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That was indeed very funny! I loved when I had to select the car :D

Thank you for your comment :)

There are 50 levels, you were almost finished!

Good game! I like the aesthetics and the feeling you get playing it :) Congratulations!

You could add some sound effects and maybe some objects to make things more interesting. 

Very nice game! It fits the theme very well. 


I liked the game! It's a nice touch that you fight certain bosses by not dealing with them directly. Congratulations on making it!

This game was awesome! The experience felt engaging from start to finish. The voice acting was excellent and it was a very nice approach to the jam's theme.

Congratulations :)

The idea and execution in this game is excellent!

The flow and pace is really good and I love how at the boss fight you use everything you have learned. Congratulations!

I liked the aesthetic a lot! It's fun to play and the execution is really good. Congratulations!

Very original game!

I love the art and the sense of humor :) Congratulations!

I really like the concept and the mechanics of this game, it is really well thought. 

It's a fun game but a little bit slow at the beginning because of the upgrade system. Perhaps with more shorter levels and upgrading as you complete the level the experience would be more compelling.

It's a really good game, congratulations!

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked it! 

The mechanic works really well, and the puzzles were very clever. I enjoyed the vertical levels the most. Congratulations!

I enjoyed the game! I think the art is simple but looks very good. Last boss was a bit difficult, but not impossible, so it gave me a sense of accomplishment. I believe there was a lot of bugs though, they were tough!

Some sound effects would have improved the feeling.

Congratulations on the game :)

I really like the mood of this game! It is really cohesive in its atmosphere. The art and the music looks very polished. It's fun to play and has replayability. With a little bit more deph in its mechanics I believe this could be a very good foundation to work on and release. Congratulations!

Thank you very much for your kind words! I liked the idea but I think it is a bit underdeveloped because I did not have much time to work on it. Nevertheless, I'm glad you like the idea, I may work on new levels and mechanics :)

Thanks for the comment! Love that you liked it. There are some ideas that I couldn't implement because of time and it's the first time that I try to make a puzzle game, but I'm satisfied with this foundation :)

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Thanks for playing and reviewing the game! I'm happy that you liked it :)

That's a very cool movement mechanic, I enjoyed it. I believe it was a little bit difficult, I think, because of the gravity. Maybe the first couple minutes should be a little bit easier (less spikes, more room to move...). Anyway, good game!

I really like the puzzle mechanic, congratulations on making a good game!

Good game! It plays very smooth and I enjoyed the upgrade system

Thank you for the review! That's very useful feedback. I'll try to change a little bit the UI to make more clear when is the triple arrow active, because it's key to advance difficult waves. The game really shines when you have the triple arrow and the speed boost and there are a lot of enemies, I'll try to promote this more.

I believe there's not a lot to improve here. It's really original, well thought and really well executed. The animations and the controls were excellent. Congratulations!

I like the aesthetic and the mood of the game, good job! The jumping was a little bit hard for me and I would have played some more levels

Congratulations, you have made the most compelling experience I've played in this jam for now. I loved how you told a deep story with some simple mechanics. Great design

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you had fun! It is a little too frenetic to play a long time, I understand you hahaha (believe me, I played it a lot during 2 days xD)

Thank you for the review! You are right, my interpretation for the theme was to make the game infinite, you even restart almost immediatly and you cannot quit the game or go to the main menu.

I even considered to remove the pause... But I thought it was too much :'D

Thank you very much! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. I may fix the movement issues and maybe build on top of that to make a much complete experience.

Thanks for the review! I was really lucky to find the song, I believe it fits very well with the overall experience.

Some people have told me about the movement, but I didn't experience that while playtesting. Is it frequent? I'll probably upload a new build with this bug fixed.

I really like the idea, hope you can finish it!

Thanks for the comment!, that's my first Game Jam and I'm very happy to see others play something I made :) 
I used the simbologism of Ouroboros: the eternal fight, the infinte cycle... to make infinite waves of enemies.