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In this game a player need to rescue 4 game pieces: Code, Art, Sound and Idea.
Submitted by Mulberg (@AndreiMulberg) — 4 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#241.9531.953
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#1971.0701.070

Ranked from 43 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A fun tunnel syndrome inducing shooter ^^. A bit more on the difficult side, but I liked that. I liked the bearded guy and the bosses. It feels a bit under-play-tested - if the metal boss decides to charge through you, there's no way to escape, he's too fast and big, and the player is too slow. 

Pixels look all jaggy, and they change in size when moving. Well, that's a Unity issue, In my project (please rate it ;) - I spent a whole day trying to make the pixelart look smooth. Still wouldn't work until I turned rigidbodies off on most objects.


Thanks for the feedback! 

Yeah, didn't have time to do the proper playtesting. It was my first game and a made it in several evenings after work. So I decided that finishing it is more important than polishing it. And too late I understood that I had to make auto-shooting =) 

As for pixel perfect yes, as I googled later, this is a common issue. And Unity has a blogpost about that , as well as there are bunch of articles and videos in the Internet. I haven't tried these by myself, though. 

Here is one more explanation why is pixel art might not look smooth in motion


Yep, seen those posts. To get smooth pixel perfect result with moving objects and moving camera I've tried implementing this method with  transferring sprite renderers into child objects and snapping them to a grid -

It's not a perfect cure that works every time, unfortunately - in my case it didn't work with gameobjects that had rigidbodies and were not the player. 


The controller broken, I think. I kept on having ghost inputs.


Really loved the aesthetics and flow of the game. It was very obvious what the objective was and how to move forward.

I got stuck on the metal boss. I couldn't tell how many more shots he had. I died 3 or 4 times before giving up.

Also - I was getting no sound. Not sure if the game had no sound or if my headphones are being whack.


Thank you for the feedback. 

I didn't have time to add sounds, so I decided to concentrate on the main gameplay first.


Really fun! Really hard though. 


The bosses are very well made and art is good.

The gameplay got a bit repetitive in my opinion (because of the bunch of bugs chasing you all the time, even when i have defeated the boss). Other types of enemies could diversify the gameplay.

Great work :)


I enjoyed the game! I think the art is simple but looks very good. Last boss was a bit difficult, but not impossible, so it gave me a sense of accomplishment. I believe there was a lot of bugs though, they were tough!

Some sound effects would have improved the feeling.

Congratulations on the game :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you,  IvanKae! 

The funny thing: when people write me "there was a lot of bugs" the first thing that comes to my mind is: "Oh no! There are bugs in my code! " And only several seconds later I realize: "Ah... they are talking about enemies in the game" =) 


I think the game is really well made :) The lack of sounds hurts the experience a bit, and the last level was a bit too hard for me to complete, too many bugs were spawned. Also, it would be great if there was an autofire when holding the mouse button :D


Hi! Thank you!

All that you've said is true. I wish I had time to add music and have a feedback about complexity earlier. And yeah, autofire is definitely a better option... I only realized that when I tried to play my came on the touchpad =) 

Anyway, thank you for the feedback!


Nice work overall I felt the game was pretty well made. I think really working on the "game feel" would go a long way. for instance, when you shoot a loud sound and a particle effect is played and when you hit an enemy a sound is played and the screen shakes. small details like that go a long way especially in a game jam. Also, I think there needs to be more feedback when the player gets hit, maybe  a sound and screen shake. often times I was unaware I was being hit. The red flash was a nice touch but having more feedback would feel much better. Finally, if you every plan to make another shooter work on a hold click to shoot system because after a while my fingers couldn't click very fast. If you could check out my game that would be awesome. Here's the link:


I think conceptually you really nailed the jam's theme. Having different puzzles related to game development to collect that will in theory activate different mechanics. We went for a similar route in our game. Sadly I guess you didn't have time to implement your ideas because of time constrains. You could have for example activate SFX and music by collecting the sound puzzle, or implement a different attack by collecting the code puzzle. The boss fight at the end was challenging and fun. Still very good entry! /alex


Hi! Thank you for the feedback! 

Yeah, initially I wanted to make a puzzle piece as a main character, and with each saved puzzle piece the player gets ability to switch between puzzle pieces that have unique abilities. However, I decided that this would be too ambitious for a first project and for a game jam. So I focused on making a complete version of the game with simplified mechanics. 


The game is very difficult, but doesnt feel unfair. Bosses are unique and well paced.


Thank you!


Nice graphics but I think that the roaches should have less health.


Hi! I agree with you. I just didn't have enough time to work on balancing the game. 


Your visuals are really good, but the game is way too hard.

Anyway, god job! :D


Haha! I didn't expect that the game would be too hard, sorry =) 

Thank you for the kind feedback! 


Was there supposed to be sound? Other than that this was great! The animations were smooth and movement was nice.Loved the shadow effects as the bugs dropped from the ceiling. Bosses were also great. The last one was very hard. Great Job. Some improvements can be to add some more of an effect when damaging the bugs, like screen shake, etc. 

Developer (1 edit)

> The last one was very hard

True. Should make it easier =) 

> Was there supposed to be sound?

I would love to add some sounds and music, but I didn't have enough time unfortunately. 

Thank you for the feedback! =) 


no no the last boss being very hard was a good thing! It wasn't impossible. I enjoyed it