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The Eternal DungeonView game page

How long will you survive?
Submitted by UNKNgames — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Sound Effects#822.3202.320

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This was really, really well done. Some more feedback in combat would go a long way with this amazing game. I especially love your art style :)


Good game! It plays very smooth and I enjoyed the upgrade system

I like how wo interpreted the theme the same way, endless, completing the cycle at death. Fun game!


Best menus I have seen yet!   Even sound and music volume setting.

As a suggestion, perhaps, nothing should spawn on top of your character.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fantastic game. Probably one of my favorites in this jam. I certainly spent the longest time playing this one. The art is absolutely adorable, the gameplay is fun.

All it needs is some polish here and there and you have a solid game. My main gripe would be the flies. Their fire attack felt unpredictable. Most of the times when I took damage it was from them, and it didn't feel fair. I didn't feel like it was my fault. I would maybe only have them attack whenever they're onscreen, and give them an anticipation animation. So the player can see when they're about to attack. That or slow the projectiles down by a lot.


did play game and it is fun game to play there is one thing i didn't notice until it happend it was the shop. i didn't know there was a shop in the game. lucky that you made it appear when I am close at the mid section. but A sign would help so i can find it back.

the enemy's look okay they are well made in design as well the hero.  there are some sounds. 
there is music there good enemy AI so yeah I enjoy it.



Submitted (1 edit)

The mechanics are solid and the game plays well, I do have a few bits of feedback though.

- Visibility is an issue. You can't see too far ahead, so implementing something that moves the camera to look ahead in the direction of your cursor would be great.

- Enemies can spawn very close to you. It's especially a problem with the "fire flies" that can spawn nearby and immediately shoot a fast projectile. You can lose hp in unpredictable ways because of this.

- Sound effects were a bit lacking. They were being played when they should be, but they were quiet and barely provided feedback for your actions. In particular, I'm referring to the sound that plays when an arrow hits an enemy. It's important because your arrows can hit things that aren't in view and the only thing that can tell you when you landed a hit is the sound.

- The theme hasn't really been implemented here. I understand that the dungeon is endless, but the Ouroboros is more of a symbol for a cycle or a loop.. Each time you complete a cycle, you should end up right back where you started. But here I don't see that cycle or loop, just an endless line of enemy waves. I chose to at least give you something for the theme rating because in the end it is about your interpretation and not a constraint.


Thanks for the Feedback! I definitely wanted to implement/improve some of the things you mentioned, however I ran out of time.


lol this game is so good! right up my alley. although maybe in the next update you can set the popup to appear only if you click the icon and not by trigger. pops up while running away from enemies.