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Thank you for your patience and for restarting it several times, giving it a chance! And for the review :)

I really liked your entry SCRAPNEL, it is really fun to play and I love the crafting and variety of weapons in it and it gets difficult at just the right rate.

I have not thought earlier about breaking the page into smaller pieces, but that sounds absolutely reasonable and it would make mobile version easier to create, thanks for the idea!

I ran out of time pretty badly and have submitted with the issues, but since then I fixed customer flooding, added more content, added description in codex, removed complexity (the plates altogether), added more tips, and so on and I am constantly updating it here: Witch Simulator 2000+ .

And I must conclude that this two week time frame is too short for me alone (I participate in js13kgames every year, it is 1 month long and now I see what a huge difference that is) and I have to start smaller in the future.

Thanks for the kind words! :) It is quite unfinished and buggy but I've since worked on it and uploaded a better version here.

I've played The Journey to Steel Mountain and really liked it! It's one of my favorites, amazing to see how much you achieved in this short time frame.

Thanks for playing it! :) Yes, it is really unfinished, unfortunately I've run out of time seriously. I have since put up a version where the Codex has contents, the customers do not rush at you that hard and the cooking works better. Of course that it needs more work but it is more playable. It is here:

Wow, I am happy you played and made a gameplay of it, thanks! :) Really sorry for the confusion with the colors and temperatures, I have fixed the descriptions now.

Thanks for playing our game :) You were just a few more clicks away from encountering the first enemy (on the second level, reached on the Map screen). Anyways, I have uploaded the somewhat improved version here, there are now people that join your party and they fight on your side. But there's still much to add to the game.

I really love the crisp pixel art style and the music fits perfectly :) The game looks a great mix of fun, complexity and addictiveness (from letsplays as I do not have a Win/Mac machine at the moment).

Really fun game but can become hard quickly, at least in my case. Love the idea of the day-night cycle and the animations, however spotting the coin is pretty hard.

@ptrick: Thanks for the feedback, indeed you're right, the entry I posted just before the deadline had the sync issue. I have now updated this version with a fix for this problem (only changed this, according to Kronbits minor changes are allowed) and have an extended version of the game as well here.

@Turbo Hermit: Thanks! :)

Also updated the entry with that fix.

Thanks! :)

Unfortunately the music can become out of sync in the jam entry, I have updated the WIP version, it works more reliably there.

Is changing the palette during the game allowed if it still consists of two colors only?


Should the game be created between 21st 1:00 AM to 24th 1:00 AM or is that just the submission window? Also, what time zone is it in? :)