :D

It is a game really well made but (as others commented) the timing feels too strict, I could not get past the second guy. I really like the atmosphere and the mechanics, I wish there was more content and could play longer. But I still enjoyed it. Great work!

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I am not really sure how should I do the puzzles in the game. [Spoiler] I found a door and behind that a room where one place plays a tone, but could not figure out what triggers it. I like how the dog is pacing around me but I could not figure out how the calling or finding works. Having a grid based movement is nice but the place feels huge. If you could give me any pointers I'd be happy to try it again.

I also felt it was easier after my first run and started to develop techniques, but it would need more tries to get better used to it. Nevertheless it is a fun game and I hope you did not interpreted the "odd" as negative, I did not intend that way, it was rather meant as out of the ordinary :) which is not a bad thing!

This is an odd experience, I really liked the concept and the execution but I could not play it blindfolded. I can't imagine what the the real task will be, but I am ready! Or am I? Give it a shot!

This is a well crafted game, you solved the menu in a very clever way, as well as the increase in difficulty and the mechanics. I love everything about this game, I think this is the perfect entry for these jams. I only noticed a minor bug: the rod is crackling while reeling the fish even when it should not, but it's not a big problem at all. Hats off!

Simple but fun gameplay, my high score is 53 and got tired a bit, phew.

I liked the idea and the sounds but navigating only by ear was a bit hard for me at first (I've wrongly assumed for a while that the movement is grid based). The web version was laggy on some parts of the cave but the Windows version worked nicely, just as you wrote in the description. Nevertheless, I got out of the cave :)

I really liked the game, got all the fish needed for the night :) The seagull mechanic is a great idea, although I am fairly certain sometimes they laughed at me for catching other than fish. Great job!

It is an interesting experience, I really liked the clarity and variation of sounds and places.  I found the correct combination. Great work, I really enjoyed playing it! Spoiler: I loved the insult near the end, it was unexpected but fun :D

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! It was very experimental for me, and wasn't sure at all about difficulty. But hearing you met the squeaky toys is a relief! And I agree, those are evil, sorry about that :) Spoiler: they are much smaller than the space between the dogs so if you're careful (and lucky?) enough you can go around them.

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I really liked the drone sprite, its animation and the screen style. It is a fun experiment and I am sure you could make a quite addictive game out of it with a few more mechanics and limitations! I got up to 256 points, I'm not sure how where is the goal, though. It's fun, I liked it!

Thank you! :)

Great game, I loved that the physics sometimes get in the way and sometimes it helps you out :) Also, loved the puns. I could only take her to the 10th floor, she's still plugged in please take her from there, thanks!

I loved the art style, the level design and the intro! It is really creative how you made the bar for the lantern more detailed, and also the many kinds of danger you introduced :) I loved the freezing effect and the checkpoint system. Great work, I really enjoyed playing it!

Thanks so much! I'm happy you liked it!